Issue #41 4 Essential Ingredients to Write a Blog People Want to Read

I'm so freak-n blessed that I love writing.

Here's the think about your blog should work for YOU, bring in traffic and new eyeballs to your website and into your sales funnel. If your old posts are just taking up space, then it’s time to repurpose that content to attract readers and prospects.

I absolutely love and look forward to Mondays Mama! It's like a party day for me, because this is my planning day. I dedicate 30 minutes to creating my blog plan and writing one blog article that will motivate, inspire and empower my ladies to kickass past fear (Uh Yea, It Lights Me UP !) My goal is to have enough stored content and articles ready to rock on scheduled release -so I don't have to worry.

But, there are pop up posts that I must write to address my members #1 biz fear that they share with me via the Face the Fear Together Quiz or inside my Impossible to Possible Women membership club or to address real-world situations i.e. increased racism during the...

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Issue #36: Benefits to Using Virtual Book Tours in Quarantine

You know how people say they were just born to write or be an author?

Like, they were seriously writing their first manuscript at the age of 6, working with publishers on substantive editing (I didn't know that term until age 43 lol) and releasing a best-seller before loosing their first baby tooth.

Yeah, that wasn't me

It took me 3 years just to write my first book, much less publish it and another year after that before co-authoring a book which became a best-seller and was featured on CNN.

It wasn't so long ago however, that all I wanted to do was journal, tell my story, chillax on the beach, and listen to music while sipping on my favorite adult beverage (I still do that, but now with much less worry and stress!!)

The first time I ever made a book sale was in a virtual book: $2000 before the manuscript was even written.

Now, that book is literally sitting "on the shelves" inside not just online with some of the nations biggest retailers...

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Issue #33: Allistar Banks, She Made it Possible

I've been saying it for years, "Every Entrepreneur Needs to Write a Book to Boost Their Biz!"

Being an author, a lover of writing and constantly looking for ways to self-improve....I can't wait for you to meet Allistar Banks who is truly a purpose driven woman after my own heart that really gets what I'm saying about the connection between female empowerment and writing! She's a prolific author, published five books in the last two years and somehow and somehow finds the time to inspire and motivate women who are suffering with low self-worth and weight management to live their best healthy lifestyle for years to come.

Allistar has been an author since 2018. Her readers range from preschoolers between the ages of 2-5 for her books A Colorful Balloon Ride and Lenny the Lizard and His Green Scarf to young adults between the ages of 14-25 for her novels called Girl Rise and Cracking the Happy Weight Code.

She is known for her children’s books that teach new concepts and...

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Issue #4: 3 Ways to Kickass in Self-Publishing


Most Authors write day after day, post on social media about their new fabulous writing journey they're beginning, maybe even send a few emails telling people they plan to self-publish their book, and then wonder at the end of that am I going to self-publish?

You don't have to be like most authors.

Is your manuscript is almost finished? Do you know how or where to get started with self-publishing? Did you know you could've started the process faster, easier and saved some money if you used Self-Publishing?

Thinking back to my first few months of writing, I was freak-n clueless (which is so funny now after publishing my first book, co-authoring another published book and currently writing my second

I was just having fun writing and living in the process of creating characters, settings, themes, etc. and I was loving it. When I finally got to the point where I felt as if I was ready to find a publisher...WOW...that's when the anxiety set in and it started...

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