Issue #42: Do Something Dumb for Your Biz

As female entrepreneurs, we have to make the decision EVERYDAY to become Impossible to Possible Women.

  • When to do this or that,
  • How to do this or that,
  • Who will do this or that...

But, if you make this ONE decision that some people would consider dumb; you will attract abundance to your brand!


This is the thing that some people think is really dumb to do. But that's because they don't have the confidence and strategy to do it. Decide to kickass past this biz fear by telling your story about your failures; even though you don't know what the outcome will be.

I want to share with you the #1 marketing secret you MUST be using in 2021 so you can start attracting more clients to your brand!

This is EXACTLY what I used to go from 0 Facebook Live Views to hosting a 45 Min Live that resulted in 1.4K views + New Group Members + Paid Clients

And all I did was share my story ($0 Adspend!) >>click here>>

I believe that each of us has a...

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Issue #40: 3 Ways to Attract Clients (Just like 6 Figure Boss Babes)

How can the 6 Figure Boss Babe effect help you attract more clients and get you more money in your bank account?

Let me explain.

At the beginning of December last year, I started looking to see if Marie Forleo, and Rachel Rodgers had started their 2021 brand awareness efforts. At the time, those were a few of the 6-figure Boss Babes I followed (I switched that up for 2022- tell you about my Intuitive Marketing Coach later). But, I digress. Even though I hadn't done much biz marketing in 2021 (took time off due to health and relationship challenges); I'd always wonder what those lovelies were up to.

Marie and Rachel as you can imagine, have a superstar team of copywriters, ad experts, affiliate coaches, publicity experts, lawyers, etc. that probably started working on their brands way back in February in 2020. I could almost imagine seeing each collective huddled together around a super cozy fire place with a nice glass of...

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Issue #38: What's Your Biz Fear?


Do you know why you're stressing all the time building your biz?

Do you know why you aren't making any money in your business?

Because there's one thing every female entrepreneur has in common (even the most successful ones) that it could be and I see it all the time. 


And what I mean by this is your unwillingness to not identify your #1 Biz obstacle (fear) is keeping you from being successful as a female entrepreneur.

And there are six things you can do about this right now, to Kickass Past Your Fear to become more self-confident and financially independent in your biz.


Unless you're a rockstar online marketer like Marie Forleo and can make a Billion teaching others how to start and scale a business, you need to let people know you’re serious about your business and how you will be an advantage to them with experience, expertise and benefits. I love...
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Issue #35: Barbara Maisonet, She Made it Possible

Everyone knows I'm on this Client Attraction kick more now a days due to the increase of online entrepreneurs as a result of the world-wide pandemic. And I also know you might get tired of hearing me express the importance of client attraction during this time...

This is why I'm super stoked to introduce you to Barbara Maisonet who has a passion for partnerships that pursue growth, awareness and transformation… which made choosing to become a Life & Business Coach a natural fit!

Her coaching clients for the past 12 years have included doctors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and CEO’s… all of whom committed to Barbara’s coaching process of taking a look at “what wasn’t working” in order to make a powerful and impactful shift towards re-creating their professional environment and career.

I know it all sounds unbelievably awesome, this is why I want you to learn more about this awesome lady, her upcoming guest speak, business and...

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Issue #37: 5 Ways to Crush Sales Objections

Before you became the awesome Boss Babe that you are today, can you recall ever listening to a bad sales call?
You know what I'm talking about...that call where no matter what you said to the person, it seemed as if they just talked over you, bullied you, sounded scripted when you tried to share why you didn't/couldn't move forward with the offer and basically they made you feel like, "just another sales call" and when it finally ended you felt as if you'd just chatted with an icky weirdo from the Twilight Zone?
Eewww, right?!
Trust me sista, it happens to everybody and yes, it was icky and weird.
And sadly, some female entrepreneurs relate that personal experience to what they believe sales calls should look like....and this is how they end up sucking at them, hating them and loosing potential leads (money.)
Don't stress out to much sista, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to hate sales calls! I want to show you how to ...
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Issue #34: Get Cozy Making Money During Quarantine

Hi ya sista, did you know there's literally hundreds of people out there who are just waiting for you to sell your products, program and services to them. They only need to hear from you on the right platform and in the right way, to make them re-adjust their face masks and start googling your website. And you know what else? They totally want to spend money right now believe it or not (if it will help them create a better life.)

Let's get cozy sista and chat about this...

Did you know that selling your biz on Facebook is about giving value? You're a smart lady, I'm sure you did So, I bet you probably already know in your soul that you’re meant to give value doing what you love to help others (You just don't know how to make it happen on Facebook.) Well now's the time to GO BIG OR GO HOME as we say here in Texas and discover how to turn your biz story into Facebook content and completely kickass with client attraction...

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Issue #33: Use Gratitude to Attract Better Paying Clients

Question for you sista: Are you HIDING from your business fears?

When it comes to facing your fears, here's what I teach my clients inside our Impossible to Possible Women community (recently updated with weekly live training on starting a side hustle, scaling businesses, staying focused, finding clients, hosting livestreams, writing emails, and MORE!)

The top 7 business fears a typical female entrepreneur must face during her journey are:


After reverse engineering obstacles from within my own two successful businesses and gathering data from my clients; I've identified that every female entrepreneur, regardless of where she is along the entrepreneurial journey will face at least one of these 7 top biz fears (biz obstacles). 

BUT the common mistake I see most Boss Babes make is saying they don't have a fear Or not being honest in identifying their #1 fear, Or thinking...

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Issue #22: 7 Steps to Help You Get Featured on a Hot Podcast

7 Steps to Help You Get Featured on a Hot Podcast

Did you know that podcasting is still on the rise with the most recent growth of monthly listeners increasing from 21% to 24%? And that according to Edison Research, “the audience for podcasts continues to be predominately 18-54, and leans slightly male”....A CHANGE MUST HAPPEN LADY!!

I know one Boss Babe that Gets It!

Heather Pilkington, Owner of Heather Pilkington Realty is one of the amazing Gold Members inside our San Antonio Boss Babes female networking community where I'm the Ambassador.

Recently, Heather sponsored our first #SABB training session, "6 Ways to Become a Social Media Boss Babe" by allowing us to hold the training at her place of business [Want to sponsor our events and spotlight your biz here]. During our training on social media growth, I asked Heather what were her thoughts about podcasts and she replied...

 "I think it's a fun way to express herself while sharing knowledge...

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Issue #6: 4 Dating Tips that Rock in Client Marketing

People Date People They Know, Like and Trust.

The same goes with people buying from you as well. In case you've been under a rock and don't know who I am- lol. I'm Gwendolen, a Published Author, Certified Business Strategist and United States Air Force Veteran. But, I'm also a Kickass Survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Since being single and forced back into the dating world; I learned quickly how to be super selective about who I wanted as a potential mate. I knew exactly what I didn't want; but wasn't so certain of what I really wanted (initially).

Little did I realize that finding a client would mirror this process (alot!)

The fancy process I'm chatting about is referred to as Relationship marketing. Basically it means you need to effectively market yourself in a way that gets you seen and known quickly through real connections with real people–like colleagues, influencers and potential and past clients.

But beyond that, relationship marketing puts a high...

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