Hi, I'm Gwendolen

I'm Gwendolen, a Proud Christian, Mom, 21 Year USAF Veteran, Abuse Survivor, Certified Business Strategist, Published Author and self proclaimed Peace Expert featured for years as an industry influencer by International 8 Figure Business Moguls and I'm dedicated to helping struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs balance their peace and purpose....



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My entire life has been a book in the making in what to do (and what not to do!) when starting and scaling a successful business while dealing with traumatic life events. I started my first consulting business from my spare bedroom while on active duty Air Force and I was blessed to receive a $5 Million joint-venture contract within the first 6 months. Six successful years and 187+ amazing Team Members later, I closed my business to recover from years of domestic violence and to heal from a prior sexual assault. 

After a 4 year break, God blessed me to publish my first book detailing my experience, which led to being asked to co-author a second book (featured on CNN) focused on workplace bullying which led to me inspiring C-Suite Executives, Victims of Abuse and Female Entrepreneurs in paid honorarium and paid guest speaks on how to Face the Fear Together. This afforded me the amazing inside opportunity to affect positive change in my community and internationally with requested services from a local Mayor, Senator, Prominent City  Industry CEOs and Presidents of Consulting agencies.

I say all the time, "It's Crazy How Blessed I Am!" And I want every female entrepreneur to experience that level of confidence, peace, love, joy and blessings. So, I’ve harnessed my natural God given gifts and combined them with all of my past experiences to devote my life to helping female entrepreneurs discover their purpose, fears and turn them into actual profits.

I’m here to empower female entrepreneurs that need a break from life and work to use a spiritual peace journey (Girls Trip to Peace) to balance their peace and purpose so they can strengthen their spiritual relationship with the Lord, discover their female entrepreneur purpose which I lovingly refer to as our (Girls Trip to Success) and become confident turning their purpose into actual profits AKA become Impossible to Possible Women.



Because I've had the amazing blessing to be featured often, I've segmented my media appearances into three primary categories: Business, Domestic Violence and Additional Honors and Features. Click either featured topic to quickly get to the category. I hope you enjoy the information and I pray it inspires you.

Business Management Features

These are media appearances and honors based on my efforts as a Certified Business Strategist.

Domestic Violence Features

These are appearances and honors based on my role as a community advocate to help those in need.

Additional Honors & Features

These are additional honors and features which do not have links; only photos.

Want to Know My 2022 Mission?

Having the honor and blessings to be featured affords me greater opportunity to fulfill what I believe to be my Godly appointed life purpose- spreading awareness about abuse. I tell my story to Mentor 2,022 Female Entrepreneurs and Donate $20K to Domestic Violence Prevention Programs.

Here are a few words from my beautiful clients...

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"Gwendolen came to speak to our networking group and did a phenomenal job! She gave a very informative training that the female entrepreneurs in our group were greatly impacted by. I highly recommend working with Gwendolen because she's super friendly and highly knowledgeable about growing your business successfully or becoming an author - great to work with! We can't wait to book Gwendolen again to speak to our group soon! She's truly a gem."

Juju Rafii
Founder, Empowered Boss Babes

"Absolutely The Kick-Ass Survivor challenge Save the Day Bomb Leader and your Vision is her vision. Already have been there and done that...You can Win with Gwendolen Wilder. I am grateful that someone else believe in my Book... "

Edith Hall

"I met Gwendolen 2 years ago at a book publishing event. Since then, I have followed her work online and met her a few times in person and she is as authentic and as personable in both environments. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate in helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses utilizing proven strategies that have worked in her business. Apply what she teaches...it works!!!!"

Flozzie Joe
Travel Agent

"Thank you for being an incredible ambassador to Family Violence Prevention Services! We are reaching more victims and changing lives because of you."

Linda Marie Canizales
Director of External Affairs & Volunteer Relations, Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc.

""This book, "It's OK to Tell My Story" is revolutionary, a game changer that is altering lives of domestic violence victims in the AF one day at a time...""

