Issue #37: 5 Ways to Crush Sales Objections

Before you became the awesome Boss Babe that you are today, can you recall ever listening to a bad sales call?
You know what I'm talking about...that call where no matter what you said to the person, it seemed as if they just talked over you, bullied you, sounded scripted when you tried to share why you didn't/couldn't move forward with the offer and basically they made you feel like, "just another sales call" and when it finally ended you felt as if you'd just chatted with an icky weirdo from the Twilight Zone?
Eewww, right?!
Trust me sista, it happens to everybody and yes, it was icky and weird.
And sadly, some female entrepreneurs relate that personal experience to what they believe sales calls should look like....and this is how they end up sucking at them, hating them and loosing potential leads (money.)
Don't stress out to much sista, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to hate sales calls! I want to show you how to ...
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