Issue #23: Supportive Girl Gangs Create + Post Epic Facebook Content

Join a Supportive Girl Gang to Help You Learn How to Create + Post Epic Facebook Content

Hands up if creating Facebook content has been pretty suckie lately #guiltybizchic (me too, I slacked off a bit due to getting married, surgery, moving, etc. = working around regular life stuff).

Life happens, even to our role models....even my 8 figure biz coaches have jacked up days, weeks or months- just like you and I! But how we bounce back is key...we get back on track is by making the impossible-possible and using our supportive sistahood communities.

Let's use Facebook for example, have you noticed that all social media is super addictive, like walking into a candy store and wanting to taste it all? But there's something extra about FB that makes it so tantalizing. You can easily get sidetracked scanning your friends feed laughing at that cute puppy pic, finding out how sad they are for their kid's 1st day of school, or commenting in your fav FB group, even when...

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