Read Gwendolen's first book to discover your own self-growth journey to healing, surviving and helping abuse in order to live, laugh & love into your best life.


It's OK to Tell My Story!

Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence

15 Reasons Why You Should Read this Book...

Tell the abuse to KICK ROCKS, past the story and properly position yourself for success by joining others reading this truly life-changing book now!!

Discover over 20 Kickass resources which help you understand the "Why" of domestic violence, how to escape safely

Use the super neat "Gratitude Worksheet" to help you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE and start your journey to live, laugh and love

Find out why," Change is Hard" and that it's OK to be mad, get angry, be frustrated, but then to let God handle it

Discover how to, "Learn the Lesson" if someone is making your life difficult; leave and know the strength is within you

Understand, "You did Not Deserve This" and the only disappointment is the disappointment of not doing anything

Realize, "Abuse Doesn't Happen Once" why you don't deserve this and how to change it

Find out how to, "Never Give Into Negativity, You Will Prevail" acknowledge the abuse happened and praise God you survived

Be grateful, "You Are Not Alone and Help is Waiting" and asking for help is NOTa sign of weakness it's a sign of strength and courage

Thrive knowing, "Surviving the Aftermath is Possible" taking back control of your life doesn't happen overnight and it requires faith, strength and time

Reflect upon, "A Little History Goes a Long Way", the past was foundation for what tomorrow presents and what today has given

Learn to ask yourself, "How Did I Get Here" and why falling in love should not be painful and being in love should not leave scars"

"Pay Attention-Life Lessons are in Session" discover in each tragedy there is a lesson and you'll strengthen your soul

Don't miss this, "Warning Destruction is Ahead" don't measure your happiness by others' actions you'll be disappointed

How to say to your abuser, "Your Issues are NOT My Issues" and learn a relationship can only fail if a person chooses not to try

Find out, "How to Loose a Friend in One Day" if your heart doesn't feel full of love around your friends, find new friends

Find out why, " Sometimes Secrets are Good" and why you don't need to tell everyone everything

Focus on the fact, "You Have to Give Yourself Time to Grieve" and learn life is hard as hell, but you can make it!!




Turn Out The Light™

Breaking down the most common, but not often recognized stage of Domestic Violence...Gaslighting

Get ready to receive awareness, prevention and intervention strategies as well as resources, checklists, action plans and more.

Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence


Hello Superstar, I'm Gwendolen (call me Gwen)...

I'm a Christian, Published Author, Certified Business Strategist, Consultant, Honorably Retired United States Air Force (USAF) Veteran (21 Yrs), proud mama of one amazingly talented son and our miniature schnauzer (having a ball in Heaven).

In addition to writing books, creating journals, guiding key corporate leaders and guest speaking (yeah, I stay; I'm the founder of the Impossible to Possible Women community where I, "Lead Entrepreneurs to Attain Destined Success."

I bridge the gap between Abuse and Business by creating signature coaching programs, masterminds, membership opportunities focused on abuse, self-awareness and business for my Faithful Wilder Tribe of Followers on Facebook/Instagram (35K+), LinkedIn (1K+), and Email (1K+). I'm also a Best Selling Co-Author in this amazing book from the National Workplace Bullying Coalition, “Stand Up, Speak Out Against Workplace Bullying: Your Guide to Survival and Victory Through 23 Real Life Testimonies.

The coalition has collected stories from people who have successfully navigated workplace bullying. Our book includes true stories about extraordinary experiences with workplace bullying and how bullying targets navigated through it and ultimately overcame it. Our goal is to help other bullying targets discover tools and principles they can use in their own life. Our stories are filled with emotion, vivid images, and a clear path to resolution.

But, I'm most recognized for referring to myself as a, "Kickass Survivor" of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. This is a term I created back in 2015 when I left my abusive environments (home and work)... to learn more about my coaching opportunities Keep reading below to hear about my story and learn why I started the,
"It's OK to Tell My Story" Movement...


I started the,
"It's OK to Tell My Story"
Movement based upon my personal experience of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Workplace Bullying.

