REACH A WIDER AUDIENCE: Join our Impossible to Possible Women monthly members club to become a guest speaker inside our sistahood so you can get your business and offers featured in front of female business owners! This opportunity is hosted by Gwendolen Wilder, Certified Business Strategist, Certified National Media Expert, Best-selling CoAuthor, Founder, Impossible to Possible Women and CoFounder, Biz Bestie Brunch


Will You Become a Successful Female Entrepreneur?

What does this look like?

Here are a few things that go down inside:

The only way to become a Guest Speaker inside our 1.2K+ Female Entrepreneur Facebook Sistahood is to join our Impossible to Possible Women Members Club. Simply click any button on this page and it'll take you to a page describing our membership and available membership tiers.

Once you become a monthly member, you can share your biz and offers as often as you wish (weekly, daily etc) using Facebook Lives and Post to boost your brand, sell to our audience and chat directly with our members.

You will be featured inside our VIP Directory and marketed in front of our 3M+ Audience which includes a combined audience between my community and the audience of my Biz Bestie Juju and other female entrepreneurs I partnered with helping you get featured on our Email Lists, Blogs, Instagrams, LinkedIns, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, etc.

Want help with boosting your brand visibility?

I partnered with various Journalists, Podcasters, Guest Speakers and Membership Hosts to market my Members Club to over 3+ Million people globally (which means, more potential customers will see your brand too).


4 Reasons You Want to Join Our Members Club

so you can guest speak inside our sistahood...


Exposure to 1.2K+ Leads

We'll showcase your brand to our audience of 1.2K+ Female Entrepreneurs


Solid Biz Strategies

You'll be listed inside our Top referral platforms which is marketed to over 1 million people by our global partners


Establish Street Cred

Borrow my success to help you build your own following. If you're a new biz owner and looking to gain some street cred; this is how you start your media pack


Keep All Your Connections & Coins

Whatever connections and sales you make inside our Free FB Group... You get to keep 100% of your connection access and all your profits!

HI Ya, I'm Gwendolen

Boosting your brand visibility cannot be easier. I love helping ladies level up their biz and share their brand story. So I've decided to let ALL of my Impossible to Possible Women monthly members guest speak and get featured starting May 22, 2023. I can’t wait to help you reach a wider audience.

Showcase Your Business in front of our Female Entrepreneurs:

  • Daily Access to Members Club and Private Portals and Facebook Communities to GO Live, share biz, offers, etc.

  • Lifetime Access to FREE Facebook Group to connect with 1.2K+ Female Entrepreneurs with unlimited FB Lives to promote your biz

  • Direct Member Access to chat inside our private speaker portal and answer any member questions.

  • Listed in VIP Directory which is showcased as our top resource to over 3+ million potential customers

  • Promo Marketing I promote our members club across all of our platforms i.e. Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, etc.

  • Access 100% of all connections made inside Facebook Group and Speaker Portal

  • Keep 100% of profits made inside Facebook Group and Speaker Portal

You'll be able to connect with members directly inside Facebook and inside our private members club.

And access a vault full of Gwendolen's Exclusive speaker training videos + replays, checklists, planners updated weekly.

Follow These Steps...

Getting started as a guest speaker inside our community is super simple! All you have to do is become a member inside our Impossible to Possible Women Monthly Members Club using the steps below...

  • STEP #1: Join our FREE Facebook Group: Female Entrepreneurs Become Impossible to Possible Women so you can share your #1 biz fear, chat with members, and get ready to guest speak. You're doing this to see what my audience is like.

  • STEP #2: Activate Your Membership for as little as $197/Month [During the Founding Member Re-launch] just click on any button available on this page. Learn about our members club and select your membership level. The subscription will automatically renew monthly and you will gain access to everything unless your subscription cancels.

  • STEP #3: Get Ready to Promote Your Biz After you join, it'll take about 2 days to receive your pre-approval to start posting. In order to GO LIVE, you will need to follow our required speaker process; which will be fully outlined for you inside the membership.

  • Then you'll be ready to create an event on our Facebook calendar, Promote your Event, GO LIVE, Post and be listed in our EXCLUSIVE VIP directory in marketing efforts across all of our platforms ranging from our website to blog articles, social media, emails, and with our 7-figure biz partners that position my biz in front of over 3 Million potential customers (so, by default when people join my members club they will see your biz too)

Important: All speakers will be required to promote your guest speak in your own community, other marketable communities and invite female entrepreneurs to watch your LIVE guest speaks inside our Facebook Group and/or Watch Replays inside our Members Club.

First off I will share with the group that I did not think that my writings in my personal journals would manifest into a business venture. Thank you Gwendolen for helping me to see the bigger picture of what this WILL become.

Latashia L Fortson Lealiiee

Gwendolen is a servant leader who is personally invested in the success of her community. No support is too big or too small. She took time out of her busy schedule to provide a solution to a tiny problem I had. Now, that's real leadership!!

Kimberly Elahab


And You Can Get Started with One Monthly Payment of $197/Month

What Could Be Better?

How about you keep 100% of all your connections and sales
made from not just our free community AND interacting with our paid members as well; guest speak, exchange info, answer member questions, promote your offers, etc.

Yep, if you make a connection or sale from our members that's all yours to keep.

As a VIP She Made it Possible Speaker, you can guest speak as many times as you wish throughout your subscription inside our Free Facebook Group.

