Issue #49: This is the Hottest 2022 Facebook Secret

Sis, can I share with you the Hottest 2022 FB Secret Happening Right Now?

It's really not a big surprise; it's Facebook Lives and I'm beyond super stoked to share with you sis ...HOW not only to Plan and Create your own high-converting Facebook Lives; BUT HOW to Promote your very own FB Live inside our 1.2K+ International Facebook full of actively engaging Female Entrepreneurs from various niches!!

Check this out sis...

Thousands of female entrepreneurs are out here using Facebook Livestreams; especially since the pandemic to sell their services, products and programs...the competition is fierce for a sista these days.

But the good news is, most of those newbies don't know how to accurately navigate Facebook; much less market or sell offers with Livestreams. So, I want to empower you sis on HOW to use this virtual juicy jewel to engage with my 1.2K+ international community and how to use FB Lives to attract a wider audience to your own FB groups so...

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Issue #21: 5 Ways to Find Content to Share in Your Videos


Half the battle of using video successfully as a female entrepreneur in your business is to know what to say. I absolutely love doing Livestreams, but I have to remember not everyone feels the same. Even if you’re a natural talker, planning your content in advance allows you to coordinate your video with your email campaign and your sales offers.

Planning your content strategy also alleviates the fear of waking up, knowing it’s your day to hold a livestream, but have no idea what to talk about. With a plan, you’ll know well in advance what the topic is and you’ll have plenty of time to plan your talking points – or to do research on the topic.

Here's my Biz Tip on where to start with your subject matter?

  1. Your own business. Take a look at the material closest to you. Introduce yourself. Talk about your industry. Answer the most frequently asked questions you receive. Tell your audience WHY you started your business. Tell them what has...
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