Issue #50: No More Biz Heartbreaks!

I almost called this the year of Heartbreaks  

Every December I like to assign a theme to the upcoming year of what I expect, want and will achieve. But this time, it was a little tougher. The past several years were ...ummmm, challenging to say the least for me ranging from divorce, navigating the newness of dating, suffering through relationship break-ups, death of loved ones, stopped in-person guest speaks and everything in between.
However, I didn't call 2022 the year of Heartbreaks. Instead, I themed this the year of LOVE because I wanted to receive and give more of it and so far so awesome! 
Talking to other biz sistas, I kind of feel like more love is something we all wanted to feel this year; not only as individuals but as female entrepreneurs as well. Especially after experiencing heartbreak after heartbreak in sales challenges as business owners ...during, after and even still today due to the pandemic and other unprecedented world events.
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Issue 43: "Operate Beyond the Chatter" with Sheryl L Mays


When it came time to announce I was re-launching our SHE MADE IT POSSIBLE speaker/feature platform this beautiful sista wasted no time positioning her biz for success...

Sheryl L. Mays, Rise and Shine CF Consulting and Coaching Firm Chief Learning Officer, Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Success Coach. Sheryl is described as as a student of what she teaches. She is an expert in the field of positive thinking. She is witty and her anecdotal stories are thought-provoking. She practices the concept of "edutainment". Spend time with her and you will learn to think differently.

Sheryl has not been a part of our community long. She heard me speak during one of my Clubhouse talks, where I chat with female entrepreneurs and empower them with strategies on how to "Turn Biz Fears into Positive Profitable Opportunities". She thought my talk was interesting and thus, decided to look into our sistahood a bit further and that's...

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