Issue #7: 3 Super Simple Focus Tips

focus Nov 06, 2018

I’ve Got 3 Super Simple Tips to Help You Get Laser Focused

OK how many of you have had one of those days where you wake up in the morning and you're like, "CRAP"...I've got 500 things to do today (that are from yesterday)

Ever Feel This Level of Frustration?

Here's a few of the challenges my Wilder Tribe shared with me recently...

"I come up with great ideas and plan the heck out of them but then when it comes to follow through I get side tracked with the next idea." Eileen Gillis

"Doing a lot of things and feeling like none of them are done properly." Jana Hotarkova

That was my life for real when I first became an entrepreneur; until I learned 3 super simple tips that freak-n changed my life.

Are You Desperately Trying to Find...

"Freedom, live life on my terms and help others achieve their dreams."

"I want to be a speaker and help other people become the people they want to be."

In order to get laser focused on your passion, and move past your frustration so you can see your dreams become a reality- you have to focus on being woosah, mindset, and all of that cool mindfulness goodness but,  you also have to focus on:

  • Time & Productivity
  • Organization
  • Automation

Becoming an Entrepreneur or Author is freak-n awesome!

I've said it time and time again. But, what sucks is not having enough time in the day to really enjoy doing what you love. Trying to balance your personal and professional brands can wreck havoc on your life...Unless you use these tips that I share with my clients.

The biggest time waster that distracts your focus is not being organized!

It keeps you from being productive. Regardless how organized you think you are; everyone can use a bit of help with this subject. First, analyze what stage you are in with your organization skills. Are you a well oiled machined that meets deadlines or a scatter brain and late on every single task? Honesty is the best policy

Something else I repeat like a parrot is to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help you with being the 3 Simple Steps. I know an awesome one Sandi Griffith (my personal VA and a Badass- just saying!). You can chat with her FOR FREE right now and gain clarity on how she can help you as an Entrepreneur or Author to boost your focus. Another super important nugget I want to share with you is....

The Foundation to Getting Laser Focused is Founded Upon Remembering Your Passion (Purpose).

Remember, why are you doing what you're doing...keep that in the forefront of your mind and use it as motivation to help you Kickass. I wrote a neat article on motivation recently that elaborates on the importance of motivation (3 Simple Tips to Motivate You to Kickass!)

If you’re an entrepreneur or author feeling crazy, lost, unproductive, overworked and don't feel like your loving your business any more...

Chances are pretty good that you’re working waaaayyyy too many hours. Working waaaayyyy too hard; earning less than you’re worth; and frankly, more than a little fed up with the whole self-employment thing.

But with the right coach, and a step-by-step plan to follow, even the most overwhelmed entrepreneur or author can effectively conquer time, productivity, automation and organization with ease.

Below are some super simple-to-follow actionable steps you can use to create easy, repeatable processes that will get you laser focused, make your workday easier, increase your profits, and bring joy back to your business again.

For those of you that feel as if you're working on a lot of projects, but still feel as if none of them are done correctly- step #1 is especially for you.  But, that that step equally works amazing for those of you that have no problem coming up with ideas, need a bit of help with organizing those ideas, get distracted/sidetracked or have trouble following thru with tasks. You can learn more about Time and Productivity from a Facebook Livestream I Taught Recently: 2 Ways to Manage Time & Productivity.

Tip 1: Time & Productivity

At the beginning of each week identify how you will use your time and become productive to attain your wilder success. It all begins with choosing whether you will focus on your work or home projects; you can't do both and be effective. You must segment your time to focus on one at a time.

Next, organize your tasks and focus on what's really important first. Equally as important is to develop a Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneur Mindset; build solid routines and foundations to eat healthy, gain restful sleep, have fun and enjoy your ME Time. Those steps prepare you for the next step which is to chop Block and Tackle (break down & set goals) your crazy ass to-do list. This allows you to focus on Batching Your Work so you can work on like items at the same time to keep your momentum flowing.

The most important part in this first step to keep you focused is to learn how to use Automation to make your work load easier. It helps you to have enough solid time to focus on your true passion and giving valuable content to your clients/readers.

Tip 2: Organization

Another important step to gaining focus is to be able to actually work in your workspace. And you can only do that if you are well organized. Set aside one day a week to clean your office and organize your supplies. Schedule 30 mins-1 hour of wilder creativity time to generate new ideas.

Next, clean your work station and to keep your computer area clear and free from distractions. This sets up the solid foundation for creating and maintaining an organized office. Try using organization boxes i.e. physical and virtual. Be creative with all your available space by using shelving units.  Organize your documents using color codes, catchy names, etc.

Tip 3: Automation

Safeguard Your Business -Before you can effectively up-level the business, you need to be sure you have a solid plan in place to protect your assets. That way, in case of emergency, the business will continue to run, and you will continue to make money.

Market Your Systems- With a solid business foundation and plans for growth and expansion in place, it’s time to start increasing your efficiency and profitability. Both of these objectives will improve with the addition of consistency and automation, as outlined in this section.

Automate Your Funnels- Your sales funnels are the most important part of your business, and  you need to have a clear idea of how effective (or not) they are. Also, you need to identify where your mailing list leads are coming from, or how much the acquisition is costing you and what each new lead is worth. Those numbers are critical for your continued growth. This section will help you determine where you are succeeding, where you need to make changes, and how you can systemize and automate your client acquisition process.

Create Customer Support Systems- Customer service is a necessary part of every business. Your clients are the reason you're in business, and serving them is your passion in life. I want you to be sure you're giving them the support and service they need to be successful. So your goal is to have several automated pieces in place; including helpful pages that covers most common customer questions.

Kickass with Team Ideas- Give you Team direction on how to list ideas and strategies for creating products and services your ideal client will love (and buy).

Which Strategy Do You Feel Will Be Most Helpful to You?

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