Issue #1: Welcome to Wilder Success

blog welcome Aug 27, 2018

Hi Ya Luv,

Gwendolen here :.) I'm super stoked you decided to drop by and read this issue first...because it's the first

I'm a Published Author, Certified Business Strategist & Kickass Consultant. I help people who have never found a writing groove, business savvy or survivor lifestyle find a more self-confident, assertive and financial independent freedom that fits their current season of life so they can find live their best life like never before.

Here's the skinny. One day, I got this wild hair up my butt and decided to ask my faithful social media followers I lovingly refer to as my Wilder Tribe (my what were the things keeping them up at night that they worried about, what were the questions they most need answers to...


You all came hard for a I was bombarded with comments and requests for topics from 100+ of my Luvs within 2 days...Did I say how much I love you!!! So, I started to reply to each one individually, but soon...

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