Issue #46: My Story: Poor Country Gurl to Biz Coach Success

My Story: Poor Country Gurl to Biz Coach Success.

What's happening sis, Gwendolen Wilder here and welcome to my international community for female entrepreneurs, "Impossible to Possible Women". 

I really wanted my first blog article of 2022 to be about the, "5 Ways Blogging Makes Me Money"  since I've had literally 200+ women sign-up to receive my new 2022 Blogging Content Plan and asking how they can attend my FREE FB Lives and Masterclasses about this topic....but, I said naaah not yet. Since, I re-branded my biz recently, I felt it was better to first introduce/re-introduce myself, what I'm all about, purpose of my community and how I empower women to balance their peace and purpose and tell their #1 biz fear to Kick here I go sis (oh and don't worry, the blogging article will drop next #pinkypromise).

My journey as a female entrepreneur started back in 2008, while I was working my 9 to 5 job as an Equal Opportunity|Alternate Dispute Resolution Installation Director for the United States Air Force (USAF). When I started my first biz as a Corporate Conflict Resolution Specialist, it was simply to fund a birthday trip to Disney World for my son. Because I couldn't afford to make happen, I began taking on independent contract jobs working from my spare bedroom with nothing more than a prayer, my Walmart laptop and covering some empty boxes with a bed sheet as a desk.

Despite dealing with the demands of my 9 to 5, a sexual assault that I'd experienced while in the military and a relationship riddled with domestic violence; within 6 months of starting my business- I was awarded a $5M joint venture government contract, made $1M in revenue my first year in business, hired 187 staff members and was named one of the fastest growing small businesses in San Antonio Texas, USA. 

When people ask me how did you become so successful; I say it's because of God's will, grit and childhood rearing by my grandparents. It was their detailed and stringent work ethic that taught me to stay determination. Growing up on a farm in the country, with no in-door plumbing and having to get up at 5 am to chop wood and feed the farm animals before going to school taught me  this....complaining and dreaming don't get the work done- working does. So, I worked.

Even though my business was excelling on the outside, I was struggling and feeling overwhelmed on the inside trying to hide the affects of the domestic violence and workplace violence I was experiencing, the affects of the sexual assault and not to mention my childhood abandonment issues and years of childhood molestation I hid from everyone since for ever. So, I decided to close my lucrative business after 8 successful years and left my abusive 8 year relationship so I could start some self-healing, abuse recovery, therapy and some much needed ME time. People thought I was bananas, but it was one of the best decisions I ever could've made in my life!

After several years away from entrepreneur everything, you'd most likely find me traveling and lounging by the pool with my fav glass of vino or a margarita. But, no matter where I traveled people would always ask me questions like: "How can you afford to hop around the world traveling for weeks at a time, How did you start your biz, How did you win the $5M contract, How did you leave your abusive relationship...?"

So, I published a book about my life experiences, professional endeavors, lessons learned and recommendations which turned into guest speaks which turned into me starting biz #2 as a Certified Business Strategist. Which at that time, I was empowering survivors of abuse to do what I did; leave abusive relationships and start their own business so they could re-build their self-confidence and gain financial was truly cathartic for me.

From there... everything literally changed overnight 

A lot of big business CEOs, city officials like Mayors, Universities, Television and Radio personalities began to take notice of what I was doing and paying me $1500/HR to do guest speaks, TV interviews, radio interviews, flying me around the world to do training for their staff, paying me $2K host events and more.


Fast forward to 2019.

After years of success and even more years of being single; I focused on a new budding relationship I thought was going to be, "The One"; however, it wasn't. After a whirlwind courtship and 6 months of marriage; I found myself married, inside another abusive relationship, loosing focus on my biz and filing for divorce; all within the same year. But, something good came from it. I got to combine my two favorite things together; my faith and volunteering when we feed 300+ homeless people in Corpus Christi and San Antonio Texas. That volunteer opportunities allowed me to share local domestic violence shelters with homeless women; like the one I used during my big Domestic Violence battle, Family Violence Prevention ServicesNot to mention, that second marriage really taught me a lot about balancing self-worth, work and home life. As I've always said, "Gotta find the positive in everything!"

