Private - behind the scenes access. Let's pack an overnight bag masterclass to have a sista chat about struggling, feeling overwhelmed and everything we deal with while on the road to success. I want to share how I move past the #1 biz fear (failure) that every female entrepreneur will face "regardless" of where she's at on her journey to success.

In this unprecedented Masterclass, I'm sharing my signature Mindset, Business and Facebook frameworks that empowers you to identify your biz fear [How to Monetize Your Biz Fear on Facebook]

By the end of this masterclass (in less than 60 mins), you will understand the fear of failing better, how to identify the root cause of your fear, how to tell your fear to KICK ROCKS and how to turn it into positive profitable biz opportunity.

You Receive these Bonuses:

  • END OF MASTERCLASS Downloads: Girls Trip to Success Planners (Strategies to face failure as a female entrepreneur and start succeeding in less than 60 mins) 
  • BONUS TRAINING (here's one of my fav trainings to help boost your FB Group) Receive Training and the PDF from my "Top 10 Questions I Ask Myself About My Facebook Group" to ensure I am Monetizing my content in the best way possible.
  • Weekly Access to Love Collection: Receive Weekly Access to all of our planners and strategy videos on client attraction, sales, FB content planning and more (as long as membership active).
YES!! SIGN ME UP SISTA! $12.99/Week

Here's What I Want to Chat About Sista

I'm Seeing Way too Much Of This...

If You're Feeling Overwhelmed and Struggling with Any of These...

You Need to Join This Masterclass...

  • Not sure if you can do it
  • Feel kind of lost
  • Hard to go through on your own
  • Feel overwhelmed and can't get rid of self-doubt
  • This is not your first business, and you need help to get over imposter syndrome
  • Just need a safe space to vent 
  • Just need a few ideas or bits of advice to get started
  • On a rollercoaster of emotions

So, Can We Have a Sista Chat Already Gurl?

Yes, I'm going to give you a $12.99 Masterclass 

Yes, I'm going to share a FREE Planner (And a few other cool goodies)

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, after the FREE Stuff I'm going to challenge you to invest into yourself and continue the conversation inside our membership club (for less than 2 meals at your fav fast food joint).

When I started my Sista Chats inside my Impossible to Possible Women Private Facebook Group...

I saw the need was greater! So, I decided to expand my private Sista Chats into a larger forum.

I'm going too give you EXACTLY what you really want and need right now...

The chance to chat LIVE with a woman that's overcame what you're currently dealing with and is willing to help you tell your #1 Biz fear KICK ROCKS- with casual spiritual conversations, proven business strategies (sometimes, over a class of wine), and a ton of sista support from a strong powerhouse of super successful women willing to share how to overcome the struggle, the overwhelm to become Impossible to Possible Women!

You Have an IN-Demand Wanted and Needed Offer to Sell. An Awesome Business to Share.


But, I totally get WHY you're scared of failing and trying again

You can't see how to get past not failing again, am I right?

This massive value packed Masterclass shows you how to understand failure, tell your biz fear KICK ROCKS and turn it into income using your brand story...

No matter what your purpose is; business coach, nail tech, meal prep chef, fitness expert, pizzeria owner or whatever it is that you do- believe in yourself and know you have an awesome business! An irresistible offer that people want and need.

But the catch to this is, you gotta figure out how to identify what your fears really are, the most strategic way to tell your biz fears KICK ROCKS and the when it's time to Face the Fear Together so you can attract your ideal client to your brand.

When you do this sista, you can immediately identify the root cause of your failure and recognize all the baggage that goes along with it; instead of feeling overwhelmed, confused and feel like giving up.

It's time to take a GIRLS TRIP TO SUCCESS - a combination of storytelling, abundance shift and proven business strategies to remind you of the Impossible to Possible Woman you are so you can create, tell and sell your offers with confidence. No limit on what you can make possible.

No more feeling like you can't do this and begging people to buy your offers!

It's time to Kickass and Face the Fear Together!

Join Gwendolen Wilder—business strategist, published author, and peace expert—for a ONCE IN A LIFETIME MASTERCLASS -

How to tell the fear of failure to KICK ROCKS!  

In this Masterclass, you will learn:

  • A step-by-step roadmap on how to identify and leave fear behind, What the heck is my fear really all about anyway? It might be a road so obvious, staring you right in the face, but you can't see the forest for the fear!

  • How to turn your fear into an interesting can't wait to hear brand story customers get excited about and say, “Gurl!! That's exactly what I was thinking, went through, looking for, want, need, etc." Take My Money Already!”

  • Why you can absolutely and confidently tell your biz fear to KICK ROCKS no matter if it's convincing your spouse this was a good idea, obstacles from within your industry or something totally out of your control "And no, it won't take weeks, months or years to make it happen"

  • Why you DON’T need a ton of money, fancy marketing, Or a big email list of 1,000+ in order to turn your fear into money right now.

  • How to tell your biz fear to KICK ROCKS with no doubts when it pops up "Make failure work for you", stop pushing it off, don't hide from it and move forward with your business! It’s time to Face the Fear Together sista!

  • How I Faced my fear of failure & received 10+ speaking invites for 490K+ simply by sharing my biz brand story. 
  • And yes, feel free to share this info and invite all of your biz besties!


When you attend, you get a chance to join both of our private Facebook groups so you can get to chat LIVE with me (Gwendolen)! Describe to me your relationship with the fear of failing. I’ll listen. And then I’ll identify how you can turn your fear into a positive biz opportunity. These will be 30 minutes that could literally change the trajectory of your entire life!

These are crazy scary unprecedented times happening globally with this pandemic. Now more than ever, it’s important to finally face your fear of failure, become more confident and get talking about your failure. There’s no better time to build your biz bank and start living your best blessed year yet!

