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What is included?

Book reading excerpts to help you prepare for the journey

Q&A to answer all your questions

Action Plans, Checklists, Resources

This virtual book tour is designed to be an unforgettable and transformative experience. With laughter, crying, anger and every emotion in between, live excerpt readings, and in-depth discussions about domestic violence awareness, prevention and intervention strategies, you’ll leave this event aligned and ready to embrace love and help heal the world to live their best blessed life. 


About your Author

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Gwendolen Wilder is a Certified Business Strategist, Published Author, Founder of the 1K+ Impossible to Possible Women sistahood and has been helping people face their fears and live their best blessed life for over 40+ years. She combines her personal life lessons and professional expertise to provide you with a dynamic experience sure to change your life.


Why Tell Your Story Now?

I can't believe I'm doing it 🤣 again...
It truly seems like yesterday. It took me 3 long years to write that first book [I'll share the story why during the virtual book tour]...
But in 2017, I finally published my first book and launched my first in-person book tour attended by 200+ supportive readers wanting to know how to fight the good fight to end Domestic Violence...and that led me to hosting my first virtual book tour and. Since that time, I've done 300+ in-person book tours, interviews and guest speaks chatting about my book...but, I never did another virtual book tour.
5 Years later, this book is still impacting lives for the better, saving lives literally and changing businesses around the world.
This first book, "It's OK To Tell My Story, Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence" is the foundation to how I started my second successful business as a Certified Business Strategist and how I later co-authored a NYT Best-Seller about workplace bullying which was featured on such media channels as CNN.
This fictional book which is loosely based upon my own personal experience with abuse discusses the relationship between childhood abandonment, workplace bullying, domestic violence, sexual assault and how we form relationships as adults. It's not a male bashing book-on the contrary...
This jewel of a lifetime has all of the strategies you need in awareness, prevention, intervention and motivation as well as a wealth of checklists and action plans to empower you to move successfully through Domestic Violence as a Victim, Survivor, Perpetrator, Family, Friend, Co-worker and Business Owner.

I never dreamed I'd do another virtual book tour.

But, when I was asked by so many to do it again...
I prayed on it and here we are...making it happen.
Over the course of this amazing 15 day virtual book tour, we will embark on a journey - diving into definitions, laughing, crying, getting angry together and everything in between as we focus on relationship building, trust, forgiveness and setting goals to discover the root cause and antidotes to the "Why" questions...
"Why didn't you leave, Why did you stay, Why didn't you fight back....."
"Why me, Why did he/she do this, Why can't I/we just be happy..."

But more importantly,

This is your opportunity to grab the book; this powerful robust well of resource to help you get the answers you desire, want and need on how to deal with matters of abuse such as Gaslighting.
There's no place I'd rather be than with you over the 15 days praying I positively impact at least one person to make a better decision for themselves, their family or community.
Get Ready for this Virtual Book Tour: BUY THE BOOK NOW [CLICK HERE]
I'm going to make this super easy and host the virtual book tour right on Facebook and make it available for FREE to everyone! All you have to do is buy the book to follow along.
See ya inside💞Gwendolen