Issue #51: How to Use Your Biz Fear to Find New Leads

How to Use Your Biz Fear to Find New Leads

Hey sis Gwendolen here🤩I was thinking about something recently, "Why is figuring out why you're not making sales in your biz is scary as heck?!" Probably because you have to simultaneously convince not only people that don't know you but, people that are currently following you, your family and yourself that you will recover from your epic biz fail and start making some sales-FAST. Like I said scary as heck. No wonder ladies are walking around feeling heartbroken about their businesses. So how do you create a biz plan that will help you quickly and successfully start attracting new fresh leads and motivate your existing audience? The answer is simple....

"Get Them to Say Yes"!

Now before you start virtually yelling at me, "Gurl if I knew how to do that I wouldn't be reading this article"; please hear me out. 🤣 One day during one of our must-have weekly goal planning meetups (SIDE NOTE: traditional in office, zoom accountability meetings are old school...goal planning spa days with Blue Hawaii and Mimosas are how Six-Figure Boss Babes crush goals)  🥂

I was with my long time good friend, girlfriend of the century and #1 Biz Bestie, Juju Rafii, Founder of Empowered Boss Babes the Queen of Networking and a true Badass Female Entrepreneur within her own right. We've been meeting up together like this for years since we first met back in 2017; regardless of distance or sickness. During our recent sesh, Juju asked me, "Gurl, I've must of heard you tell the story of how you won that $5M contract like a thousand times but, I've always wanted to ask you..How did you do it?; So, I started to tell her the story again and she was like, "Gurl NO....How Did You Realllly Get It; what was the real first step you took"?!

And that got me thinking. So, I took another sip of my Blue Hawaii and asked my self that very question- How did I get people to say yes to my offers . So, I decided to take time to reverse engineer the HOW i.e. how did I land a $5M Joint Venture Contract within 6 months of starting my first biz, How did I made $1M in revenue my first year in business, How did I get paid $1500/hr for guest speak and How did I get my first 2 private clients to pay me $5K/month; all without a course, website or social media.

For those readers new to my blog WELCOME SIS🥰

A little about me, you can call me Gwendolen, hey you , sis, sistagurl, biz bestie or whatever as long as you say Hi😀 I’m a Christian, mom, Ret USAF, lover of cheesecake, jalapeños and I live in San Antonio Texas (USA). In my chillax mode, you’ll find me volunteering, walking, journaling and my fav activity…painting.

In the biz world, I’m a Certified Business Strategist, Published Author and for the past 5 years, founder of the 1.2K+ International Impossible to Possible Women sistahood empowering struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs to tell their biz fears (obstacles) to KICK ROCKS using my signature coaching programs in branding, marketing and sales -empowering them so they can become more self-confident and financially independent. 

My sistahood is comprised of private clients, membership club sistas, Facebook chicas and I truly love and appreciate each and every one of these beautiful women! Working together, my ladies can successfully understand their #1 biz fear and identify which success strategy will boost their social media engagement, increase email list building and help them make more sales. When we meet weekly for our online Sista Chats inside our FREE Private Facebook Group(I like to think of it as if we're meeting for coffee on my patio) I come ready to help them face biz fears such as:  

  • "I wont be successful with ...".
  • "...Maybe I don't have what it takes to be successful",
  • "...Not making enough and have to keep working full time for other people".
  • "What time of day is the best time to post on social media..."
  • "...What's the quickest and best way to grow a FB group"
  • "...I am having challenges getting leads...although I am doing all the things. What could be missing"

During my research I asked myself the question, "HOW"? How did I find these amazing beautiful sistas so I could empower them in the first place. This is the first time I've literally analyzed every major biz success I've ever achieved over the past 14 years. I was able to identify the common theme and step-by-step strategies I used which led to my continuous success year after year. And here's the answers to what I found....


What I realized was...

Every single time a huge success happened in my business it was because I was able to identify my biz fear (obstacles), a success strategy to move past it and a way to wrap it up into a pretty sweet effective game-changer offer. This is how I made sales, bounce back from low sales month and continue to make sales in my business- and it was reassuring because, this is exactly what I teach ladies inside my community about how to get leads to say yes to their offers.,,,and I'd feel pretty stupid if the results were something different lol. Here's a quick snap shot of how it all goes down...

#1 Face the Fear Together

To find out why you're not making sales in your business grab yourself a biz bestie (shameless plug: I'm available sis lol) to help you identify your peace stealer; what’s stealing your peace and making you feel like a failure. Next, identify your Biz Fear category; which area does your peace stealer most likely fall under. This is what you need to know before you can figure out what success strategy to use.

Inside our Impossible to Possible Women sistahood I educate ladies about the 7 main biz fears we face as female entrepreneurs (money, mindset, sales, systems, support, visibility and lifestyle). The crazy prat is we can experience one or more of these at any time during our Girls Trip to Success; regardless if you've been in business 1 month or 15 years.

