Issue #51: How to Use Your Biz Fear to Find New Leads

How to Use Your Biz Fear to Find New Leads

Hey sis Gwendolen hereI was thinking about something recently, "Why is figuring out why you're not making sales in your biz is scary as heck?!" Probably because you have to simultaneously convince not only people that don't know you but, people that are currently following you, your family and yourself that you will recover from your epic biz fail and start making some sales-FAST. Like I said scary as heck. No wonder ladies are walking around feeling heartbroken about their businesses. So how do you create a biz plan that will help you quickly and successfully start attracting new fresh leads and motivate your existing audience? The answer is simple....

"Get Them to Say Yes"!

Now before you start virtually yelling at me, "Gurl if I knew how to do that I wouldn't be reading this article"; please hear me out.  One day during one of our must-have weekly goal planning meetups (SIDE NOTE: traditional...

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Issue 48: How to Be Confident Making Money for Your Biz


"Don't allow your biz fear to stop your Girls Trip to Success. Instead, tell them to KICK ROCKS- turn biz fear into a profitable business opportunity"-Gwendolen Wilder

Hi Ya Sis,

I hope this blog article finds you living your best blessed life these days. I've just landed back to reality from a high of doing a super fun high-energy 3 Day Challenge called, "Girls Trip to Six-Figures" where I shared my step-by-step Client Attraction Strategy that I used to make $25k in one month as a female entrepreneur- without paid ads! 

I created the challenge because one of the things I always told myself as I was becoming more and more successful as a female entrepreneur was to remember to reach back and empower other women that may be feeling as if they are struggling or feeling overwhelmed- and remind them they are not alone and I'm here to face the fear together with them.

I actually talked all about it during...

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