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Tired of Seeing Everyone Win (But, You?!)

November 22, 202313 min read

Tired of Complaining to Your Bestie About Other Successful Female Entrepreneurs...

Are you tired of complaining to your bestie about yet another female entrepreneur you saw on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok doing exactly what you're doing but, she's crushing it way better than you and you're feeling like you're failing at this biz thang?

Beyond frustrated because you can't figure out how other women are making sales look easy, while you're out here feeling overwhelmed but, determined to be a successful female entrepreneur?

Guess what sis? If they can make success possible... you can too!

The other day during my morning bible study, I was reading Psalm 11-13 where I received confirmation from the Holy Spirit that the more I strengthen my relationship with the Lord; the more he helps me get past my Biz Fear of doubt.

And my bible study scriptures also reminded me that as a Certified Biz Coach, Certified National Media Expert and Best-selling Coauthor, since 2016, I've been sharing with you solid-proven biz strategies to help you get past the Top 7 biz fears we face as female entrepreneurs (money, mindset, sales, systems, support, visibility and lifestyle).

Now this was pretty funny to me because at the same time I'm empowering you beautiful ladies about how to get pat your Biz Fears.... I myself deal with the same biz fears of doubt.

No One is Immune From Biz Fear!

Gwendolen Wilder

Every now and again, a major Biz Fear pops up when I'm in my creative state working on a new project like a new course, sales funnel, guest speak, etc. affecting either my personal brand or professional brand. Those Biz Fears rush in like the white water rapids at the Comal River here in Texas where I almost drowned Tubing for the first time (crazy funny story for another day). My Biz Fears were dropping all types of chaos, self-doubt and leaving me with a ton of questions which led to even more Biz Fears.

But God always comes through for me with wisdom, courage, peace and strength to endure and crush that Biz Fear! You see, fairly quickly after I realize what is happening to me or my biz; I immediately face the biz fear together with either my Biz Bestie, Biz Coach or Church Bestie if it's a spiritual type situation (my lights of hope) and almost instantly I start to visualize the solution and the other side of peace so I can implement my way to success.

I find not just for me but, for other business women as well that the Biz Fear of doubt sneaks inside that little moment of self thinking...

"What the heck now"...

"OK, I understand now what's happening" and

"I see what needs to be done".

And I don't know about you but, Biz Fears pop up in some of the weirdest places for me looking like being afraid to share my success after a big win in my business i.e. $12K private client, 100+ new Facebook Members, Viral Facebook Post with 1,000+ comments, etc.

Some days I say to myself, seriously gurl why are you doubting yourself?! Look at all the success you've accomplished. Then somedays, I say to myself oh come on the real reason for this Biz Fear is too obvious and then I confidently tell that Biz Fear to KICK ROCKS! And then other days, I feel so freak-n overwhelmed- all I can do is lay on my couch, enjoy a glass of wine, eat a bucket of ice cream, cuddle with my fav blanket and binge Netflix.

Lifestyle Biz Fears, that's what I lovingly refer to them as because, I'm comparing myself to other people's successes, obstacles and journey. And on top of that I'm judging myself for where I am, how I handle situations and where I believe I should be. #doctorhealthyself more like #coachteachtheyself

Other days, the doubt creeps in when I'm literally in the mist of doing what I absolutely love; teaching inside my FREE Facebook Group [Female Entrepreneur Sistahood: Turn Biz Fear into Paid Opportunities] where I hear women day after day share their biz fears about heartbreak in their biz due to.... not making sales in over 3 months, not attracting new Facebook members in over 2 months, saying they are 1 month away from giving up on their biz due to failure, obstacles and they have no more hope about what to do.

Weekly during our 30 Min Sista Chats aka FB Lives inside our sistahood; I try my best to share step-by-step strategies of what's worked for me, my clients and up-to-date industry strategies that will help you overcome your Biz Fear so you're not doing it alone and can reach your goals faster.

And I Think to Myself...

Female Entrepreneur Sistahood

Why are their soooooo many overwhelmed female entrepreneurs facing their biz fears alone. I ask this because there's so many women joining my Facebook group weekly and reaching out to me in my DM saying the Facebook Algorithm told them to check out our Facebook Sistahood and they want to know how I can help them.

Do you ever face biz fears? Some of you may not, I've had ladies tell me that. Some of you have an untouchable abundance mindset where nothing phases you and you see past every biz fear immediately without wavering or needing any help.

I Used to Think You Were Coo-Coo for CocaPuffs!

I Don't Think That Any More Sis (You are my peeps!) If that's you; gurl you are uber blessed and have an amazing God Given Gift an undeniable superpower. You can see the symptoms of the Biz Fear, understand the root cause and know exactly the success path you need to take to crush it. And if that is you, you are my spirit sista and I won't say anything you need hear because you already know it.

But, If That's Not You...

Gurl, pay close attention to what I'm about to say because you're my fav people to chat with! I know you're trying to figure out how in the world other female entrepreneurs are making success happen for them. You are starting to believe what your naysayers said about you...

"You tried,

"Why not go get a real job,

"Maybe this isn't what you need to do,

"I told you it wouldn't work".

And I know you're probably praying to God, the universe or whatever you believe in....asking for a financial breakthrough, more customers or at a minimum clarity as to how other business women are able to believe so confidently in their success despite dealing with Biz Fears but, you can't.

As of result of overthinking and feeling anxious, I also know that you take every free masterclass, challenge and hop inside 15 Facebook groups to watch 15 different coaches free FB Lives and leave feeling even more confused as to why nothing is working.

If you're a Christian female entrepreneur like me, you might even had wondered a time or two (and secretly felt guilty about thinking it)...If you're faithful and obedient to the Lord, and if God promised prosperity to believers... then why are you struggling so much in your business while non-believers mock the name of Jesus and make millions.

