...receive WEEKLY LIVE Signature Coaching via Private + Group Masterminds + Personal VA...it's time to start making money doing what you love so you can confidently share your brand story and FINALLY start Making ALL Things Possible (Living Your Best Blessed Life!)


12 Week Private Coaching


You are going to love it!

Private Coaching Options, you decide which of the 2 private coaching packages best meets your needs and I will design a tailored experience based around that: [Please note: spiritual coaching can be added into both packages at no extra cost]

Lead Generation to help you with business essentials and plan how to increase client attraction to your online website and social media platforms so you can be seen as a credible brand so you can gain more followers and paid clients Or

Media Expert which includes Lead Generation and media training to help you become a Go-to-Media Expert about your passion so you can receive one GUARANTEED featured on either a local and/or national media platform such as NBC News, MSNBC and CNN.

Weeks 1-2, we meet for your initial 60 Min Private Strategy Session where you get to tell me all about your biz fears and goals. You receive access to our weekly private client group coaching masterminds where you will join other private clients the following week so you can ask questions, share your progress and receive on-the-spot coaching.

During this week, I map out your Wilder Success Plan based on the option you selected (Media Expert or Lead Generation) and the plan will encompasses the step-by-step actions you need to take and training to review ie biz fear confidence training in order to achieve the success you desire. And then the ball is in your court sis, you get to work on your Wilder Success Plan accomplishing as many steps as you can during the first week. If you wanted spiritual coaching; this would be the time to mention it so it'll be added to your plan.

You also receive your all access Members Club + Bonus Pass to all of our member clubs, Facebook groups, and a wealth of bonuses we use as support resources to help you achieve success faster. For example, you receive access to my personal Top 100 Make Your Brand Pop Media/Social Media List (Places to pitch your brand), access to our Monthly in-person and virtual Private Client Mastermind and Biz Bestie Brunch where you can ask questions, review training, receive support, connect with other women for brunch, network and etc. You can use the bonuses at anytime.

Weeks 3-6, you meet weekly inside our private client coaching sessions and weekly group coaching mastermind for accountability and I'm evaluating where you are, what went well and what didn't go well so we can decide if we need to tweak your biz plan. Each week you receive new goals that take you closer and closer to your desired success. And my fav part, you get to share your big wins from the week. Then you're off to finish working on your goals.

Also during this time, I'm working with my my awesome team of guest experts (ie media coach, biz coach, VA, Biz Bestie, etc.) who are hard at work behind the scenes focusing on upgrading your online presence, creating copy, generating the sales conversations and booking appointment so you can intently focus on closing and serving your clients.

Week 6-12, at this point in your coaching you will be crushing your goals and celebrating massive wins. So because of all of your hard work; this is when I begin to celebrate and feature your success to 1M+. Keep in mind, some of you work faster than others. So if you're seeing massive success sooner; this step occurs sooner as well. But understand, I will not feature you until I believe you are ready ...because remember you will now become an extension of my brand and I don't do mess -only success sis!

Maintenance, after 12 weeks of coaching has completed. You decide if you want to stay or leave; 100% your choice. As long as your subscription remains active; you have access to all of your content, bonuses and weekly empowerment sessions.

*Use our Chat Feature (BB: Biz Bestie to ask use how you can grab 12 Weeks of Coaching for $1000 (Reg $2997)


Become Impossible to Possible Women

Did I Tell You I Was a Mind Reader?

For instance, I know you have a really neat idea - so you decided to become a female entrepreneur because...

#1 Your idea is super helpful and can bring in extra income and (that's why you wished you'd thought of it earlier...lol)

#2 You decided to Tell Your Biz Fears KICK ROCKS (Biz Obstacles), become your own boss and make money doing what you love so you can FINALLY Live Your Best Life (doing the stuff you dream about)

#3 You honestly, genuinely and with 100% everything you have ... you really love helping people transform into the best version of themselves that they can be.

