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Wilder Success Quiz™

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The Difference Between a Female Entrepreneur Who Makes $0 Her First Month and One Who Can Make Up to $10k/Client is a SUPPORTIVE SISTAHOOD!

Having a seriously dedicated and approachable online Biz Coach🙋🏽‍♀️ that empowers you with strong spiritual foundation + solid business strategies + a supportive sistahood is what can (and WILL) double your income, create positive impact and balance your peace and purpose so you can finally break free for your soul-sucking routine of having to do everything alone.

For many female entrepreneurs, the risk of peace stealers like burnout is real – and it’s not surprising when you consider all the things we have to do on a daily basis. These quizzes are designed to help you see what is truly possible when you're focused on both your professional and personal brands.

The Wilder Quiz is the one element that helps you balance your peace, purpose and determine your ultimate success because we share essential components every successful female entrepreneur must have —and they have nothing to do with your clients.

We cover biz fears ranging from common roadblocks that threaten to derail your business success (and how to get past them quickly and painlessly), how to strengthen your spiritual foundation (and use faith to find more peace) to critical financial considerations—get this right, and money will no longer be an issue (and how freeing would THAT be sista?)

But we don't leave you at the top and stuck with a bunch of "How-Tos". After you get your quiz answers, we empower you inside one of our two distinct private Facebook Sistahoods to help you track your progress—and turn your tracking into a driving force!

Our Impossible to Possible Women Members Club has 2 Facebook Communities because we have 2 suites of coaching: Girls Trip to Success (Business) and Girls Trip to Peace (Spiritual).

Our Impossible to Possible Women FB Sistahood is apart of our business suite based strictly on biz strategies. Inside we empower you with solid-proven biz strategies and experts that help you identify your #1 biz fear, start and scale your biz.

Equally as empowering is our Wilder Women Paint + Pray Sistahood which is apart of our spiritual suite and is based on helping you as a female entrepreneurs (and non-Boss Babes) start your Christian spiritual peace journey to build a relationship with the Lord, discover your purpose and how to turn that purpose into actual profits (oh and we have fun painting and praying in there too.) You have the option to belong to either one or both.

Now, I have a quick question for you...

Do you know the one question you must be asking yourself at every step of your biz development—even if you do nothing else, this one step will have a profound effect.

Here’s the thing. You really can make the impossible - possible!!

But if you keep doing what you’ve always done…well, you know how that goes, right? It’s time to flip the script chica!

Now, imagine if you were the Boss Babe that was able to identify your clients, create offers, attract clients, market your biz and get those sales with ease. What if you could figure out the steps to get noticed....

Sound like an impossible task? It’s not, when you realize you need the…

Wilder Success Quiz™

Hi Ya Sista, I'm Your Biz Coach, Gwendolen 


All of our quizzes are based upon experiences from my coaches, myself, my clients and the latest industry trends. The Wilder Success Quizzes™ are exclusively prepared and coached by me.

I'm trying to save you time by learning from my big past mistakes. Let me share with you the exact steps you need to go from feeling drained and uninspired to being a fulfilled female entrepreneur, that knows she's blessed and highly favored by the Lord -so you can make money on your own time, your own way and at your own pace.


  • You don't know how to create a spiritual foundation in your life that helps you grow your business and balance your peace and purpose (at home and work) 
  • You don't have consistent followers on your social media accounts
  • You don't have anyone joining your Facebook Group
  • You don't have a steady stream of prospective clients
  • You have no idea how people are finding your business
  • You have no idea who your ideal client is (Much less where they hang out)
  • You don't know how to create irresistible offers 
  • You don't know how to create a sales funnel to nurture your clients to buy more than once
  • You don't know when is the right time to push out your offers

It’s time to take a hard look at the kinds of clients you’re attracting (and why), take steps to get noticed (and hired) by people who will value your worth—and are wiling to pay for expertise—and create the business you dreamed of when you were first starting out.

Let's Face the Fear Together! I want to help you to realize that your unique God Given Talents can attract better clients. The truth is: You can start attracting your ideal clients RIGHT NOW so you can finally start living your best blessed year yet!! 

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Let Us Help you Sis with Setting Goals That Excite You to Kickass Past Your Fear So You Can Attain Wilder Success. 

If you’re too all over the place creatively, and never make progress, this Livestream is for you too. So, let me introduce you to 5 creative tools which can make reaching your goal inspiring again.