And I know that you believe you can do so much good on the other side of feeling overwhelmed and because of your Biz Fears and that's why you stay determined to succeed.

Sis can I clue you in on something? Biz Fears like doubt can be hard to deal with! And they can even make you question if you should just give up on your business. Every female entrepreneur that is being completely honest with herself, at some point along her Girls Trip to Success had that same thought (I know I've had it one, two or fifty times!)

So, How Do You Face the Fear?

Female Entrepreneur face biz fear obstacles

First, you gotta understand your Biz Fear to Face it! I told you above there are 7 Main Biz Fears we face starting and scaling our businesses. But what is a Biz Fear? Think of a Biz Fear like a Noun (a person, place or thing). It's any obstacle whether positive or negative that blocks your success path to reach your desired goal.

As a positive example, I was overwhelmed when I had a Facebook Post go Viral recently with 1,000+ comments.

As a negative example, I had t manage my business while dealing with domestic violence at home and in my workplace in front of my employees. The Biz Fear aka challenge often times makes you feel like it's too big to overcome, there is no hope and maybe it's easier to quit.

Far too many times as a biz coach for female entrepreneurs, I run across biz dreamers that are so blinded by the excitement and future of success. Often times, they don't think about the obstacles and failures that come along with achieving success in the planning of their business and as they scale.

And that's why second, you gotta have a Biz Bestie aka biz coach aka me help you through the obstacle faster. As a biz coach, I help you see the root cause of your obstacles better since I'm not emotionally invested into them as you are.

But, There is Hope Beautiful!

If you are still looking for the quick solution to your Biz Fear by joining 15 email lists, joining 15 Facebook Groups and using taste bite strategies from 15 different coaches; unfortunately, you will continue to stay stuck with these same Biz Fears ...

This is why, even though you are determined to succeed as a female entrepreneur and investing into your biz; you are still feeling overwhelmed and find yourself more in financial debt facing the same biz fears 5 years later.

And that's why I invite you inside our Impossible to Possible Women sistahood where doubters that feel overwhelmed but, determined to succeed as female entrepreneurs can Face the Fear Together with me, my Biz Bestie Juju, my Community Manager Jasmine and our awesome support Team!

Inside, we help you not only identify your #1 Biz Fear, understand the root cause and the success path to crush it...we help you learn how to set realistic goals, find you GUARANTEED leads, give you templates, do the work with you, give you dedicated VA support and more all so you can confidently Turn Biz Fear into a Positive Profitable Biz Opportunity!

I've Got 3 Questions for Ya Sis...

  1. What is the root cause of your Biz Fear? If you say gurl, my Biz Fear is I'm not making sales because I don't have anyone engaging inside my Facebook Group. Then I'd say, you only know one of the many Biz Fear symptoms and not the true reason why the Biz Fear is occuring.

  2. What is your Success Path? If you say sis, I know my success path is to get more people into my Facebook Group and then I'd make more money. Then I'd say, you only know one of the many results of your success path and still need a detailed step-by-step strategic plan that includes your Biz Fear which helps you get the results you desire and so much more.

  3. What are you doing to Get Help? If you say gurl, I'm getting help in your Facebook group because I don't have the money right now to hire you as a coach. I'd say to you, that's a great start but, not the full solution. And did you ask me about flexible payment options; because I have them...

Being inside my free Facebook community is a great start because you can share on your WELCOME POST your #1 Biz Fear and I will reply giving you a FREE PDF or VIDEO to help you crush it...

But, it's a temporary band-aid because it's generic. You need a strategic step-by-step success path based on your unique biz fear and goals.

And that's what I provide inside our Members Club to EVERY woman that joins. Also, regardless of the level you join; even my monthly members I give you a minimum of 2 private coaching sessions to help ensure you know the root cause of your biz fear, clarify your goals and know the EXACT success strategy to help you make the impossible possible! And I offer flexible monthly payments to help you join at a level that is comfortable for your budget. For example, here's how I'm helping you with my

Your Challenge: Let's Face the Fear Together!

Facebook Group for Female Entrepreneur Sistahood Turn Biz Fear into Paid Opportunities

Gurl this is my jam! I specialize in empowering overwhelmed but, determined to succeed female entrepreneurs like you to tell their biz fears to KICK ROCKS using my signature coaching based upon my 3 biz principles (strong spiritual foundation, solid-proven biz strategies and supportive sistahood) so you can become more self-confident turning your biz fear into a positive profitable biz opportunity.

And, I'm ready to help you right now beautiful! I'd love to welcome you to book a complimentary 45 Min Wilder Success Strategy Session with me so you can share your #1 biz fear, goals and allow me to recommend a success path found inside our Impossible to Possible Women Members Club which will help you crush your biz fear and reach your desired goals faster. Use the link below and I'll see ya on the other side of Success sis!

Stay Blessed💞Gwendolen




Gwendolen Wilder is a highly sought-after business coach who specializes in helping overwhelmed but, determined to succeed female entrepreneurs tell their biz fears to KICK ROCKS!

Best-selling Co-author, featured on international, national and local platforms, Go-To-Certified-Media Expert in Business Coaching and Domestic Violence for Lynn Smith, National Media Expert, Veteran Journalist, NBC News, MSNBC and CNN Headline News Anchor Alum, and Founder of Rylan Media. As well as being featured by the Female Entrepreneur Association founded by Carrie Green, Fox 29, News 4, KSAT 12, San Antonio Living, Women of Influence, etc. she mentors her community of 35,000+ female entrepreneurs and followers teaching them exactly how to turn a biz fear into a positive profitable business opportunity.

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