And even better, VIP She Made it Possible Speakers will be featured inside our exclusive VIP Directory which is where I showcase my #1 referral resources for all of my followers, members, private clients and partners (there is over 3+ Million potential customers where my brand is featured- and I plan to feature you too sis inside our VIP Directory)!

She Made it Possible Speaker Pack

"Gwendolen is nothing short of amazing, inspiring; a catalyst for positive change. She has an infectious love for life, is an aggressive supporter; champion of those unable to advocate for themselves."

Laura Campbell

You have definitely cracked the code. I loved the Masterclass! It explained how to increase followers, the importance and value of being able to increase followers as well as conversions to paid customers!! No one is sharing how to grow Social Media followers...

Andrella Pusha


Recap of Your Goodies...

As long as subscription remains active

  • Daily Access to Private Portal and Communities to GO Live, share biz, offers, etc.

  • Lifetime Access to FREE Facebook Group to connect with 1.2K+ Female Entrepreneurs with unlimited FB Lives to promote your biz

  • Direct Member Access to chat inside our private speaker portal and answer any member questions.

  • Listed in VIP Directory which is showcased as our top resource to over 3+ million potential customers

  • Promo Marketing I promote our members club across all of our platforms i.e. Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, etc.

  • Access 100% of all connections made inside Facebook Group and Speaker Portal

  • Keep 100% of profits made inside Facebook Group and Speaker Portal

  • AND MORE!!

"Gwendolen was the guest speaker at our Boss Babes event and really knows how to ignite a fire within you. She connected with the women and helped them see the importance of just getting started and going after what they want..."

Amber Toner

"I'm new to town and new to a networking group that I asked a question in. I needed help and Gwendolen pretty much immediately offered assistance in a big way! When I could not see what she was instructing me to do, she immediately made a video for me on the spot. So helpful and it made a huge impression on me! Who does that?"

Jenette Sons



By joining our sistahood of Impossible to Possible Women, you are locking arms with some pretty awesome, intelligent and serious women that are
positively changing the world one product, program and service at a time.

This is your chance to empower female entrepreneurs around the world by sharing how you faced and turned your biz fear into a positive profitable business opportunity!

And with me partnering with so many new Bloggers, TV journalists, 7-figure CEOs, etc. every month...who knows how many people your brand story will reach(today it's 1M+ but, tomorrow it could be even more)!You deserve to tell your story sis!

What Can I Speak About

Luv this question sis. You have 7 topic categories to choose from...Inside our Impossible to Possible Women sistahood, I coach ladies on how to face the Top 7 biz fear (obstacles) we face as female entrepreneurs (Money, Mindset, Sales, Systems, Support, Visibility and Lifestyle). So, you can give a guest speak on any of these topics.

FAQ image

How Often Can I Speak

Luv this question sis. Simply stated, unlimited. DO NOT go over the 30 min time requirement!! Let's be respectful of our sistas.; 2 strikes not 3 and you subscription will be cancelled.

You will have between 7 days to 12 months to Guest Speak inside our sistahood as much as you wish depending on your package..So, you could speak literally every week if you wanted. There will be days that are not available to speak which are the days I host our weekly sista chats inside our free Facebook Group. But, you'll see on our calendar when they are...otherwise if the date/time are open...you can guest speak sis.

FAQ image

How Will People Watch My FB Live

Luv this question beautiful. There are only 2 ways for women to watch your Guest Speaks...#1, Join our FREE Facebook Group to watch you do a FB Live...Or#2, Join our Paid Members Club to watch your Masterclass and grab the link to your FB Live.

FAQ image

How Does Your Community Market My FB LIve

Luv this question lovely. On a monthly marketing campaign going out to all of our followers via email and social media to announce upcoming and past speakers. Also, we partnered with various big hitters in the online world with audiences ranging from 200K to 1M to help us reach a wider audience to share our members club; which by default your brand will be shown to as we chat about how your guest speaks are empowering our women. But, this part is really important You are required to invite other female entrepreneurs to your guest speak too! This must be a win-win-win situation for you, me and our partners- so invite people to watch your FB Lives inside our FREE Facebook Group and invite ladies to our paid members club.

FAQ image

Who Can Speak in Your Community

Luv this question beautiful. Only 1 way to become a guest speaker; join our monthly membership.

FAQ image

What is Your Subscription and Refund Policy

Luv this question sis. To make things super simple it will renew every month automatically unless you cancel it. You can cancel at anytime by yourself without reaching out to us, but please note we do not offer refunds because you receive access to so much amazing digital access immediately upon purchase.

FAQ image

What if I'm already in the Members Club

I love this question. Only Monthly Members nd private clients inside the Girls Trip to Success or Biz Bestie Brunch are allowed to Guest Speak as a She Made it Possible Speaker; unless there's a promotion happening i.e. Black Friday. If you are a Monthly Member you can guest speak and get featured for free right now.

If you are apart of our free Facebook group; the only way to use this guest speak package is to buy it for the listed price.

FAQ image

Do I Have to Promote or Invite Others to Watch

I Love this question sis. Yes!! You will be required to promote your guest speak at least 1 Week prior to your event (we find this to be the most effective); you will be asked to promote it, share it and invite others to join our FREE Facebook Group to watch your FB Live.

I ask that you tag me on at least of your promo's so we can see that you're helping yourself and promoting your event. For the guest speaks that happen inside the Members Club, you will be required to share our members link for others to join. Oh and by the way, we have a 3 Day Trial Process in some of our members clubs where people can literally join for FREE for 3 days to watch your Guest Speak and bounce if they wanted (but, I'm pretty sure they will stay lol)

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