And You Ended Up Here with Me Right Now Because... You Either Don't Know How to Get Started or

Don't Know How to Scale Your Biz

Now, if you're like most of my Wilder Tribe (my client family)...

I'm guessing you fall under one of these three areas-

Have No Clue...

You don't know what to do with your super neat idea that you 100% know will help people- and you're letting your fears hold you back from living in your awesomeness. You know the peace stealers that show up as crazy thoughts...who can I trust, is this a good time to star, I'll start when everything is perfect, how much will it cost me and will they like me. Or you're not sure about how to start a spiritual peace journey , building a stronger relationship with God to help you balance your peace and purpose.

Tired of the 9 -2- 5...

You know you have a great idea, passion, grit and support of your family for this crazy roller coaster ride- but, you're not certain in your ability of learning the necessities to get your business visible...websites, social media, marketing and all that other stuff you hear entrepreneurs chatting about.

Already a Female Entrepreneur...

You got a taste of what it feels like making extra cash, putting smiles on faces, spending time with your family and now you're hooked :.) But you're not sure how to generate multiple streams of income so you can finally live your best life- you know... doing stuff like spoiling your family, traveling, and trying new experiences -and without feeling more overwhelmed, stressed out and crazy ...because you're already doing at great job with that...

OK...Hold On a Sec Boss Babe-

Before We Continue This Little Chat Sis...

Make 2023 the Year You Say...

"It's OK to Tell My Story!"

I created this Private Coaching Program - to take the confusion and stress out of understanding your biz fear, brand story and planning your social media content for the next 30 days and beyond.

If you're tired of feeling overwhelmed as a solopreneur doing everything yourself as you start and scale your biz because you're on a budget...


If you have lots of ideas but, you just need to figure out how to get them out of your head and how to get in front of your target audience...

This Private Coaching Program combined with our signature Member Clubs will help you go from being afraid to confidently writing, telling and selling your brand story in no time!

I really want to help you and I’m so excited to see all the amazing achievements, results and transformations you’ll achieve from sharing your brand story on social media to achieve wilder success in your biz!

🤓Shifting From Impossible to Possible Women Mindset: Mindset is a crucial factor in sharing your brand story. If you don’t understand your own limiting beliefs holding you back, how will you ever move past them to write, tell and sell your story? (This is how you learn the seven common self-limiting beliefs– and take action on them.)

🤓Getting Organized As a Solopreneur: Starting a biz on a budget by yourself can be both exciting, overwhelming and scary as heck. It's natural to build your biz by yourself in the beginning but, if you want to successfully grow your dream to the next level sis you gotta get organized in both your professional and personal brands (This is how you identify what you have to get done, determine the urgency and how to make it happen on a budget that works for you, your biz and customers)

🤓Writing Your Unbelievable Brand Story: Discover how looking deep into your soul helps you develop an irresistible offer and social media content plant that stands out–and one that is also extremely marketable? (This is How You Scale Toward Your Desires)

🤓Attracting Your Wilder Audience Using Social Media: It makes no sense on figuring out your life’s calling, then hiding your story. Show up in your business and life to effortlessly attract those people who are already vibrating at the same frequency as you. (This is How You Create a Truly Unique Brand Story Online Using Such Platforms as Facebook so Your Message Resonates with the Right Followers)

🤓Leveraging Your Wilder Brand Story: Once you’re in your groove sharing your brand story, it’s time to take it up a notch to empower and inspire your community using speaking engagements (This is How You Get People to Naturally and Excitedly Reach Out Ready to Hire You and Buy Your Offers)

🥳And So Much More (Inside our private coaching, I share the step-by-step details of how I managed to be featured by every local media station in San Antonio TX, by Carrie Green, Founder Female Entrepreneur Association and hand-selected by Lynn Smith to be her Go-To-Expert in Business Coaching and Domestic Violence to appear on such national media platforms as CNN, MSNBC, The Today Show and more)

"Something Good IS Coming From This!"


