Issue #11: 5 Ways to Push Past Procrastination

procrastination Nov 13, 2018

I Know All You Want to Do is Kick Your Feet Up After a Long Day. I know you’re busy building your super empire and managing your busy life...and sometimes things fall by the way wayside and you forgot to book your Free Kickass Discovery Session to chat...that's why I created this article on procrastination.

If you find yourself thinking the same thing below as one of my amazing Wilder Tribe members...You'll want to Holla at your girl pretty

"I want help with procrastination so I can Build an empire through my own business. I want to empower other women to live their life to the fullest." Juju Rafii

If this sounds like you...keep on reading Luv

How many times have you created a ton of to-do lists, only to NEVER follow-thru with everything on your list?

And you know what I'm talking about...that huge business list that has 100 items consisting of everything your clients need and want that you really enjoy giving, but just never have time to do...

Why is that?


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