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I'm Gwendolen, a Certified Business Strategist and Published Author that Empowers Struggling and Overwhelmed Female Entrepreneurs to Become More Self-Confident and Financially Independent as Impossible to Possible Women so They Can FINALLY Start to Live Their Best Blessed Life! Click below to learn more about me and my mission.


I'd like to find out more about you, your business and share you with my beautiful ladies.

I know your story is inspiring and I bet there's another lady out there just as ready to be inspired by how you started your business, why you created your unique offers, what fear you were able to Kickass past and what tips you're willing to share. It is FREE to apply and Guest Speak inside our community; the main requirement to score this FREE marketing opportunity is you must be a member of our Facebook Group. There's more requirements below. All you need to do is submit your application, get approved and start sharing your awesomeness beautiful with our community.


  • Write everything out inside a word doc first, edit and then copy and paste it inside your application
  • Take your time to ponder submitting impactful answers which will gain reader attention- keep in mind the information you share will be used later to support content for our marketing campaign
  • Choose your picture wisely as the photo you submit will be used throughout our marketing efforts
  • Pay attention to when you need to change your English Writing Structure from writing in "First" and "Third" person- I indicate when you need to do that in the application
  • Upmost important is to avoid sounding like a sales shark...because we will give you only "One" opportunity to revise. If your application is too salesy, it will be disapproved swiftly.
  • The biggest question I receive from applicants is, "What Can I Speak About to Your Community?", my answer is any topic based upon one of the 7 main fears to empower women to Kickass past: Money, Mindset, Sales, Systems, Support, Visibility and Lifestyle.

She Made it Possible Guest Speakers

I only pick the best of the best to feature inside of my community. Click the image and take a look at our most recent featured Guest Speakers to see how they are empowering our ladies to Make ALL Things Possible

I WISH I COULD TAKE ALL the applications 😇

But unfortunately, there's just no way. We will only accept applications that are well-written, and adhere to standards outlined on the application form. But most importantly, we look for content that is of massive value and will help our community to level up in success.


Super simple, easy and fun!


In order to be featured or a Guest Speaker you must be willing to promote (for free) your feature inside of your own community and other places as well. You must also be a member of at least one of our FREE Facebook Groups so you can interact with our ladies-to join our FREE Facebook Community. Click here to learn more about our Facebook Group.


Click here to go to our Homepage to complete your application form for the speaker opportunity that best speaks to you. It takes us typically 1-7 business days to review the submission. Once approved, you will receive a notification via email and instructions on how you can promote your upcoming guest speak.


After you're approved, we will use the information you supplied on the application to create a Marketing Campaign consisting of but not limited to: a Blog Article, Social Media Posts, Email marketing to share with our community.


We'll help you get it. And make friends in the process.


And if approved you and your tribe will receive access to all these goodies...

With Gratitude, you can speak for FREE= $0 once for 30 mins inside our Facebook Group. I will also store the video inside our Private Members Club as well (Ask me how you can speak inside the Members Club):

  • $0- 7 Day Promotion Marketing Campaign to Spotlight your Feature, Speak, Business and Offers inside of our blog, email, and social media 
  • $0- Blog Article (Inside the article you will showcase your biz, one offer, your #1 biz fear and which Wilder Success Strategy helped you to kickass past the fear)
  • $0- 1 Facebook Livestream Opportunity (Hop onto a 30 Min Livestream inside our FREE Facebook group "Great way to introduce your brand + offers + practice your lives")
  • $0- Access to Private Facebook Groups Interact with our Impossible to Possible Women, the Most Awesome and Lovefilled Sistahood that Gives You the Accountability and Support You Need. Have Full Access to All of Our FB Lives + Challenges + Special Offers and more.
  • Special Offer to Join our Sistahood Receive a Special Offer for you and your community to Join our Impossible to Possible Women Members Club at a Biz Bestie rate so you can Face the Fear Together!!
  • + So Much More: Free Masterclasses, Special Mastermind, Speaker Offers, etc.


Become a Biz Bestie to Gain Access to Private Speaker Portal ($97/Month) Guest Speak as many times a month as you like on our desginated Speaker days inside our Facebook Groups and inside Private Membership Portal in Group Coaching Experiences, Support in Group Coaching Calls, Answer member questions anytime directly inside the portal and show these ladies why I selected you to support their journey and more)

What Your Peeps Can Expect....

If Your Community Wants/Needs Help with Being Able to Tell Their Biz Fears (peace stealers) Kick Rocks So They Can Become More Self-Confident, Financially Independent and Balance their Peace and Purpose...We'll Take Good Care of Them with Our Monthly Membership... (UPDATE: All in person Masterminds are Cancelled Until Further Notice Due to the Pandemic and is replaced with Online Masterminds)


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