Once I realized it really was OK (safe) to tell someone what happened to me, I could get help because they believed me and become successful after the abuse...I wanted to help others find their way out, experience the freedom...and stay out!

My Story...

From the age of 8 years old, I experienced molestation and sexual assaults from family members and school mates. While serving in the USAF, I was sexually assaulted by a co-worker during a deployment.

Over the span of 20 years, between two different marriages (traditional and common law) I experienced Domestic Violence; psychological (verbal/emotional), physical, financial and sexual.

The final assault incident which changed my life was an incident of being choked by the hands of someone I loved, tried to love and wanted to love....

For many years, I felt ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated, alone, angry, betrayed, stressed, etc.

I lost my home, business, money, friends/family and had various medical visits along the journey. I thought everything that happened to me was my fault, I must had done something to deserve it, I felt God abandoned me and that was the best version of life I could expect to live.

Even after I received help from the police, attorney, abuse programs, etc. One thing remained consistent...I always felt alone, unaccomplished, and misunderstood. I didn't know how to love, trust or exist in a healthy intimate relationship or how to have a sustainable friendship with family, friends or business associates...

Sound familiar?But...I Survived!!

Because I survived all of that "Hot Ass Mess" as I call it...I started to refer to myself as a Kickass Survivor because I fought my way out kicking "literally" in some instances. I wanted to create a better life for myself, my son, have my own financial independence and help spread awareness about this evil of abuse....

In other words, I wanted to be in control of my life and not allow the abuse to control me any longer. It wasn't easy and it took years to leave my abusive environment. And, living as a survivor of abuse is a daily struggle with good days and bad days.

As you can see, here I am years later-highly successful in my professional life, increasing my personal finances, volunteering helping to stop abuse, encouraging my son to find his dreams and I'm even having fun dating. It doesn't mean the triggers don't occur...It means I discovered how to take control so I could Live, Laugh and Love.

And now...I Kickass Doing Just That!!

But How Did I Become a Kickass Survivor...

See Why I Say...This is My Best Blessed Life!

Inside this video, I'll share with you EXACTLY what I did to become a Kickass Survivor and leave my abusive environment, and how I manage triggers that pop up still years later (and yes, they still arise years later)

...but you got this my sista...I'll be with you!!

First, you need to understand WHY most victims don't become survivors...want to know how I did it?

Watch this FREE video to find out what I did to become a Kickass Survivor to take back control of my life...

Find out what you can do to Live, Laugh and Love after the abuse, after the therapy, after the courts and at the 2am lonely hour...

Learn how to receive support from other Kickass Survivors that are on the journey to taking back control, refreshing their lives and how you can say...

This is My Best Blessed Life
- I'm Going to Live, Laugh & Love It!


Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence


This book is revolutionary, a game changer that is altering lives of domestic violence victims in the AF one day at a time…”Jerome Ellis Seymour Johnson AFB Base, Family Advocacy Manager

"Having a friend in an abusive relationship, I often wondered "WHY"? Why does she stay? Why won't she leave?

This book answered those questions for me. I never looked at it the way that things were presented in this book. It was an eye-opener. At times, it made me mad, angry, etc, but I kept on reading, but I must admit it was not due to the writing, but the situations. That question popped up again, "WHY"? To the author, thank you. Thank you for giving me a way to look at domestic abuse in another way. No, I still do not feel it is right, but I can look at things a bit differently now and understand the WHY question better than before..."
Amazon review- Vnunez-msluv2read

"I couldn't put this book down. It felt like I was having a conversation with a friend. I gained insight on how to respond if approached by a loved one in a similar situation."
Amazon Review-Denise


Why This Book is Key to Surviving Abuse Safely...


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I Was Still Learning to Live as a Kickass Survivor of Abuse, When...

It’s OK to Tell My Story, Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence is a fiction based novel which demonstrates the relationship between childhood abandonment and the struggles against common law domestic violence, sexual assault, and workplace violence using serious and lighthearted tones.

Leaving a domestic violence relationship is a process and is not as easy as just walking to your car, it takes great resilience.

