Issue #45: Allie MacKenzie, She Made it Possible


When it came time to announce I was re-launching our SHE MADE IT POSSIBLE speaker/feature platform this beautiful sista wasted no time positioning her biz for success...

Alli MacKenzie helps overwhelmed Moms have less stress and more joy by providing mentorship, community and energy healing modalities rooted in love, including Reiki Therapy, Reiki Training, and Akasha Readings.

I asked this awesome sista, what was the #1 reason she'd recommend women to join our sistahood and she replied, "It's encouraging, inspiring, and informative!" Allie indicated she appreciated the group's Spotlight Giveaway platform as it helped her with "finding the right people to get in front of."  

You can learn more about this awesome lady, her business, guest speak and special offers a bit further in this article 👇🏽

But before I share all the goodness about this wonderful speaker-You need a quick history lesson...

I initially launched the SHE MADE IT POSSIBLE speaker/feature platform in 2019 to feature outside guest speakers to help me support our awesome tribe of ladies.

Then 2020 happened  🤦🏽‍♀️

So, I decided to revise and relaunch the program in 2021 in a way that not only allowed me to chat about how our Impossible to Possible Women community supports you, but as a way to further empower the hardworking and super dedicated ladies inside our sistahood by featuring them as guest speakers and highlighting their businesses (#freemarketing).

If you're interested in being featured...

There are 3 ways to get featured and/or guest speak (#freemarketing) so you can boost your biz brand:

  • Abishai: We will feature you in our blog, social media and email marketing campaigns. 
  • One-Time: We will feature you in our blog, social media campaign, email marketing campaigns and you get to guest speak LIVE once inside our Facebook Group of 400+ female entrepreneurs.
  • Monthly: We will feature you in our blog, social media campaign, email marketing campaigns, you get to guest speak LIVE 5 times inside our Facebook Group and you get access to our private collection of masterclasses, challenges, planners and promotion portal to further promote your biz any day of the week.

You can >>click here to learn more about our SHE MADE IT POSSIBLE platform>> because right now, it is with my pleasure and without further wait that I introduce you to one of our awesome Impossible to Possible Women:

As a Mom Mentor & Spiritual Teacher with 8 years in the coaching industry,

Allie helps Moms all over the World shift from a place of overwhelm to unconditional love. Her spiritual practices hold space for inner soul work to unfold, to clear energetic blockages, uplift energy frequencies, and to activate healing within.

Alli has also been featured on bLU Talks stages, spoken at Harvard University, and a number of other influential speaking platforms. She’s recently written and published a beautiful children’s book titled, “Robbie the Robot Steals the Moon,” and she’s collaborated with 33 authors in the International Best Seller, “bLU talks presents: Business, Life & the Universe, Volume 1” Alli strongly believes in the power of Leading with Love and aspires to create a high vibrational ripple effect, radiating outward to touch the hearts of others.

I had a sista chat with our speaker and WOW...

I started with, where did the idea for your business come from?

An experience I refer to as my spiritual awakening!

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

I assist Moms in shifting from a place of overwhelm to unconditional love. After taking my sweet boy to dayhome, I return to my home office to conduct Distance Reiki therapy, Virtual Reiki training, Akasha readings, writing articles for an international magazine, and creating children's books.

How do you come up with your business concepts (ideas, offers)?

Often it's intuitive guidance and universal downloads.

What's one business trend that really excites you?

The newfound focus on intuition and it's ability to allow us to create.

Next, I turned the convo and asked this beautiful lady how does she accomplish peace-purpose and profits; which is the focus this year for Impossible to Possible Women sistahood. 

The art of Reiki! I practice daily.

What advice would you give your younger entrepreneur self?

Keep going. Those bumps in the road are teachers.

What's one valuable business tip/advice from "your" business that will help our readers.

Your vibe attracts your tribe. The energy you emit will attract those who are meant to work with you.

What will be the focus of your Impossible to Possible Women Guest Speak?

Motivation for Mompreneurs: 3 Ways to Uplift your vibe and shift your mind! An opportunity to highlight valuable tools to uplift and protect your energetic vibration. Learn how to shift your mindset and anchor-in new thought patterns. Strategies to assist you in accessing your potential. Resources to help Mompreneurs manage the many hats they wear. Encouragement to follow your passion and embrace the uncertainties of life.

Learn more about this Impossible to Possible Woman:

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