OK, so now that is out of the way-let's get down to business to find out what else is possible for you and your family.

The really awesome thing about my Signature Coaching Collection is- it's tailored to you based on the unique business challenges you share during coaching, because that's how my Wilder Tribe receives the fastest results.

I offer 2 distinct types of coaching:

Entrepreneur Coaching: Helping Boss Babes Start, Mange and Scale their dreams so they can Build a Business Based on Peace-Passion-Profit.


Spiritual Peace Coaching: Helping christian female entrepreneurs learn how to balance their peace and purpose so they can confidently strengthen their spiritual relationship with the Lord, identify their purpose aligned with God’s plan and gain more peaceful ME Time.

What helps my clients to Attain Wilder Success is using my signature strategies such as my W.I.L.D.E.R. Success Strategy which helps them to identify root causes, solutions and make the impossible -Possible which leads to benefits pretty quickly.

Oh and...they get the super neat part of getting clear on understanding WHAT Living Your Best Blessed Life looks like for them. This is extremely important because what makes each business unique and special is making money doing what you love- which begins with designing your business based on your dreams (Living Your Best Life!) and that starts with living in peace.

All You Need is Luv...

Business Plans, Client Identification, Automation Systems, Unique Offers, Confidence and Visibility

But Sometimes, You Need...

Sistahood, accountability, Business Bestie, Industry Experts, Kickass Goals, Lead Generation, ME Time, Pride of Being Your Own Boss and Clarification of Why You Started -So You Can Boost Your Brand


Look Superstar, not only did I successfully get awarded $5M joint venture government contract and manage an awesome Team of 187 in my first business all within the first 6 months of starting...

In my second successful business as a biz coach which is what I do now- I made $6K in one month with book writing, $4K in one week using my signature V2 Strategy, $10K in one week with client coaching, $2500 in 1 hour to guest speak, local/international TV/Print media requests, received keynote speaker opportunities with city mayor, district attorney and key corporate executives, and appointed by state senator to mentor victims of domestic violence.

And I have the absolute best time each week making stuff like this and more happen for my clients in less than 6 weeks.

I have this God given ability to identify the root causes (your biz fear) of what's holding you back from your success, helping you get clear on your goals and making money doing what you love by using realistic, easy and tailored actionable steps to get you closer to Living Your Best Life (enjoying your dreams.)

Before starting two successful business, I honorably served 21 years inside the United States Air Force where I managed an entire counseling and conflict resolution installation program, thousands of cases and received a ton of awards for being able to train, investigate and problem solve to help my clients.

I have absolutely no problem helping entrepreneurs (including women that never experienced abuse) that are serious about helping themselves, their family and community to design a tailored plan uniquely to help them reach that next level.

Here's What Sets My Signature Coaching Apart...


I make entrepreneurship and becoming an author super fun and easy with my signature frameworks and by helping you Make the Impossible-Possible. We get right to work helping you identify your really scary fears (biz obstacles) and learning how to turn that fear (Impossible) into a profitable opportunity (Make it Possible) using simple, easy to follow actionable steps outlined uniquely for your business. If you know WHAT you want, but don't know how to make it happen or you're too afraid to bust a move to make it happen - I will help you FIGURE IT ALL OUT!


I don't just create a program, put you in it and hope you make it...


 I immerse you in my most exclusive group experience that feels more like private coaching-


chat with you when you're ready to walk you through the weeks objective, ensure you understand your unique goals and we chat throughout the week (you'll get tired of me before I get tired of you...lol).


I chat with you about this cool process my personal biz coach provides my brand which helps me to not worry about attracting clients (#womenhelpotherwomen) This is a Lead Generation that guarantees a minimum 30-40 Facebook & LinkedIn sales leads provided by your personal sales assistant (right to your inbox every 8-12 weeks)


My clients attain their wilder success faster when I give them an extra boost. One of the most aggravating things entrepreneurs hate is hearing, "It's simple- go do X" and yet they have no roadmap of how to do it. Not here superstar- I give my clients pop up videos to use like a ROADMAP and attach resources from my Masterminds, Members Club and Guest Experts with detailed actionable steps of where to find X, how to use X, and everything in between.