This magnificent work details one woman’s eight year journey with abuse, sexual assault and her enormous strength and courage to overcome those challenges.The novel is based upon the author's personal life experiences, memories, and subject matter expertise in the areas of Psychology, Social Services and Business Management.

This is not another male-bashing book! In-conjunction with other resources and exercises, the author inspires victims in despair to break the domestic violence abuse cycle.

Join Gwendolen to discover your own journey to healing, surviving and helping abuse in order to live, laugh & love into your best life.


Girls Trip to Peace, the Art of Colorfully Surviving Female Entrepreneurship

Gwendolen breaks down how she used her signature business principles (strong spiritual foundation, solid-proven business strategies and a supportive sistahood) to help her build two successful businesses which resulted in a $5M joint venture client, $12K clients, $1500/hr guest speaks, co-authoring a best-seller, and how it helped her to become a National Go-To-Media Expert for NBC News, MSNBC and CNN Headline News and so much more.

Also uncover Gwendolen's personal spiritual peace journey as well as how it helped her to balance her peace and purpose of building a business during abuse and

you can too.

(Coming 2023)

When I Started My Journey to Become an Author..

It was a journey of spiritual growth and a self-awareness transformation.

  • and something really neat happened along the way...I heard God tell me that I needed to share the lessons I had learned with others.

  • Why?

  • Pretty simple really...God allowed me to survive domestic violence and sexual assault incidents. Those should be enough would think.

  • But, I ignored them initially...I just sat by the pool drinking margaritas watching life go by.

  • Then it happened...a Trigger!

  • When you go thru something as traumatic as abuse and assault...there's no way to not come out without triggers.

    During one of my trigger episodes...I prayed (verbal/written) for God to help me get past this and to not allow others to suffer this way.

  • Writing was my sweet quite place, my calm...a time that I controlled.

  • Thru writing, I realized God had bestowed upon me a true ability to affect positive change on others lives.

    It was no longer time to chillax by the pool...I had a Godly mission to fulfill.I had a purpose!!

  • I believe God has called me to bridge the gap between individuals and businesses with more awareness regarding domestic violence and other forms of abuse such as sexual assault.

  • Since writing my first book, I've had so many people tell how the books has either changed their life directly or they've gain more insight and understanding of how victims/survivors view domestic violence.

  • I've had business owners approach me saying, they learned a lot about how to deal with a bad situation and remain professional thru it all.

  • But Wait it Gets Better...

  • There was more than just telling my story to help others...I wanted to help you...Kickass past the abuse...Kickass past being "just another" Entrepreneur.

  • I know fear, shame, embarrassment, etc. are holding you back from living that stress free and truly successful business owner lifestyle you deserve.

  • I wanted to create a safe place for you to learn more about..

  • Becoming a business owner...When to practice Self Management...How to live past abuse successfully with awareness.

  • So, I created my dream...

  • In this amazing Book Club, we hold book readings, discuss books, and along with my guest experts...we share with you the tips you need to succeed in your personal and professional lives (until you join one of my member

  • I teach you how I became an author...I go past the 8 Creative Ways to Writing a Book and get down and deep with exactly how I successfully wrote my first book.

  • My aim is to educate you on self-confidence, abuse, independence and few other nifty concepts...just in a different way...All to help you see..

  • There is a Purpose for your Life...Here's all the cool stuff you receive when you join the VIP Book Club program.

  • Access to monthly literary resources, authors, experts, etc. based upon courses from Impossible to Possible Women membership club.

  • Featured Book of Inspiration (Paperback or E-Book)Vino Time (Author Book Reading-Coming Soon) Author Insight on trending topics Monthly E-Book Release Monthly Masterclasses New Author Spotlight (Introductions to new authors)Monthly Guest ExpertsReader spotlight (Spotlight & Freebies for the most active members) Freebies and more.

  • You can order my book through major distribution centers such as Amazon, but you won't receive my autograph or the bonus coaching program based on domestic violence awareness -specifically gaslighting.

  • Feel free to email me at Allow 14 business days for delivery upon confirmation of order receipt.

  • The first monthly book of inspiration will be...Can you guess...


Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence

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