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Why is the Brand Story a Female Entrepreneurs’ Most Important Asset

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March 13, 202310 min read

This just might be the glass-ceiling crack female entrepreneurs have been waiting for...

Have you seen this increasing concern about why your personal story matters for your startup brand? I'm going to take a few minutes to explain why this could change everything for not just beginner female entrepreneurs but, for women owned businesses at all stages. And if not done correctly; why a brand story could easily help a woman stand out in a sea of millions or literally cause her to lose millions of sales and followers to her male counterparts.

I'll host a Facebook Livestream on this topic because it's just that juicy; so watch it when it drops on Sista Chat #55: Why is the Brand Story a Female Entrepreneurs' Most Important Asset join our FREE Facebook sistahood Female Entrepreneurs Become Impossible to Possible Women to watch LIVE.

And you already know as the Biz Fear Expert, I'm going to talk about the connection of this topic in relation to facing your biz fears 🤣 sooo lezzgo...

What is a Biz Fear?

Real quick as a baseline of understanding, a Biz Fear is what I lovingly refer to as an obstacle or challenge we face as female entrepreneurs. After reverse engineering my business success and failures and those of my clients; I realized every single Biz Fear we've faced falls under 1 of 7 main categories (money, mindset, sales, systems, support, visibility or lifestyle).

Think of it like a noun; it's a person, place or thing (keeping in mind YOU can be your biggest obstacle). And let me go ahead and bust a big myth about Biz Fears that I get asked all the time; these can be both positive and negative experiences. They key is understanding it's an experience which is holding you back from reaching the level of success you desire.

Another interesting fact about Biz Fears is, it doesn't matter how long you've been in business either. Everyone woman regardless if she's been in business for 1 hour or 10 years will experience a Biz Fear and often times you will deal with multiple fears simultaneously ie. not enough start-up funds, not enough sales, too many clients (yes, it's a thing),😳 family death, anxiety recording videos, late taxes, unexpected divorce, etc.

I don't have time in this article to chat more about Biz Fears, so I recommend you watch this past video where I talk more about these and why you and I need to chat ASAP about your biz goals sis....

OK, Back to Why a Brand Story is a Female Entrepreneurs' Most Important Asset

Can you believe introducing yourself and your business can be intimidating to women in business? Well there goes that myth of how women love to talk. The news really didn't stun me however. As a published author, I'm a natural lover of storytelling. But, as a coach to female entrepreneurs I know a ton of women that would rather endure 12 hours of non-stop painful loop to loop of Cocomelon than share their brand story. It's that serious.

According to research, 92% of consumers want businesses to tell them a story and 55% are more likely to purchase if they like the business story. Gurl, this is what will help customers decide if they want to invest their hard earned dollars into your biz or your competitor; is it connecting for ya yet the level of importance? So, my get this done right now recommendation is for female entrepreneurs to tell their biz fears KICK ROCKS and start telling their stories immediately. 

Based on my expertise as a Certified Business Strategist, my first-hand knowledge and hearing from my female entrepreneur clients; I know what sharing a brand story will do to a female entrepreneurs' mindset, credibility, client attraction, potential partners and their bottom line. Depending on if you get it right or get it wrong; that will make or break your business success. 

With 15+ years of expertise coaching Female Entrepreneurs and C-Suite Executives on the value of successfully writing, telling and selling their brand stories so they can reach a wider audience for their respective goals; I never forgot how I used to hate sharing my brand story too. That's until I realized how to effectively share my story in an authentic, confident and successful way which now has directly resulted in my successes ranging from being awarded a $5M joint venture government contract, building a coaching business, published a book, co-authored a best-selling book, Military Entrepreneur eMentor 2017 Excellence in Mentoring Award Recipient, selected 1 of 8 San Antonio Texas Women of Influence in 2018, identified as a San Antonio local media Go-to-Abuse Expert, received $10K private clients, $1500/hr guest speak, $4K book sales in one day and a ton of other successes. Every success I've ever received came from God guiding me on how to successfully write, tell and sell my brand story.

I don't share these successes to brag, but to show you how you too can make the impossible possible simply sharing your brand story too. 

So, why do female entrepreneurs need to be concerned about brand stories?

The numbers don't lie, remember 92% of customers want to know who you are and hear you say why they should buy from you. Your brand story is the most important asset in your business which will help you successfully start, authentically build trust, confidently scale and finally reach living their best blessed life faster (more time, money, freedom, quality of life) or it could easily send you into economic ruin and a spiraling depression.The bottom line is this, every business women needs to incorporate a brand story into her biz plan to successfully start and scale her business or it's going to take a lot longer to achieve her biz goals or perhaps at a cost she's not willing to endure.

