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"She Made it Possible" was created because there's only one of me and thousands of ladies to reach. I know success works better with collaboration.

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  1. FREE: Become a Top 10 Cheerleader. No application process- just join our Impossible to Possible Women Biz FB Group and start engaging. Weekly I use FB analytics to identify the Top 10 Contributors inside our biz FB group. Our Top Cheerleaders receive the opportunity to Create an event on our calendar, Post about your event once and "GO LIVE" for 30 mins on your designated day inside our FB Biz Group to share your biz and offers. #fremarketing.
  2. FREE: Spotlight Giveaway Speaker. This is how grown women collabo [joint venture] and empower each other! During our BIG giveaway contests, host a Speaker Forum inside our biz FB Group. This is an application process to be considered. Hop inside our 1K+ Impossible to Possible Women FB Group for 7 days to Create an event on our calendar, Post daily about your event and GO LIVE for 30 mins- this helps you boost your brand visibility + client attraction. #freemarketing.
  3. $12.99/Sista Chat: Time to Get Visible Sista! No application process- just pay, book and Go LIVE inside our 1K+ community to share your biz and offers during a 30 min FB Live. Each time you speak-I give you access to Create an event on our calendar, Post once about your event and GO LIVE once on your designated day inside our FB Biz Group to shine like the superstar you are sis.
  4. $97/Month: She Made It Possible Speaker. Get Exclusive Access to our paid members. I personally select these ladies via an application process to provide training inside our paid membership community. If selected, you will have access to Create FB events, Post about your events, do FB Lives and Zoom however, many times you wish during the month. #boostvisibility.

I designed these opportunities to empower our awesome sistas with what they want and need in starting and scaling an online business. I know alot of these ladies feel as if they can't afford to spend thousands on individual coaches or marketing consultants; so this is how I bring the experts to them [My Goal: I meet you where you are!!]

Become a guest expert to chat about the best ways our tribe can utilize proven strategies and processes you created so they can create their successful online presence without fear and anxiety in today's ever changing online world.

You'll be able to reach all types of ladies, from various industries and from around the world.

We've featured women in the past, but not like this. We want guest speakers to share their knowledge, resources and offers with our fearless fempreneurs LIVE inside our FB biz group.

💞I pray these amazing ladies inspire you to Make the Impossible-Possible! 

#1 Top 10 Contributor Speakers 🎁

Check Out How Our Members Club Helped Sistas Like You Become Impossible to Possible Women

The goal is simple, I want to  showcase our members for FREE as apart of their membership on how She Made the Impossible -Possible in record time by using a strategy from our group.

Our weekly top cheerleaders are so active inside our sistahood- engaging, commenting and supporting other sistas.
This is our weekly challenge running Monday-Friday to help spotlight our awesome sistas and their biz. Winners will be announced every Friday.
How to Win:
  1. Post. Create a post every Friday sharing your biz and offers. (If you don't have a biz; just share how this sistahood has helped you grow.)
  2. Say Hi. Comment on at least 1 "Welcome Post" and say hi to our new sistas (make them feel at home.)
  3. Engage. Comment and engage on posts by me and your sistas.
  4. Share. Share a post on your FB Page on what you love about our sistahood + Tag Me (doesn't count if you don't tag me)
What You Win: FREE Marketing Sista 🥳
I will give you FREE access to "GO LIVE" inside our sistahood with a 30 Min FB Live. And I will market you inside our "Wilder Success" Blog as one of our Top 10 Cheerleaders.
You can create a FB Live to share your biz, promote your offer and share how this sistahood has helped you to tell your #1 biz fear KICK ROCKS. #yourwelcome #thankyou

💞You get the point...

You'll have everything you need to support you to Make the Impossible-Possible! 


Watch the video below to learn more about the application process, criteria, marketing efforts and more in regards to our scheduled Spotlight Giveaway Speaker Feature. The next Giveaway is scheduled starts when the countdown ends below.


The Next Spotlight Giveaway Happens...

Stay tuned to this page on when the application process will open









Hey there sis,

I'm planning to announce our next Giveaway soon, but before I do here's the basics. I've successfully launched a $10,000 and $5,000 Giveaway welcoming in "THOUSANDS" of new Facebook members.

For each giveaway, I'm looking for 5-8 female entrepreneurs who are willing to donate an offer to our sistahood members (Product, Program or Service), freely promote in their communities about your sistahood and invite others to join our awesome international Impossible to Possible Women sistahood. 

If you're interested, click the application link.

Oh and as I plan this next HUGE Giveaway in EPIC fashion... If chosen, I'll spotlight you for 1 day with a FB LIVE and 7 days of marketing within our community. You can post, chat with our sistas, share videos, etc.

If you're interested, just use the application link below.

I'll announce when the next Giveaway is, contest info, etc. very soon.

I love using these Giveaways to get my sistas empowered, motivated and to set the vibe for 2022.

Hope to see ya application,





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