Issue #26: 3 Tiny Habits to Become an Impossible to Possible Woman

3 Tiny Habits that Can Help You Become an Impossible to Possible Woman

In the worlds of psychology and business, you’ll often hear the terms ‘growth mindset’ and ‘fixed mindset’. Mindset in general refers to the learned attitudes you’ve adopted over time; so a Possible growth mindset is the attitude that you can always change for the better whereas a Impossible fixed mindset means you believe that you’re stuck with your natural skills without any room for improvement.

Every single female entrepreneur on earth has one of these mindsets but the best news of all is that if you’re stuck in a fixed mindset, you CAN make changes to shift into a growth mindset. One way to make that shift is to incorporate tiny habits into your routine. Complete these habits enough times and a good habit forms, which can help shift your mindset.

Why do you want to achieve a Possible growth mindset? Quite simply, because the world then opens up a lot more...

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