Join our online speaker sistahood hosted by Gwendolen Wilder, Certified Business Strategist, Published Author and Founder, Impossible to Possible Women so you can get your business and offers featured in front of female business owners!

What does this look like? Here are a few things that go down inside:

  • GO LIVE inside our 1.2K+ Female Entrepreneur Facebook Group to share your biz and offers
  • Exclusive 12 month access to Create a Masterclass inside our private speaker portal to sell and chat directly with our members about your offers
  • Receive Marketing to be featured in front of our 35K+ Audience which includes our Email List, Blog, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Facebook Group 

Want help with boosting your brand visibility? I partner with various Journalists, Podcasters, Guest Speakers and Membership Hosts to market my Members Club to over 1 Million people globally (which means, more potential customers for your brand too).

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Exposure to 1.2K+ Leads

We'll showcase your brand to our audience of 1.2K+ Female Entrepreneurs 

Brand Boost

You'll be listed as one of our Top referrals inside our members club which is marketed to over 1 million people by our global partners

Establish Street Cred

Borrow my success to help you build your own following. If you're a new biz owner and looking to gain some street cred; this is how you start your media pack

Keep All Your Connections and Coins

Whatever connections and sales you make inside our Free FB Group... You get to keep 100% of your connection access and all your profits!



Boosting your brand visibility cannot be easier. I love helping ladies level up their biz and share their brand story. I can’t wait to help you reach a wider audience.

There Are 3 Ways to Guest Speak in front of our Female Entrepreneurs:

  • Facebook Group Speaker [FREE]: Join our FREE Facebook Group, Impossible to Possible Women. Each new member will be tagged upon entry and given one opportunity at a designated time to guest speak LIVE inside our group.
  • VIP Speaker [$497/Year]: Become an Annual Member. Receive 12 month access to our Members Club and Speaker Portal with unlimited availability to GO LIVE inside our Facebook Group as well as Create a Masterclass for Members Club.
  • She Made it Possible Speaker [$147/Year]: Receive 12 month access to our Speaker Portal only with unlimited availability to GO LIVE inside our Facebook Group as well as Create a Masterclass that will be shared inside our Members Club.

Getting started as a guest speaker inside our community is super simple; just follow the steps below...

  • Join our FREE Facebook Group >>, Impossible to Possible Women << so you can chat with ladies, share your biz and get ready to guest speak.
  • Start the free application process by telling me about you, your biz and how you can add value to our sistahood; simply click any button on this page to begin...
  • If approved as a Facebook Group Speaker, VIP Speaker or She Made it Possible Speaker, you will have 12 month access to GO LIVE inside our Facebook Group to introduce yourself, your biz and share a FREEBIE with our audience
  • VIP and She Made it Possible Speakers will have 12 months access as a VIP and create a Masterclass inside our private speaker portal, share your offers and communicate directly with our members...
  • Also VIP and She Made it Possible Speakers will receive 12 months access to EXCLUSIVE marketing when I promote your guest speak across all of our platforms ranging from our website to blog articles, social media, emails, and with our 7-figure biz partners that position my biz in front of over 1Million potential customers (so, by default so will your biz)
  •  And if approved, Facebook Group Speakers, VIP Speakers and She Made it Possible Speakers will be required to promote your guest speak in your community, other marketable communities and invite female entrepreneurs to watch your guest speaks inside our Facebook Group and Members Club. 

She Made it Possible Speaker Pack 

And You Only Make One Payment of $147


How about you keep 100% of all your connections and sales made from not just our free community BUT, VIP and She Made it Possible Speakers also get to interact with our paid members as well; guest speak,  exchange info, answer member questions, promote your offers, etc. Yep, if you make a connection or sale from our members that all yours to keep.

And VIP and She Made it Possible Speakers can guest speak as many times as you wish throughout your subscription inside our Free Facebook Group and private speaker portal.

And even better, VIP and She Made it Possible Speakers will be featured inside our exclusive VIP Directory which is where I showcase my #1 referral resources for all of my followers, members, private clients and partners (there is over 1 Million potential customers where my brand is featured- and I plan to feature you too sis)!

Recap: VIP and She Made it Possible Speaker Goodies:

  • 12 Month Access to Private Speaker Portal to create Unlimited Masterclasses, share biz, offers, etc.
  • Lifetime Access to FREE Facebook Group to connect with 1.2K+ Female Entrepreneurs
  • Unlimited FB Lives to promote your biz
  • Direct Member Access to chat inside our private speaker portal and answer any member questions.
  • VIP Directory listed as a top resource to over 1 million potential customers
  • Promo Marketing across all of our platforms i.e. Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, etc.
  • Access 100% of all connections made inside Facebook Group and Speaker Portal
  • Keep 100% of profits made inside Facebook Group and Speaker Portal




By joining our sistahood of Boss Babes, you are locking arms with  some pretty awesome, intelligent and serious women that are positively changing the world one product, program and service at a time.

This is your chance to empower female entrepreneurs around the world by sharing how you faced and turned your biz fear into a  positive profitable business opportunity! And with me partnering with so many new Bloggers, TV journalists, 7-figure CEOs, etc. every month...who knows how many people your brand story will reach (today it's 1M+ but, tomorrow it could be even more)!

You deserve to tell your story sis!