And then the pandemic and friends died, racial injustice and you know; you were there living it too. So, I paused biz#2 to start taking my spiritual peace journey uber serious in strengthening my relationship with the Lord and get clear on what my purpose looked like in this next season of life. Again people thought I was bananas; but just like before it turned out awesome!

Now in 2022, I'm back BETTER than ever.... on top of being a Certified Business Strategist and Published Author, I'm a self-proclaimed Peace Expert that is loving my purpose of empowering struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs to tell their #1 biz fear to kick rocks using my signature coaching and spiritual peace journey so they can balance their peace and purpose to become more self-confident and financially independent; in other words... #LivingYourBestBlessedLife! When I started re-branding in December 2021, I thought for sure all my past clients and Followers (35K+) would've forgotten about me over since I was pretty non-existent on social media for 2+ years....NOPE. I did a soft launch and realized there were 1K+ Facebook Members anxiously waiting for me to start leading them to success (subscribe to my 2 awesome Facebook Groups) #loveyouladies!!

But let me tell ya sis, getting all my wins wasn't easy. 

Since I've started my spiritual peace journey back in 2019, I've literally been living in peace EVERY day since then; regardless of what has come my way even death of family members. But it wasn't always like that...

Usually my life went something like this:

Whenever a peace stealer (aka biz fear) would pop up in my life or biz; I'd freak out, shutdown and fall to my couch with a comfy blanket, glass of wine, curtains drown and tears flowing enjoying the saddest movie on Netflix with my imposter syndrom besties #guilt #shame #disappointment #embarrassment and a few others.

So, I literally did an analysis on my life and realized that I was one tough cookie. I also found that when I was most successful in business and the place I resided the most to re-gain my strength and resilience was when I was in the presence of God. This made me think and ask the questions, "Can God bring joy, peace and balance to my life; even when things are good or just when things are bad?" So, I leaned deeper into God and relied on him to guide me more; not just with business but, life decisions as well not wanting everything (and everyone-too include myself) to be perfect all the time. 

Well wouldn't you know it, God's plan is really the best plan of all!

During my spiritual peace journey, I prayed to God that I'd receive BETTER Love and someone to help keep me be accountable on my journey (because we all have those low self-confidence moments and need a boost 'even coaches'). So, I combined some of my top signature biz strategies together with God's promises to help me stay focused on what I wanted to learn, what I'd experience and how to apply it to my life and biz...WOAH!! #gamechanger. 

And before I go any further, on top of everything God has given me. Let me give God his glory right now for my new found gift of painting he gave me during the pandemic. This new found love of painting is what led to me hosting my first ever paint class which led to me getting serious about coaching again and led to me receiving new private clients, group coaching clients, joint venture partners, Facebook members, etc. #godisgood 

It's Basic Math

When you combine the 3 basic principles for our Impossible to Possible Women sistahood...

Strong Spiritual Foundation

+ Solid Business Strategies

+ Supportive Sistahood

= Blessed Beyond Boundaries! 

Here's the thing...

It's not that I don't have biz fears try to steal my peace, because I do. I always tell ladies, there are 7 Main Biz Fears we face as female entrepreneurs regardless of what phase we are in business (Money, Mindset, Sales, Systems, Support, Visibility and Lifestyle).

2 Reasons Why I Think the Principles Work

In the past, I relied on using one principle at a time and I never really took time to do the deep self-reflection I needed. Since starting my peace journey, I realized in order to balance my peace and purpose I had to use all 3 principles at the same time along with my Self-Reflection- not independently. I reminded myself that if God brought me through my fears; Something Good IS Coming From This!

So, I started applying my new frameworks to my life and biz and it's been nothing but amazing with an abundance of increase, more prepared when peace stealers of low self-esteem, low self-worth, low self-doubt pop-up...more ready to tell them to Kick Rocks! I now know how to instantly shift to gratitude, self-love for myself (and my biz) and generate spiritual and monetary success like never before.

