Issue #4: 3 Ways to Kickass in Self-Publishing


Most Authors write day after day, post on social media about their new fabulous writing journey they're beginning, maybe even send a few emails telling people they plan to self-publish their book, and then wonder at the end of that am I going to self-publish?

You don't have to be like most authors.

Is your manuscript is almost finished? Do you know how or where to get started with self-publishing? Did you know you could've started the process faster, easier and saved some money if you used Self-Publishing?

Thinking back to my first few months of writing, I was freak-n clueless (which is so funny now after publishing my first book, co-authoring another published book and currently writing my second

I was just having fun writing and living in the process of creating characters, settings, themes, etc. and I was loving it. When I finally got to the point where I felt as if I was ready to find a publisher...WOW...that's when the anxiety set in and it started...

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