Issue #8: 7 Ways to Face the Fear Together!


Who are you to dream amazing dreams?

Who are you to tell your Kickass story?

Rather, who are you not to.

Because when you believe you can, you’re already more than half way there…

It’s something I know to be true from my own experience, and it’s something I teach my clients too.

I’ve been in the place where after years of emotional and physical abuse, my own self-worth, self- confidence and self-esteem were totally shot.

I’d been labelled as “Victim”, who had no hope of ever achieving anything amazing with her life.

My dreams were shut down as a child when I was told to focus on things which were more reachable for a “poor black farm girl from North Carolina like me”...

And my dreams were shut down again as a Survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault when I was told to focus on just being grateful to have lived past the experiences and hearing friends and family ask, “Why would you want to write about that?”

Yet, there was something inside of me that knew I could live a better version of my life.

(And you might have felt this way too…)

I remember, when I was a little girl growing up on those country dirt roads-I would dream of being a mini-Oprah or psychiatrist sitting on my own stage empowering others struggling and overwhelmed to live a better life…

Willing myself to be able to create a bigger impact in our world…

Desiring to make a $10K month, so I could give my family the lifestyle we all deserve.

There was a calling placed on my life I believe by God and it was impossible to ignore.

There were SO many times when I doubted my vision…

It was too big!

To far fetched!

Too Freak-n Scary!

But what I learned was, “Success Begins with ME” and I also believe that God gives us each a unique gift and purpose to positively impact the world and any of our set backs are always setting us up for something bigger.

It’s why I do what I do-and why I’m committed to helping you.

I knew there was more meant for me than the life I was living at that time.

And it took for me to finally face the fear (break the mold) and start to both see and do things a different way before success starting happening for me.

I feel like I’ve learned so much in such a short space of time, and I want to use this wisdom to help you be able to create results in your life too.

That’s why I want to share something special with you- my 7 success secrets for facing my entrepreneur/author fears which led to my success in launching 2 successful business (one led to a $5M Contract) and becoming a published author (one book I co-authored was featured on CNN)... This is possible for you too!

It's been a while since I chatted about the actual steps I take to face my fears as an entrepreneur and author.  Typically, people are used to me talking about how I escaped the fear of abuse.

And, guess what? Leaving an abusive relationship; as hard as that was-is nothing compared to facing my fears as an entrepreneur and author. But, funny thing about my abuse survival-it prepped me in less than a year to be a Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneur/Author.

How Do I Turn Trauma into a Profitable Opportunity?

As a Published Author and Certified Business Strategist, I focus on helping struggling entrepreneurs, overwhelmed authors, and abuse survivors, "Turn a Hot Ass Mess into Wilder Success" so they can, "Build a Business Based on Passion (or a Book). I also refer to myself as a Kickass Consultant, as I guide key corporate leaders to, "Turn Domestic Violence into a Positive Opportunity" so they can create more positive corporate behaviors.

I literally combine my personal experiences with Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Workplace Bullying with my professional expertise in Psychology, Business, Social Services, Conflict Resolution and Equal Opportunity to design signature coaching programs for entrepreneurs/authors and I create awareness, prevention and intervention strategies for corporate.

Where Do I Make It All Happen?

I currently live in San Antonio, Texas but, plan to travel abroad to explore the world as I continue to do what I love. That's one of the many reasons I decided to become an online coach; I wanted to travel more and experience new cultures and people as I performed my passion.

I'm not a native to San Antonio. I decided to call it home after living here previously when I was active duty (served honorably 21 years as an Equal Opportunity/ Alternate Dispute Resolution Installation Director).

But, my life journey originated in North Carolina on a simple country farm (yeah, I'm that bare foot running on a dirt road chic-and loved it!) Contrary to popular belief; not all people from North Carolina are ignorant country bumpkins-lol.

A Little History for Context

I've been able to break a ton of stereotypes by escaping molestation and assaults during my childhood, a sexual assault on active duty military and experiencing over 20+ years of domestic violence between a traditional and common law marriage.

I Was Determined to Kickass!

I always knew there was a better life for myself than living the trauma filled life I grew up in back in North Carolina-and I was determined to live my best life.

And I did just that. Years after leaving my small farming community and joining the military; I started a small business focused on conflict resolution. Within 6 months of starting that business; I was awarded a $5 Million Dollar Government Joint Contract and later received primary sole contracts.

As my business grew, so did my business opportunities and bank account. But, my home life sucked hard dealing with the abuse I was hiding. But, that's a different story for another article- lol.

I'm going to share with you the exact steps I've used in the past and continue to use today- anytime I need to face a fear as an entrepreneur/author. These is an overview of the steps every entrepreneur and author needs to know; regardless of which stage they are in. To learn about each one in-depth for FREE [Click Here] to watch my Face the Fear Together 1 Hour Workshop.

  • Step 1: Mindset This first fear breakthrough highlights the importance of a strong mindset. Successful business management is very much a mind game. Without confidence and a strong feeling of self-worth, it's easy to become overwhelmed and fearful of change and growth.
  • Step 2: Money In this fear breakthrough you are going to focus on your relationship with money. This is a big topic in business. Most of us have some type of belief or fear around money that we may have been told as children or experienced throughout our life. That’s completely normal.
  • Step 3: Sales The next fear breakthrough focuses on sales. It’s imperative that business owners get their mindset right when it comes to sales. No sales = no revenue = no business.
  • Step 4: Systems Then this fear breakthrough is about systems. Every business owner feels like there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. The answer to this problem is to create systems.
  • Step 5: Visibility This fear breakthrough focuses on visibility. If you want to grow your business, more people need to know about you and what services or products you offer. Visibility is about allowing yourself to be seen.
  • Step 6: Support This next fear breakthrough emphases the importance of getting support to create and maintain a business you love. This is especially true if you don’t want to burn out. You can push, push, and push, but eventually you will realize you can’t do it all and stay sane.
  • Step 7: Lifestyle The last fear breakthrough focuses on your ideal lifestyle. What is it that you’d love to do, but choose not to out of guilt, shame, or feeling undeserving?

Which Strategy Do You Feel Will Be Most Helpful to You?

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