Jerome L. Ellis
Family Advocacy Program Manager, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

Business Management Features

Kickass Past a Negative Mindset

2020 was a tough year for many small businesses and this year is off to a rocky start, to say the least! So, how do you stay positive and motivated to push forward? Well, Carol Roth asked Gwendolen for her best tips for keeping a positive mindset in small business. Check out piece #193 for Gwendolen's tips.

SA STRONG: Survivor of abuse, entrepreneur launches business to empower women

She's a veteran, entrepreneur and a survivor of abuse. Gwen Wilder turned her story of trauma into a business to empower other women.

Asked Myself One Simple But Powerful Question

In this article, 28 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Business, Gwendolen shares the one simple but powerful question she asked herself when she first started (and still today) that helps her to remain a successful female entrepreneur.

The Importance and Benefits of Volunteering, According to 15 Real Life Volunteers

Gwendolen shares her experience, beliefs and advice on why volunteering is important and why making it happen can lead to amazing benefits in both her personal and professional brand

She's Overcome Tough Situations and Now is Helping Women Do the Same

Gwendolen motivates and empower female entrepreneurs with her entrepreneurial story to let women worldwide know they can Make ALL Things Possible!

Turning Trauma into Triumph!

Gwendolen shares how with the help of the Business Mastery program, this domestic violence survivor and retired United States Air Force veteran used her book about how she overcame trauma as a launching pad for her consulting business to inspire other women.

Expand Your Networking Arena to Maximize Results

Gwendolen shared her tips with 5,000+ women on how to take your life and business to the next level. 

San Antonio Woman of Influence

Gwendolen was spotlighted in 2018 as 1 of 8 San Antonio Women of Influence. The article highlights how she has used her power to help female entrepreneurs and women of abuse to live their best life.

Badass of the Week

Gwendolen was recognized as a community influencer as a result of her business contributions and advocate efforts in service to helping those in need.

Honoring Gwendolen Wilder

Gwendolen was selected to be honored as a result of her combined military experience, educational expertise, real-life experiences, and natural counseling ability which enabled her to help clients identify the root causes of their challenges, how she inspires motivation and provides resourceful tools so her clients can attain emotional, physical, and/or business goal achievement.

Local companies using DV training to teach employees to look for warning signs

Watch this KSAT 12 special feature as Gwendolen demonstrates how she partners with Family Violence Prevention Services to conduct her Domestic Violence Training for Key Corporate Decision Makers and Employees.

3 Step Blueprint to Kickass & Become an Author

Gwendolen shares how to build a business based off a book; writing essentials, business strategies and how it all starts with self-management. 

Why It's OK to Tell My Story

In this podcast interview, Gwendolen shares how her first book, "It's OK to Tell My Story" started as a journal as part of her personal healing process, how it altered her life for the better.

Plan, Protect & Thrive

Listen to this powerful Jake Nicolle Novel Podcast as Gwendolen speaks to why she wrote the book, started the business and why she's passionate about bridging the gap between abuse and business.

Gwendolen Wilder-She Did It!

Gwendolen shared her remarkable story on how she survived and escaped domestic violence after turning 40 AND went on to write this fabulous book and create a whole new business that supports and inspires others to do the same.

How to Turn Trauma into a Profitable Opportunity

Gwendolen chatted about how she used entrepreneurship to help her escape abuse, give back to her community and how she coaches others to do the same. 

Interview with Wellness Writer Gwendolen Wilder

Gwendolen shared her inspiration for writing and how women writers can gain freedom, inspiration and self-confidence by writing.

Build a Business Based on a Book

Watch this fun and interesting interview Gwendolen has with her publisher as she shares her ability to build a business based on her book, how she used a book to spread awareness for her cause and why having a publisher is essential to author success.

Domestic Violence Features

SA STRONG: Survivor of abuse, entrepreneur launches business to empower women

She's a veteran, entrepreneur and a survivor of abuse. Gwen Wilder turned her story of trauma into a business to empower other women.