I help my clients get super clear on their professional brand, but also their personal brands. It sounds hokey- but you really do need a healthy balance of vulnerability, appreciation of self-awareness and understanding of how to use ME Time to succeed so you can confidently create a brand that speaks straight to your customer's heart, head and hard-earned dollars.


Regardless if you're an entrepreneur or author- your success will not happen if you don't identify and overcome your fears with the support of a strong spiritual foundation and supportive sistas. I help my clients face the fear of what's holding them back by teaching them to lean into God more.

And I go further-

 I help you set boundaries within your life and business (key to maintaining your energy’s balance) and give you actionable steps of how stop spinning your wheels in frustration (loosing peace) and finally give you the supportive boss babe lady community you need to Turn Your Hot Ass Mess (Fear) into Wilder Success (profitable opportunity) by developing a solid, sustainable marketing plan.


I help my coaching clients save time, money and get results faster because I give them everything they need including the kitchen sink!)

From live and pre-recorded mastermind coaching programs, masterclasses, member clubs, to super exclusive interviews with my industry experts. I give you access to all of my action plans, checklists and free goodies provided by my supportive consultants so you can up level your success journey faster.


You Become Impossible to Possible Women

Living Your Best Blessed Life (enjoying your dreams) making money doing what you love- instead of hustling hard to make money doing stuff you hate so you can achieve your dreams. And helping your family, friends and community experience positive rewards from your efforts.

Exclusive access to my Impossible to Possible Women Members Club so you can connect with other entrepreneurs, authors, my joint venture partners, coaches and expert consultants. A W.I.L.D.E.R. Success Strategy Blueprint that you can outline to your business and use it from beginning to end in your success journey.

Support from my amazing team to help you with everything from the behind the scenes administrative, and author efforts to media production to help you manage your business, gain leads and boost sales.Personalized client portal access so you can connect with me or my team when you have the oh crap freak-out moments.

So we can methodically walk you thru the next steps to take and help you calm down and cheer you own once you confidently Kickass out of the situation.

All of my resources ranging from action plans, checklists to blueprints to help you rock out in your business so you can have support anytime (even at the 2am hour when you have that cool dream and you gotta get up and work-but you know I'm sleeping and don't want to bother me...lol.)

Endless love, support, accountability, motivation, and inspiration to help you continue to believe in yourself, your brand and your community.


1:1 Private Coaching + LIVE Members Club + Group Coaching + LIVE Goal Planning +

Weekly Accountability + Sisterhood

#1 Group Coaching Calls

 [60 minute Sessions] 2 per month to learn new strategies, receive weekly goals and design plans to Kickass in the future

#2 Private Client Portal

 Private Access to all your training, documents, and time to chat directly with me, my virtual assistant  sales team and other key team members as required

#3 W.I.L.D.E.R. Success Strategy Blueprint 

Business outline using my signature 6 step framework ($1997 Value) you can tailor it to your business obstacles to help you Attain Wilder Success

#4 Impossible to Possible Women Membership Clubs 

You receive 3 distinct member clubs with unlimited Access to E-Books, Masterclasses, Spiritual inspiration and more to help support both your personal and professional brands

#5 Guest Experts She Made it Possible (leading entrepreneurs to attain destined success)- unlimited Access to my most recommended consultants + their special offers created just for you

#6 Resources Countless action plans, checklists, videos and other goodies to help you clarify your destiny



Your Sistas are Cheering for You...What are YOU waiting for? Here's the Breakdown of Everything You'll Receive to Help You Become an Impossible to Possible Woman


Just One Coaching Program's minimum value is $25,000

(But Don't Stress Out Sista,

I'm Going to Hook You Up -It'll be much less)

Ready to Make the Impossible-Possible Beautiful?