The biggest mistake I see Boss Babes make is assuming their Peace Stealer i.e. I'm afraid to do FB Lives the reason they are not making sales. That's wrong. Identifying "Why" this peace stealer is happening is how to identify the biz fear category. These are the first two steps of how to move past your biz fear and gets you closer to making sales in your business. How this looks:

  • Peace Stealer: I'm so scared and feel like I can't breathe when I think of doing FB Lives
  • Biz Fear Categories: Visibility and Lifestyle
  • Biz Fear Analaysis: I'm afraid to do FB Lives because people might see my hair is falling out in chunks, judge me and I'll finally have to share publicly that I'm battling breast cancer.

Another common mistake I hear from female entrepreneurs is thinking a biz fear is something that can only be bad. That's wrong too. Sometimes my successes were connected to a good biz fear; sounds crazy I know. For instance, in my first business venture I had a secretary, 5 department managers and 187 staff members working for my company to ensure everything ran smoothly. But, when I closed that first business and re-branded myself years later as a Certified Business Strategist, I received in about two weeks 700+ requests from people and it was all so overwhelming #lifestylebizfear #supportbizfear. It was everything from wanting to join my communities, memberships, private coaching, guest speak, interviews, and beyond. I had no idea how to handle all of the success that was coming at me so fast. And I've also had amazing successes which were connected to some bad biz fears too. For example, becoming a Best-Selling Co-Author of a book featured on CNN. That never would've occurred if I hadn't published my first book discussing my experiences with domestic violence, sexual assault and workplace bullying. You can read all about those and more of my successes by visiting my >>website here>>.

 #2 Turn Your Biz Fear into a Positive Profitable Biz Opportunity

Now that you know what your Peace Stealer and Biz Fear are; next, clarify which Success Strategy will successfully help you move past your biz fear the fastest. 

Inside our Girls Trip to Success coaching program, I use 5 signature strategies based on confidence, brand story marketing, client attraction and Facebook to guide ladies along their entrepreneurial journey so they can move past their biz fears. Ladies learn things like how to create Facebook success using my signature "Everything Strategy" based off the new Facebook Tagging feature that released May 2022- my strategy helps ladies boosts social media engagement, increases email lists and leads to more sales. 

I help ladies further inside our members club by diving deep into our signature program, The WILDER Success strategy, which helps you start a business by understanding how to Work a Wilder Plan, Identify Your Audience, Learn Automation, Design Kickass Containers, Energize Your Audience, and understand how to audit your biz with Reviews, Revisions and Repeating what works to help you continue to scale your business. How this looks:

  • Peace Stealer: I'm so scared and feel like I can't breathe when I think of doing FB Lives
  • Biz Fear Categories: Visibility and Lifestyle
  • Biz Fear Analysis: I'm afraid to do FB Lives because people might see my hair is falling out in chunks, judge me and I'll finally have to share publicly that I'm battling breast cancer.
  • WILDER Success Strategy: Create goals using this strategy so you can create an offer based off the biz fear

#3 It's OK to Tell Your Story

The last part is what I call the fun part. Now that you know what steals your peace, why, how to move past it and turn it into an it's time to use your brand story to share your offer with your target audience (I call this Wilder Storytelling). If you don't listen to anything else I say, listen to this part...sharing your brand story is the absolute #1 marketing secret to attract a wider audience. When I combine my branding strategy along with my signature V2 client attraction strategy based on Marketing and Sales- the results are BOOM, BAM, WOAH #wildersuccess #goalsachieved #moresales just ask the ladies inside my sistahood or check out the testimonials on my website, members page or ask my Facebook group members. 

But, a common faux paux I see female entrepreneurs making is thinking their brand story is boring, not traumatic enough or thinking nothing good can come from their biz fear. That's ALL wrong. Turning your biz fear into an offer is vital to making passive and recurring income. This happens when you understand how to use an authentic brand story across all your platforms; instead of being a sales shark. This is the process I refer to as tossing every paid link you have (and the kitchen sink) at a new lead trying to get them to buy. Selling to cold leads before building a personable relationship with your audience is the fastest way to crush your credibility, visibility and soul.

As an expert on brand stories; I've found that sharing an effective brand story consists of you knowing 3 key things: how to write, tell and sell your brand story in a way that feels right to you and not sleazy to your audience. Here's the insider secret to crafting a juicy must read brand story: Know Your Clients Story. I love sharing my brand story and hearing ladies say things like...

"Dang, if she can do this biz thang after growing up as a poor country farm girl, starting her biz with $100, experiencing what you she did, impact the world helping others as she does and make sales without crazy hard selling...I think I can do it too." 

 How this looks:

  • Peace Stealer: I'm so scared and feel like I can't breathe when I think of doing FB Lives
  • Biz Fear Categories: Visibility (fear of visible judgment) and Lifestyle (something in life changes)
  • Biz Fear Analysis: I'm afraid to do FB Lives because people might see my hair is falling out in chunks, judge me and I'll finally have to share publicly that I'm battling breast cancer.
  • WILDER Success Strategy: Create goals using this strategy so you can create an offer based off the biz fear
  • Wilder Storytelling: Create a brand story based on my biz fear sharing one of these 4 Wilder Storytelling principles awareness, prevention, intervention or motivation 


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