Issue #47: 2 Ways Offers Leverage Your Biz (and Increase Profits)

Sis, we all have the same 24 hrs days to make something possible

But, HOW you use those hours is what differentiates an Impossible to Possible Woman from the "I can't do this" side hustle sista. If you’re wasting hours with a bunch of leads that still aren’t bringing in the money you’d like, maybe it’s time to try something new.  

Having the right offers infront of the right peopole can help grow your business, expand your reach, and increase your profits...all in those same 24 hours. Let’s look at a couple examples of other multiple streams of income that can help your business (and your bank account gurl) explode like crazy!

Let's Chat About Biz Offers

No matter what type of biz offer you create – webinars, eBooks, home study classes, published book, cookies, photographs, fitness routine, etc. – once the work is done, you can sit back and sell those offers for years to come if you package them the right...

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Issue #22: 7 Steps to Help You Get Featured on a Hot Podcast

7 Steps to Help You Get Featured on a Hot Podcast

Did you know that podcasting is still on the rise with the most recent growth of monthly listeners increasing from 21% to 24%? And that according to Edison Research, “the audience for podcasts continues to be predominately 18-54, and leans slightly male”....A CHANGE MUST HAPPEN LADY!!

I know one Boss Babe that Gets It!

Heather Pilkington, Owner of Heather Pilkington Realty is one of the amazing Gold Members inside our San Antonio Boss Babes female networking community where I'm the Ambassador.

Recently, Heather sponsored our first #SABB training session, "6 Ways to Become a Social Media Boss Babe" by allowing us to hold the training at her place of business [Want to sponsor our events and spotlight your biz here]. During our training on social media growth, I asked Heather what were her thoughts about podcasts and she replied...

 "I think it's a fun way to express herself while sharing knowledge...

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