Issue #49: This is the Hottest 2022 Facebook Secret

Sis, can I share with you the Hottest 2022 FB Secret Happening Right Now?

It's really not a big surprise; it's Facebook Lives and I'm beyond super stoked to share with you sis ...HOW not only to Plan and Create your own high-converting Facebook Lives; BUT HOW to Promote your very own FB Live inside our 1.2K+ International Facebook full of actively engaging Female Entrepreneurs from various niches!!

Check this out sis...

Thousands of female entrepreneurs are out here using Facebook Livestreams; especially since the pandemic to sell their services, products and programs...the competition is fierce for a sista these days.

But the good news is, most of those newbies don't know how to accurately navigate Facebook; much less market or sell offers with Livestreams. So, I want to empower you sis on HOW to use this virtual juicy jewel to engage with my 1.2K+ international community and how to use FB Lives to attract a wider audience to your own FB groups so you can boost your email subscribers list and sell your offers.

This strategy that I'm about to share with you sis will be our little black book secret on how to crush your FB Lives in 2022. But, I can probably guess what you're thinking to yourself right now...

But, I feel like I'm about to have a stroke when I GO LIVE? 😱

Gurl, did I say this was a juicy jewel gold mine already? You Gotta Get In on This!! So, I'm gonna need for you to get over that biz fear of visibility just like I did; yep I was scared too at first.

So, inside secret sis...My first ever FB Live SUCKED! I didn't know how to use Facebook much less do a FB Live; so I was not 5 Mins late or 30 Mins late...I was 1 hour late to my first FB Live inside of another ladies FB Group...all because I didn't know HOW to do a FB Live. It was all of the bad things you could imagine; embarrassing, humiliating and it damaged my credibility a bit. 

But, I didn't give up and BA-BAM!! I taught myself what I needed to do...Did it...and here I am now years later teaching others and racking up sales weekly from my FB Lives #crushedit!!

Be like your awesome sis "Dr. Beth Stuart", Founder of Confident Fearless Women community where she helps ambitious women get comfortable on video. Beth is no stranger inside our sistahood, she recently did a fabulous FB Live inside our sisthood, "Overcoming Your Resistance to Doing FB Lives" ... Go check it out!!

I'm here with you sis

And will guide you through this biz fear of visibility so you can crush it! I'll teach you everything I know about FB descriptions, cover images, engagement posts, etc. Facebook is the #1 way to Reach more potential clients, Increase your visibility online, Promote your existing offers, Launch new offers, Establish rapport with your own community, Build that illusive Know-Like-Trust inside other's communities and hands down- FB Lives are the easiest and fastest way to scale your biz.

This is how I'm going to help you Crush Your Facebook Fear sis

There are several moving parts that you gotta get right to feel comfortable creating, using and making money when it comes to FB Lives. But sis, I promise that you'll sit back one day and laugh at how long it took you to do these. Facebook Lives are super easy, fun and can be extremely lucrative! 

Inside of  our FREE 1.2K+ female entrepreneur sistahood: Impossible to Possible Women, I recently did a FB Live on "How to Confidently Crush Facebook Lives to Attract Ideal Clients"...where I shared how I received 2k+ Views and made $1K+ with FB Lives.

In that video, I also talked about how FB Live success starts with looking at what you're doing right now, identifying the exact problem and knowing how to eliminate the common most mistakes female entrepreneurs make when facing this biz fear.

I even allowed you to steal my SIGNATURE Wilder Facebook Success Strategy in that video so you can become amazingly confident using FB lives, sharing your content, attracting your ideal client and finally start making money from your videos. 

But, I didn't stop there!


You know I love empowering you sis 

So, I decided to create this really neat opportunity for ladies to share their biz; but on Wonder Woman mode! I'm allowing ladies to GO LIVE + Post + Engage, etc. and do all the promo things they want inside our 1.2K+ sistahood "EVERYDAY".

And on top of that, for the ladies that feel terrified of having to GO LIVE, feel like they are about to have a stroke or have panic attacks whenever someone mentions Facebook Live ...I'm going to hook them up to with some must-have FB Live training:

I'm not only allowing ladies to GO LIVE but, I'm teaching them exactly HOW to create a livestream and use it to make money in their biz using a super quick 10 Day training with 10 Min videos, 2 LIVE Group Coaching Calls and a Private Facebook Group.

During the training, I will teach the ladies about Preparation: Setting goals and generating ideas for future FB Lives, Content Creation: Researching and creating topics, flow, content outline, and viewer engagement plans, Rollout: Setting dates and times, creating promotional content, and Livestreaming prep support, Follow up: Video editing, review of stats from the live event, and determining strategy around reposting it and everything in's going to be sooo much fun!!

Because I luv ya sis...

Here's a tasty treat...

This is a snack bite of what I share with sistas inside our 10 Mins to GO LIVE exclusive FB Live training...

In order to decide on topics and timelines for FB Lives, you have to have a sense of what you got on your plate in the coming month. This will help you  (and your VA if you have one) determine what to promote and when.

So the first thing you need to do is review your calendar and list out any significant upcoming events. Consider including not only biz variables such as product launches, live events, webinars, interviews, speaking gigs, announcements/news, and new blog content, etc. But, also think of things like surgeries, family gatherings, volunteer activities, weekend dates, school nights, etc.

Together, during the course we’ll review and prioritize this list to help you plan when would be the best time to GO LIVE.

Now you know I could talk forever about this as you can see, but if you want to know more come on inside our Impossible to Possible Women Facebook sistahood or hop inside our She Made it Possible "GO LIVE" speaker portal and let's crush those FB Lives sis! 

Thanks for taking the time to get to know our sistahood a bit more...

Hope to see ya soon sis,

💞 💞 💞

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