So summary, here's why this works:

  • Self-reflection, learning to love myself more
  • Spiritual Peace Journey, to remind myself Something Good IS Coming From This
  • Branding, strategically identified what needed to change with my brand
  • Biz Bestie, I kept my journey between myself, God, my trusted biz bestie (1) and my closest girlfriends (3). Not until I felt I was ready, did I announce my plans and started broadcasting the implementation

I Found What Works for My Brand Success... Can Work For You Too...

Telling my story has always worked for me and my brand. And when I share my strategies with my clients; it works for them too. So, I stick with what works. It takes work, strategy and God to share details of my life like I do in a way that some say, "You share your story so effortlessly". Once I realized that storytelling was my superpower, zone of genius, God given gift or whatever you want to call it....I capitalized on it and now get paid to literally do what I love...telling my story in person as well as online using my fav social media platforms and teaching other beautiful Boss Babes to do the same. And now I have the amazing pleasure of teaching other ladies how to do the same- How to showcase their brand story using Blogs, FB Lives, Email Marketing, etc.

So What's Up These Days and What's Ahead...

At the time I'm writing this Blog, I'm STILL living in peace daily despite crazy hot ass mess that may come at me in life or biz. And I'm literally, living my best blessed life. Yea, I got all the cool treats of the world like I built a new home, bought a new car, enjoying dating again, receiving hundreds of leads daily into my biz getting paid stupid money to do what I love, etc.

BUT BETTER than all that...

God continues to bless me with amazing gifts that surprises me and wakes me up each day to fulfill a purpose I truly love and enjoy -working with awesome beautiful female entrepreneurs like you everyday...I mean seriously, what's better than that!

How I'm Fulfilling My Biz Purpose...

Before I share that let me share a secret, when I started my first biz; I didn't have a website, social media, degree, a biz plan, mentor, support, guidance or anything. Bet you didn't know that! That's why my biz purpose is to empower struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs with the necessary foundation, tools and support they want and need to move past their #1 biz fear- because when you can do that you can Make All Things Possible!

Like I shared before as female entrepreneurs, we face the same 7 biz fears but at different times and sometimes more than one at a time. This is why I love teaching ladies what I know. I never coach anything I don't know or haven't overcome myself. And if it's something pertinent to scale your biz; this is why I bring my biz partners to help you #stayinyourlane #shemadeitpossible #guestspeak

This is how I accomplish purpose as YOUR Certified Business Strategist:

  • 1 Audience: Female Entrepreneurs
  • 3 Services: Consulting, Coaching and Joint Ventures
  • 1 International Online Community: Impossible to Possible Women
  • 2 Coaching Suits: Business and Spiritual
  • 2 Facebook Groups: Business and Spiritual 
  • 1 Outreach Program: Volunteering, Donation to Domestic Violence Shelters
  • 1 Members Club: Monthly Coaching + Guest Speakers + Resources
  • 3 Principles: Spiritual Foundation + Business Coaching + Sistahood
  • 1 Faith: Christian, sermons shared from my home church Elevation Church

Last Thing....My Promise and Thank you!

If you made it this far, I appreciate the time you took to read this and deeply value every one of you ladies inside our sistahood. And don't forget to check out all of our FREEBIES to help you right now start to tell your biz fears KICK ROCKS!

l will always place God first in guiding me on how to lead you, continue to learn new ways to showcase our expertise, share it with you and introduce you to all the right people that are worthy of your business - this is my promise to you. 

I will always be here for you as your biz coach but moreover, here to pray with and for you during good/bad times as your spiritual sista- this is my promise to you.

I will always provide you with a safe space where you can chat about business, pray about your challenges, laugh together about what we paint, and share tips on how to balance our peace and purpose- this is my promise to you.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a bit more.

And now, I will share a quick prayer over you and your business that God blesses you, keeps you, shines his face upon you and is gracious to you in Jesus name Amen.

Hope to see ya soon sis,

💞 💞 💞

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