Click the button below and start your 1st Signature Coaching. 

By investing in yourself with the Signature Collection- I'll SAVE you $$$ BIG TIME off my lead generation program depending on which program you select...

Receive Weekly Group Coaching calls

 Each session will be 60 mins each. Re-watch sessions when you want on your schedule. Access granted as long as membership remains active.

During the Group Coaching Call Sessions, we will chat about the fears holding you back from your success, how you could be living your best life, the fastest way to get you there, how working with me will help you Attain Your Wilder Success and determine if we'll be a good fit for each other (if we don't connect on this call...it's not going to work!).

Regardless, you will leave with some a pretty invaluable first steps on how to

Tell Your Biz Fear to KICK ROCKS!

What Do You Perceive As Impossible?

Space is Limited to 20 Women Per Month!

Space is limited because Gwendolen loves to coach intimate groups so she can intentionally focus on each woman's wants and needs. This program is designed to help serious female entrepreneurs privately to identify their #1 biz fear using a tailored biz plan and fast-action step-by-step strategies based in business essentials and client attraction so women can confidently move past their fears and achieve wilder success. This coaching comes with full access to all the coaching programs and member clubs housed under our Impossible to Possible Women community.

As a sistahood, we are here to support you every week with...

Empowerment to Get Past Your Biz Fear, Accountability to Achieve Your Monthly Goals and Biz Marketing Opportunities to 1M+ Female Entrepreneurs

What Happens Inside Private Coaching...

We hang out each week and become Biz Besties and make success happen!

Private Client Group Coaching

Every Week Via Zoom

Your Achieve More Success

  • Monthly Access (as long as membership active)

  • 12 Private Coaching calls (Weekly 60 min private strategy session to share your biz fear and goals)

  • 1 Wilder Success Plan (biz plan tailored around your biz fears and goals)

  • Monthly Goal Planning Brunch (once a month Goal Planning coaching w/ Gwendolen, her Biz Bestie Juju Rafii-Ebdrup and her experts chatting about your biz fears, goals, etc.)

  • Monthly Private Mastermind (chat about your biz fears with other private clients)

  • Private Coaching Options (select lead generation or media expert which includes lead generation)

  • Members Portal (direct access to chat with Gwendolen)

  • Private Facebook Groups (receive 2 communities, support, empowerment and more)

  • Marketing (receive guest speak and marketing opportunities in front of 1M+ female entrepreneurs, guaranteed television appearances, and lead generation from Gwendolen and her top 2 female coaches)

  • Resources (5 Core business Coaching programs, along with 200+ masterclasses w/ step-by-step strategies via our member clubs)

  • Bonus #1 (Biz Bestie Bonus Bundle: fast action toolkit full of planners, checklists, calendars, etc.)

  • Bonus #2 (Biz Bestie Brunch members club: goal planning-see below)

  • Bonus #3 (Impossible to Possible Women member clubs: business essentials, client attraction and spiritual growth-see below)

  • And More!

Your Membership Includes Access to...

3 Member Clubs (Biz Bestie Brunch, Girls Trip to Success and Girls Trip to Peace),

5 Core Coaching Programs (Mindset, Goal Planning, Business Essentials, Client Attraction), 1 Speaker Platform (She Made it Possible) and over

100+ Masterclasses (Branding, Marketing, Sales and Social Media)

Here's a brief overview of how each one adds value to your private strategy sessions

Goal Planning and Accountability

Biz Bestie Brunch Members Club

In this monthly members club, Gwendolen partnered with her Biz Bestie Juju Rafii, Founder 7K+ Empowered Boss Babes so they could meet up LIVE ON-LINE + IN-PERSON in Central Texas with female entrepreneurs ready to plan monthly goals and achieve success faster. Receive a 90 min goal planning Masterclass training based in mindset, networking, business essentials and client attraction. Receive a brunch meal + drink, accountability partners, masterclasses, planners and more!

