Issue #33: Allistar Banks, She Made it Possible

I've been saying it for years, "Every Entrepreneur Needs to Write a Book to Boost Their Biz!"

Being an author, a lover of writing and constantly looking for ways to self-improve....I can't wait for you to meet Allistar Banks who is truly a purpose driven woman after my own heart that really gets what I'm saying about the connection between female empowerment and writing! She's a prolific author, published five books in the last two years and somehow and somehow finds the time to inspire and motivate women who are suffering with low self-worth and weight management to live their best healthy lifestyle for years to come.

Allistar has been an author since 2018. Her readers range from preschoolers between the ages of 2-5 for her books A Colorful Balloon Ride and Lenny the Lizard and His Green Scarf to young adults between the ages of 14-25 for her novels called Girl Rise and Cracking the Happy Weight Code.

She is known for her children’s books that teach new concepts and...

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