Quick Info

  • Pre-recorded class. Private webinar room. Watch from anywhere in the world.
  • You must purchase the $12.99/week "Love Collection" planner combo to receive the FREE Planner. There will be no access once we start, no download during the webinar, no free rebroadcast later. This is a one-time-only free training session. Show up ready to learn. Because this will become a part of our membership club paid offer after the initial broadcast.

  • It was free to attend (but, I changed the price to $12.99 our lowest offer).

  • I will give you my FREE Downloadable Girls Trip to Success Planner on the day of training which includes my signature Impossible to Possible Women Principles + WILDER Success Strategy + More
  • And yes, feel free to share this info and invite your biz bestie!

In this Training You Will Learn:  

  • Understand the Top 7 Biz Fears we face as female entrepreneurs
  • Learn How to to Trust your ability, works and results
  • Getting spouse/significant buy-in to support your biz journey
  • Keep the fear of failing from killing your dream
  • Strategic Framework to turn your biz fear (specifically with failure) into a positive profitable business opportunity using Facebook
  • and MORE!!

You Have an IN-Demand Wanted and Needed Offer to Sell. An Awesome Business to Share.

*Not convinced that it’s possible to turn your fear of failure into a positive profitable business opportunity?

Maybe you think it's only something that happens for ladies already making $100K a month and can afford a mindset coach and biz coach to help them work through it, but not for a lady like you?

If you’re doubting if this will work, you’ll love this class.

Because, I'm going to VERY TRANSPARENT and share with you how I turned my failures in marriage and business into a published a book, co-authored a book featured on CNN, $5K group coaching experiences, $10K private clients and $2500/hour guest speaks .

I'm going to share the actual strategic steps of how to turn your fear of failure into income: yes, this really is possible for you too.

Should You Attend This Class?

Okay but seriously, should you invest an hour of your time to attend this Masterclass? 
If you answer “Yes” to any of the following statements, then you should definitely watch live. 
  • You are tired of slow sales and not getting enough leads. It’s exhausting. It’s frustrating. You're just not making enough to keep the business afloat. 
  • You feel like you might be able to move past your fear of failing, but you're not sure of Exactly How to Make it Happen.
  • You would love to figure out how to talk about your failures in a way that attracts clients! Organically and in a way that's comfortable. Start seeing an Increase in Sales.
  • You want strategic steps on how to connect your failure to your business offer right now (super simple and easy way to crush this!) plus strategies to build a scaleable business that's prepared for future failures as much as possible (NEWS FLASH: failures always come sista; but being prepared is way better than being afraid.)
  • You want to face your fears but without having to pay thousands of dollars for a therapist and business coach. You don’t want to go further in debt trying to make money from your business.
  • You want Gwendolen to share her real-life examples of how she did it (true stories, with details and how much she made) turned her fear into dollars. It's time to share some secrets, please!
  • You want to hang with a motivational woman (kickass survivor of abuse, business mentor, divorced, single, mom) and have some of that black girl unicorn magic rub off on you.
Let’s be honest, you need a break from your groundhog day full of runny noses, barking dogs, and crazy spouses...and an excuse to change out those PJs. You’re craving some positive, let's kickass type energy! 

If you said YES to one, or more, of those statements? This *VERY AFFORDABLE MASTERCLASS* is for you.

Sign up to ensure you get a seat! 


I'm a Failing Successful Female Entrepreneur!

Now is the perfect time, this is your moment to shift to...

  • Think like a confident business woman (even if you aren’t confident yet) 

  • Act like a female entrepreneur (even if you haven't started a business yet) 

  • Make decisions like Oprah (even if you're only watching her on Super Soul Sunday) 

It’s time to tell your fear of failure to KICK ROCKS and turn it into a profitable business so you can build your bank from passive and recurring income.

Starting, Sales, Marketing, Consistency, Relationships, Client Engagement...

No matter what failure looks like to you, you can turn it into a positive profitable opportunity. 

The question is, do you want to make excuses or build your bank? 

About Gwendolen Wilder

Certified Business Strategist, Published Author, Peace Expert and Kickass Survivor of Abuse

Gwendolen started her side hustle as an independent contractor while working her 9 to 5 as a means to pay for her son's upcoming Birthday trip to Disney World.

Seeing the need for a better way to do business in the industry she was working and wanting to create a legacy for her son, she faced her fears and started her first successful business and after six months of starting; she was awarded a $5M joint venture government contract and generated $1M in revenue her first year.

Today she’s a successful certified business strategist, domestic violence advocate, mom of an awesome son, saucy single trying to navigate the world of dating in a pandemic, lover of cheesecake and she's a community influencer  featured in publications like Los Angeles Wave, Todays Honoree, Focus on Southwest Texas, SA Strong, San Antonio Living, Fox 29, News 4, KSAT 12 and more.

Her first book, It's OK to Tell My Story, Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence, which is the foundation of her business mantra and advocacy focused on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault awareness.

She’s the Founder of an international sistahood, Impossible to Possible Women an online sistahood of women who want to identify their #1 business fear and turn it into a positive profitable business, based off our founding principles (strong spiritual foundation, solid business strategies and a supportive sistahood.) 

Her mission is to empower struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs to to tell their biz fears KICK ROCKS so they can become more self-confident, financially independent and finally balance their peace and purpose. 

“Success begins with me knowing- it's OK to Tell My Story.".... Facing your fear is empowering but only if you can learn the lesson and turn it into something positive that benefits you, your family and community. Once I realized this, I decided to build generational wealth for my family and empower other struggling and overwhelmed Boss Babes on how to make the impossible- Possible too!!"
—Gwendolen Wilder

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