Issue #2: 4 Ways Wilder Book Marketing Sell Your Book

book marketing & sales Aug 27, 2018

You're a Kickass Author!

Congratulations on writing your first book Superstar!! That's no easy feat I can attest to that journey. So, now it's time for you to share your new love with the world and start cashing in the coins. But, you may be asking yourself, "How in the heck am I supposed to market and sell this book?"

This is where a Wilder Book Marketing Campaign comes in to save the day to help you sell more books, grow your mailing list, social media following, introduce you to industry leaders and help you reach a larger audience....but with just the right amount of sexy professional balance to increase your brand visibility and credibility.

No more spending crazy hours or money paying a marketing consultant not experienced in book promotions to market and sell your book...unless you happen to be a marketing consultant that's publishing a then you're

I often see new authors get all super excited about the actual writing of the book, but forget to...

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