Issue #50: No More Biz Heartbreaks!

I almost called this the year of Heartbreaks 🥺 

Every December I like to assign a theme to the upcoming year of what I expect, want and will achieve. But this time, it was a little tougher. The past several years were ...ummmm, challenging to say the least for me ranging from divorce, navigating the newness of dating, suffering through relationship break-ups, death of loved ones, stopped in-person guest speaks and everything in between.
However, I didn't call 2022 the year of Heartbreaks. Instead, I themed this the year of LOVE because I wanted to receive and give more of it and so far so awesome! 
Talking to other biz sistas, I kind of feel like more love is something we all wanted to feel this year; not only as individuals but as female entrepreneurs as well. Especially after experiencing heartbreak after heartbreak in sales challenges as business owners ...during, after and even still today due to the pandemic and other unprecedented world events.

But, it doesn’t have to feel so alone during biz heartbreaks, because...

Something really important I learned while dating was, as much as I really wanted a relationship to work out...sometimes they just end in heartbreak. Whether it was my fault, his fault or not the fault of neither one of us. And guess what? I got through the heartbreak thanks to my faith, belief in myself and support from my besties. And you want to know something else I learned? I realized, it's OK to feel sad and heartbroken about missing the person, past experiences and the dream of what could've been (as long as I didn't stay stuck in that negative mindset). But probably the most vital thing I learned from my relationship break-ups was that....

Heartbreak is not just in relationships.

If you didn't meet that sales goal you wanted and secretly cried a little... IT'S OK SIS!
It's OK if you...
💞feel sad about your biz
💞didn't make the sale
💞missed a project deadline
💞can't figure it all out
💞ask for help!
Go ahead...cry, scream, eat that double scoop of ice cream but, continue to BELIEVE in yourself beautiful! This is how to tell your biz fears to KICK ROCKS! And know you will crush it sis!
Listen sis, just like my besties supported me through my break-up- there’s so many supportive sistas whose got your back and waiting to cheer you on from your biz heartbreak inside our Impossible to Possible Women sistahood. Inside our community, you can chat with other like-minded Boss Babes that are ready to give you feedback, freebies, trainings, network, collaborate and buy from you.
Whether you just started your business yesterday, been in business for 15 years, or are just thinking about beginning a side-hustle- there’s always going to be supportive, uplifting sistas smiling at ya and ready to CHEER YOU on as you share your offers, promote your biz and make the impossible possible!

So, my challenge sis, should you choose to accept it... 

Share our awesome sistahood on your social media pages (invite other ladies wanting to start or scale a business) and tell them you know a pretty neat community with other amazing ladies just like you inside- waiting to help them get past their biz fears so they can become more self-confident and successful in business...Let’s Face the Fear Together Sis! I’m here to empower you to tell your biz fear to KICK ROCKS and our sistahood believes in you too! 
Inside our sistahood, I'm honored to empower you with our paid members club and tons of freebies as well. Recently, I’ve created a brand new business success bundle that will help keep you from feeling heartbreaks in your biz… and it comes with some pretty sweet step-by-step sales boosting planners!
This means you'll have access to use the exact same planning, organization and sales framework I teach to my private clients and that I used to receive a $5M joint venture, $1200/hr guest speak, $10K in one month - and you get to use my frameworks as your very own to attract your ideal client faster -with ease and confidence. 🤩

I’m so excited about this! 

I know how hard it can be to set goals that attract your ideal client to your biz in a way that doesn't sound weird or feel salesy. So I got together with my awesome Impossible to Possible Women Team, Biz Bestie and we’ve created something pretty amazing that helps you skip the wonder the confusion of how to do this by yourself and instead hop right into having the framework of what to say (and how to use it as a template for your in-person sales pitch, write social media and email content to introduce your offers, or even use it inside your lead magnet!)...
It’s launching on Monday, May 30th and I've got some amazing bonuses just for the waitlist sistas- new content that not even my private clients or group coaching ladies have seen yet!
So, if this is something you’re interested in sis, click here and I’ll add you to right now to the waitlist to check it out when it drops! Until the new success bundle drops, here are a few empowering reminders that you will get through your biz heartbreak! I don't want you to miss out on this confidence boosters because you might not want to share your valuable email just yet- so here they are right now below (no link required)...
🤩 Enjoy, I can’t wait to share more with ya!

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