Break the Silence Holidays of Hope Program

Gwendolen shares why she loves being a Certified Business Strategist, clients and why she loves Volunteering with the Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc. and Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence organizations

It's OK to Tell My Story

Gwendolen was honored at this event as a key speaker benefiting the Battered Women and Children's Shelter to celebrate strength and resiliency of women and mothers of abuse.  

Domestic Violence a Growing Problem in Bexar County

Domestic Violence is an ever rising problem in San Antonio TX and in this short interview with Fox 29, Gwendolen shares a few tips on how to hopefully make a change for the better.

Local companies using domestic violence training to teach employees to look for signs

Watch this KSAT 12 special feature as Gwendolen demonstrates how she partners with Family Violence Prevention Services to conduct her Domestic Violence Training for Key Corporate Decision Makers and Employees; in the hopes of saving lives and creating community change.

San Antonio District Attorney Debate Interview

Listen as Gwendolen challenge DA Candidates with tough questions on domestic violence from herself and her followers. She holds no punches as she seeks answers on how to improve the quality of life for victims and survivors of abuse in her community.

Boyfriends, Abuse and Babies are a Bad Combination

Watch Gwendolen's interview with News 4 San Antonio during her interview with April Molina's as she share's her experience of how she tried to protect her child from the domestic violence abuse she endured and how the Family Violence Prevention Services Program helped save her life.

Stand Up and Speak Out Against Workplace Bullying

Gwendolen is a Co-author for this Best Seller, "STAND UP, SPEAK OUT AGAINST WORKPLACE BULLYING, Your Guide to Survival & Victory Through 22 Real Life Testimonies". Her chapter, "How to Manage Your Brand During a 'Hot Ass Mess' Crisis" discusses the connection to workplace bullying and domestic violence. 

Surviving & Thriving Workplace Bullying

Gwendolen was a spotlight speaker for this amazing event and discussed the connection between virtual workplaces, workplace bullying and domestic violence.

Wilder Provides Hope to Survivors of Domestic Violence

Gwendolen shared on Focus on Soutwest Texas how to use entrepreneurship strategies such as her Wilder Mastermind, or W.I.L.D.E.R., 6-point business strategy to turn crisis into an opportunity for financial independence, self-confidence, and assertiveness.

Rising domestic violence numbers show widespread change is needed

Gwendolen shares her personal connection with abuse and police in this KSAT 12 interview after hearing of a recent police involved shooting and she discusses how domestic violence disputes reflect a rising trend.

Battered Women and Children’s Shelter 40th Anniversary Celebration

The Battered Women and Children’s Shelter celebrated 40 years. CEO, Marta Pelaez and Gwendolen shared with Focus on South Texas what the milestone was all about along with how many people the center has helped during the time frame to include Gwendolen.

It's OK to Tell My Story

Gwendolen officially announced she was hosting a free book launch event you won't want to miss. The event celebrates the launch of her highly anticipated new book "It's OK To Tell My Story: Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence." The event will also raise money for both Family Violence and Prevention Services in San Antonio and YWCA Sojourner's Shelter for Homeless Women and Families in Charleston, West Virginia.

Additional Honors & Features

No links available. If you're interested in learning more-feel free to connect with Gwendolen by clicking any image.

Bank of America

Gwendolen shared her past experience as a high-powered business owner with 180+ international staff members and how she learned to manager her brand during a crisis (domestic violence) with C-Suite female executives and employees.

Small Business Administration

Gwendolen placed as of the Top 5 Businesses during the San Antonio city wide Small Business Administration 2017 Innovate Her Challenge competition which showcased female business owners

UT Health Institute

Gwendolen has been a requested speaker 4 consecutive years at the UT Health Institute discussing the connection between domestic violence and physician care. Helping to shape the minds of 200+ new doctors a year.

United Way Campaign

Gwendolen Guest Speaking to the Family Violence Prevention Services Staff during a United Way Campaign to help encourage participation to support this worthy cause.

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