Guest Speaking Opportunities

She Made it Possible Members Club

In this members club, Gwendolen helps women to increase visibility and showcase their brand while learning how to face their biz fears and build more self-confidence. Boss Babes will have their brand spotlighted as Gwendolen is featured by Carrie Green, Founder Female Entrepreneur Association to her 1M+ female entrepreneur audience. Receive pre-approval to inside Gwendolen's 1.2K+ Facebook Group so you can GO LIVE + POST Weekly. Inside this community Gwendolen hosts weekly livestreams, daily motivational posts, weekly spiritual posts, monthly challenges, weekly promotion opportunities, monthly online networking and more.

Joint Venture Opportunities

Become a Biz Bestie

This is Gwendolen's signature Joint Venture relationship building strategies. This is literally the framework she used to land that BIG $5M joint venture contract, a $6K book deal partnership, and more. Discover how to showcase your expertise using in-person and online presentations. Gwendolen believes we all have a story to tell and offers to sell. But most female entrepreneurs don't know how do to reach large audiences full of our ideal clients through collaboration...and without sounding like a sales shark. This is the fastest way is to become a community influencer that loves to volunteer and give value.

Business Essentials

Wilder Success Strategy

Gwendolen shares her signature business essentials strategy; the foundation of how she was able to start her first business, rebrand her business and have such successes as receiving a $5M joint venture contract, $1500/hr guest speaks, $12K private clients and more. Use these solid-proven business essentials to help you understand step-by-step how to Outline Your Business Plan, Identify Your Audience, Learn Automation, Design Wilder Offers, Energize Your Audience and Audit your Business so you can continue to scale to the next level.

Business Scaling Strategies

Girls Trip to Success Members Club

Inside this monthly members club, Gwendolen helps women at all stages of their businesses use the latest fresh new client attraction strategies in the industry. Successfully learn how to boost social media engagement, increase email lists, attract a wider audience and scale to the next level. Receive Gwendolen's signature coaching based in branding, marketing and sales via LIVE Masterminds, Group Coaching, 100+ masterclasses and challenges.

Brand Story Marketing Strategies

Wilder Storytelling Framework

This is Gwendolen's signature brand story framework she uses to attract a wider audience of followers , nurture her audience, close sales, make collaborations and get featured on television, radio, newspapers, podcasts, etc. Learn how to write, tell and sell your brand story using your biz fear and 30 days of amazing social media content planning. Discover how to ask yourself the right questions in order to uncover your unique and authentic story and how to create a marketing plan that will put your story to work for you straight away so you can reach the perfect client for you.

New for 2023:

How Gwendolen has been featured by 2 female entrepreneur moguls in front of Millions

(without paid ads)

Client Attraction Strategy

V2 Client Attraction Strategy

This is Gwendolen's go-to-signature marketing strategy designed to help women learn the basics of marketing. Discover how to Establish Your Signature Marketing Strategy, Identify Your Ideal Client, Know It's OK to Tell Your Story, Do Target Market Research, Showcase Your Expertise, Go Live on Social Media and Create Your Signature Sales Strategy. This is Gwendolen's signature client attraction process she created that has helped her consistently get in-front of the right audience in a way that feels right for her (and turn her brand story into sales)

Social Media Strategies

Television, Print, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Gwendolen helps women to confidently create their very own signature Facebook Live Strategy so they can reach more potential clients, increase visibility online, promote their business, launch offers, create rapport with their community and scale businesses faster. Discover how to reach more potential clients, increase your visibility online, promote existing offers, launch new offers so they can build rapport [know, like, trust] .

Spiritual Biz Coaching + Peace Journey

Girls Trip to Peace

This coaching is optional but, it's Gwendolen's personal Spiritual Peace Journey based upon her Christian faith that will help Female Entrepreneurs build a relationship with the Lord and understand how to balance their peace and purpose. Discover her signature FaithX Biz Strategy designed to help you ensure that your business practices are in alignment with God's plan so you can See What God Can Do Through You as you follow your vision from God. This is how you become a female entrepreneur that uses your gifts and purpose in accordance to God's plan. As a bonus, Gwendolen also shares her signature Turn Out The Light™ Masterclass which is based on her book, "It's OK to Tell My Story, Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence". This masterclass breaks down the most common, but not often recognized stage of Domestic Violence...Gaslighting.

