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I Don't Know How, But I'm Trusting the Lord

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January 29, 20236 min read

"I Don't Know How But, I'm Trusting You Lord"

Isaiah 41:10: "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee: yea, I will help thee: yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness"

Have you ever found yourself saying, "I don't know how this is going to happen for me" ? I know I've said it. At the time of this blog post I just said it 🤣

As I'm writing this content, I'm working creating my monthly content for the month for all the ladies inside my Impossible to Possible Women sistahood as well for the Biz Bestie Brunch members club I co-founded with my bestie Juju Rafii. And if I don't get these posts out; I know some women may feel less supported, not empowered and may even delay their goals (and we can't have that).

So any who, yea I'm feeling all of the anxiousness of will I or won't I make the deadline I made for myself. The main reason I'm feeling that way is because I know how much good can come from completing the posts; feeling accomplished, generating more ideas for my bestie and of course helping ladies crush their goals.

But, I asked myself.. if I believe in God's good and perfect will; why am I afraid of what's to come? Whether it be about finishing this content or any other aspect of my business.

And that's my question to you too. 

After in-depth convo's with God, reading scriptures, self-reflection and hearing from the Holy Spirit; here's the answer I came up with...

I've always believed God gave us the ability to find good in biz fears for a purpose. Specifically for us a female entrepreneurs, I believe Biz Fears are used to empower us along our Girls Trip to Success.

They remind us of what our purpose is and how to use our gifts in accordance to God's plan; because these change depending on what season of life and business we're in. I also believe that our biz fears are not just for us; sometimes we experience biz fails no matter how perfectly organized and planned we are...

(DIFFERENT than believing you're a failure; stop doing that right now OK beautiful because you are not!)

I believe either the biz fear was intended to help us grow as individuals, in our business, to help someone else or a combination. Sometimes encountering a biz fear...

(Top 7 Biz Fears Female Entrepreneurs Face: Money, Mindset, Visibility, Sales, Systems, Support, Lifestyle)

It really helps us to analyze processes and identify root causes that potentially could save us future time and money. Think about it, the fear of not succeeding pushes us to succeed; crazy right?! Not so much.

Fear is not a bad thing when you know how to turn that biz fear into a positive profitable biz opportunity. I'm not saying you're not going to experience the emotions; because we are human after all.

But it's when you allow your biz fear to control your biz instead of you controlling your biz; that's when we start to see all the doubt, fear of failing, low self-confidence and all the things. And that's how we get off road from our Girls Trip to Success. And I'm all down for some off roading but, not when it comes to my biz success #nope #notta! 🤣 

As Christian Female Entrepreneurs; we gotta snap back fast and remember God works all things (all biz fears) together for the goo that believe in him.

So here's what I do when faced with my biz fears

I go through the emotions, pray to the Lord for understanding, guidance, victory and peace in accordance with his will, rely on our 3 founding principles and get to work.

You can do the same thing, after you cry and pray use our Face the Fear Together quiz to take back control of your biz, face your biz fear, identify it and use our Roadmap to Success Quiz to help you overcome that biz fear. 

Because here's an uncomfortable truth I believe, the closer we are to God and in alignment with our purpose...the more biz fears will appear. But with God all things are possible and we are Impossible to Possible Women! So use our Girls Trip to Peace to learn more about facing biz fears with the Lord.


Girls Trip to Peace

You'll Do Just Fine Sis!

As long as you keep God at the center of your journey, keep it consistent, private and intimate between you, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

I'll see ya here next week, every Sunday with more inspiration from my signature Girls Trip to Peace coaching program designed for female entrepreneurs who believe in the Lord. This is not a live experience, but more of a culmination of experiences where I share my personal Spiritual Peace Journey and FaithX Biz Strategy that helps me as a biz women of faith so you too can...

Start Your Girls Trip to Peace!

Inside the Girls Trip to Peace today with a one-time payment of $1 and receive lifetime access to all member upgrades. This is not live coaching but, inside this experience...

You'll learn how to Be Your Own Gurl Crush by Starting Your Spiritual Peace Journey to strengthen your relationship with the Lord so you can find more peace in your life daily and balance your life and work.

Then, discover how to Balance Your Peace and Purpose by Stretching Your Faith Towards the Lord, Lean into Your Biz Calling and Feel Supported by Your Sistas as Your Challenge Yourself to Stay Focused on Your Purpose and Enjoy Your Peace.

And, uncover the secret foundation to my biz success with my signature FaithX Spiritual Biz Strategy. This is how you truly can See What God Can Do Through You. How to use the FaithX biz Strategy to follow your vision from God to become a female entrepreneur [using your gifts and purpose in accordance to God's plan].

You Got This Beautiful!

Stay Blessed 💞 Gwendolen

Learn More Here>> Start Your Girls Trip to Peace

Next Steps to Achieve Wilder Success:

Here is a quick list to empower your girls trip to success to go from Dream Chaser to Achiever faster, request a complimentary (one-time opportunity) video chat with Gwendolen book on her private calendar that she rarely gives access so you can share your biz fears, discuss your goals and receive Gwendolen's #1 strategy which will help you move past your obstacle and achieve your success faster.

And remember you can make the impossible Possible!

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Start Your Girls Trip to Success with Us Sis🤩

When you hang out with confident, successful, powerhouse women, the Wonder Woman superpowers rub off on you too sis!

Hang with us beautiful and get biz success too.

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Gwendolen is a Certified Business Strategist and Published Author who empowers struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs using her signature branding, marketing and sales strategies so they can confidently tell their biz fears (obstacles) to KICK ROCKS and acquire financially independence which leads to finally Living Your Best Blessed Life.

Gwendolen Wilder

Gwendolen is a Certified Business Strategist and Published Author who empowers struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs using her signature branding, marketing and sales strategies so they can confidently tell their biz fears (obstacles) to KICK ROCKS and acquire financially independence which leads to finally Living Your Best Blessed Life.

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