If you're asking yourself, "Does this really impact me"?

Uh yea! Your brand story is being told either by you, your customers, your haters or your competitors. The real question is, who do you want sharing it? Every time someone buys something or experience your business; they will be telling others about it in some shape form or fashion. So if you don't face your biz fears around storytelling, you won’t be able to authentically chat with your people which means you won’t make any money.

The reality is this, customers are going to spend where they get their problem solved by someone they feel they can trust. Your brand story is the bridge to make that happen. Remember that research, 55% of customers are more likely to buy if the business's story is good aka not hard-selling, which is the downfall of most female entrepreneurs. Most women don't know how to authentically share their story in a way that leads to a sale, feels comfortable for them and interesting to the customer. The main point to remember is this, customers are more drawn to businesses with brand stories they can relate to, are attention grabbing, and shows them how the offer can best meet their needs (faster).

The more you share your brand story; the more successful you become?

Based on my years of expertise coaching thousands of female entrepreneurs, one thing I know for certain is this; customers want to feel like they are heard, wanted and feel like family. This is why I recommend for female entrepreneurs to use a storytelling framework like the one I share with my clients which includes sharing their story, their customer's story and connecting the offers they sell in a way which feels natural, authentic and non-salesy. The more open a business is with sharing the good, bad and ugly of their biz journey and make themselves appear more approachable this means the more money customers will feel more comfortable to spend with that particular business. This is directly related to the business brand story, which ultimately increases revenue that supports female entrepreneurs to perform better in all three environments (working, living and social) and as a bonus their success boosts economic growth for the entire community which makes everyone happy. The bottom line is this; even now in 2023, female entrepreneurs have to work harder than their male counterparts to stand out and become successful in business and using their brand story focused on their biz journey, customer desires and offer uniqueness is the fastest way to make it happen. 

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Feeling scared because you don't know how to get started?

Don't be! I'm here to Face the Fear Together with you sis! Listen, if I made it...this country gurl from a small town in North Carolina growing up on farm with an out house, experiencing childhood molestation, domestic violence and sexual assault to starting a side-hustle, sharing my brand story and within 6 months of becoming a female entrepreneur receiving a $5M Joint Venture Contract and later co-authored a best-seller, received $1500/hr guest speaks and high-ticket clients pay me $10K for my can totally crush this biz thang too sis!

I know EXACTLY how scary it is to start and scale your biz, by yourself with a ton of biz fears like self-doubt, no money, fear of failure, fear of success (yea that's a thing too) and everything in between. But, also have an unstoppable feeling of "I gotta do this thing, this is my purpose, this is what I was made for" so you can create a better life full of time, money and freedom.

This is why I'm so passionate about empowering struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs to believe, "It's OK to Tell My Story" using their biz fear, brand story and social media presences so they can turn their biz fears into a positive profitable biz opportunity not just for yourself but, for your family and community. I call that, Living Your Best Blessed Life.

You Can Do This Sis!

Stay Blessed Beautiful 💞 Gwendolen




Gwendolen Wilder is a highly sought-after business coach who specializes in helping struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs tell their biz fears to KICK ROCKS!

Published Best-selling Co-author, featured on international, national and local platforms, Go-To-Media Expert in Business Coaching and Domestic Violence for Lynn Smith, National Media Expert, Veteran Journalist, NBC News, MSNBC and CNN Headline News Anchor Alum, and Founder of Rylan Media. As well as being featured by the Female Entrepreneur Association founded by Carrie Green, Fox 29, News 4, KSAT 12, San Antonio Living, Women of Influence, etc. she mentors her community of 35,000+ female entrepreneurs and followers teaching them exactly how to turn a biz fear into a positive profitable business opportunity.

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Gwendolen is a Certified Business Strategist and Published Author who empowers struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs using her signature branding, marketing and sales strategies so they can confidently tell their biz fears (obstacles) to KICK ROCKS and acquire financially independence which leads to finally Living Your Best Blessed Life.

Gwendolen Wilder

Gwendolen is a Certified Business Strategist and Published Author who empowers struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs using her signature branding, marketing and sales strategies so they can confidently tell their biz fears (obstacles) to KICK ROCKS and acquire financially independence which leads to finally Living Your Best Blessed Life.

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