Face the Fear Together

Biz Fear + Success Roadmap Quizzes

Take this quiz to help you get a better understanding of where you are right now in your business, what's standing the way and how to get past it so you can achieve success. Gwendolen will help you identify your #1 obstacle holding you back from success and which Wilder Success branding, marketing or sales strategy will best help you achieve your goals so you can become the successful female entrepreneur you dream of. She will recommend one of her success roadmaps which will help you to immediately see the possibility of success for your business and how to make the seemingly impossible-Possible!

It's Time Now Sis to Go From Dream Chaser to Achiever!

If you want to only receive more leads straight to your inbox so you can have sales conversations select "Lead Generation" coaching. If you want that and also be featured on local and national TV showcasing your expertise select the "Media Expert" Coaching.


  • Guaranteed TV Appearance (Gwendolen's top media preparation secrets along with 6 modules of media training and private coaching session(s) exclusively provided by her personal media coach and national media anchor Lynn Smith who will guarantee you get featured on TV as long as you do the work required)

  • Monthly lead generation (Gwendolen partnered with her private biz coach Jessica Nazarali to have her VA write your sales copy, generate sales conversations and book calls weekly so you can focus on closing)

  • Monthly Access (as long as membership active)

  • 1 Private Coaching call (60 min private strategy session to share your biz fear and goals)

  • 1 Wilder Success Plan (biz plan tailored around your biz fears and goals)

  • Monthly Mastermind (live training based on a specific topic)

  • Weekly Private Group Coaching (chat about your biz fears)

  • Private Members Portal (direct access to chat with Gwendolen)

  • Private Facebook Groups (receive 2 communities, support, empowerment and more)

  • Marketing (receive guest speak and marketing opportunities in front of 1M+ female entrepreneurs)

  • Resources (5 Core business Coaching programs, along with 200+ masterclasses w/ step-by-step strategies via our member clubs)

  • Bonus #1 (Biz Bestie Bonus Bundle: fast action toolkit full of planners, checklists, calendars, etc.)

  • Bonus #2 (Biz Bestie Brunch members club: goal planning-see above)

  • Bonus #3 (Impossible to Possible Women member clubs: business essentials, client attraction and spiritual growth-see above)

  • And More!

*Click here to get Monthly Coaching for $1000!!

  • 1 Week lead generation (Gwendolen partnered with her private biz coach Jessica Nazarali and her VA Jasmine Adams Monk to write your sales copy, generate sales conversations and book calls 1 week so you can focus on content creation and closing)

  • Monthly Members Club Access (as long as membership active access to all members club and group coaching)

  • 1 Private Coaching call (60 min private strategy session to share your biz fear and goals)

  • 1 Wilder Success Plan (biz plan tailored around your biz fears and goals)

  • Monthly Mastermind (live training based on a specific topic)

  • Monthly Private Group Mastermind (chat about your biz fears and goals)

  • Private Members Portal (direct access to chat with Gwendolen)

  • Private Facebook Groups (receive 2 communities, support, empowerment and more)

  • Marketing (receive guest speak and marketing opportunities in front of 1M+ female entrepreneurs using Gwendolen's biz partners' street credibility)

  • Resources (5 Core business Coaching programs, along with 200+ masterclasses w/ step-by-step strategies via our member clubs)

  • Bonus #1 (Biz Bestie Bonus Bundle: fast action toolkit full of planners, checklists, calendars, etc.)

  • Bonus #2 (Biz Bestie Brunch members club: goal planning-see above)

  • Bonus #3 (Impossible to Possible Women member clubs: business essentials, client attraction and spiritual growth-see above)


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