Issue 48: How to Be Confident Making Money for Your Biz


"Don't allow your biz fear to stop your Girls Trip to Success. Instead, tell them to KICK ROCKS- turn biz fear into a profitable business opportunity"-Gwendolen Wilder

Hi Ya Sis,

I hope this blog article finds you living your best blessed life these days. I've just landed back to reality from a high of doing a super fun high-energy 3 Day Challenge called, "Girls Trip to Six-Figures" where I shared my step-by-step Client Attraction Strategy that I used to make $25k in one month as a female entrepreneur- without paid ads! 

I created the challenge because one of the things I always told myself as I was becoming more and more successful as a female entrepreneur was to remember to reach back and empower other women that may be feeling as if they are struggling or feeling overwhelmed- and remind them they are not alone and I'm here to face the fear together with them.

I actually talked all about it during...

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Issue #34: Get Cozy Making Money During Quarantine

Hi ya sista, did you know there's literally hundreds of people out there who are just waiting for you to sell your products, program and services to them. They only need to hear from you on the right platform and in the right way, to make them re-adjust their face masks and start googling your website. And you know what else? They totally want to spend money right now believe it or not (if it will help them create a better life.)

Let's get cozy sista and chat about this...

Did you know that selling your biz on Facebook is about giving value? You're a smart lady, I'm sure you did So, I bet you probably already know in your soul that you’re meant to give value doing what you love to help others (You just don't know how to make it happen on Facebook.) Well now's the time to GO BIG OR GO HOME as we say here in Texas and discover how to turn your biz story into Facebook content and completely kickass with client attraction...

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