Issue #44: 3 Ways to Leave Failure Behind! (Take a Girls Trip)

As you're looking at your non-existent bank account with $3.00; you're probably questioning yourself for the one-millionth time -why you became a female entrepreneur. I understand exactly what you're saying when you question...
"Why is that person getting all the leads, clients and making better money than me, I'm not good enough to be in business, I'm not tech savvy enough to use social media, etc."

I Get it Sista, But Know This... 


I want to explain to you why it's imperative for me to share this perspective about failing. I prayed to God on Saturday to help me figure out the next steps of how to empower women in a massive way that will help them believe in their business more confidently, invest in themselves more and see faster results. 
The next day Sunday, my scripture reading for that day was Judges chapter 6 which is all about faith, failing and succeeding. Then that morning, as I prepared to listen to the Sunday morning Elevation Church sermon... the scripture and basis for Pastor Holly Furtick's sermon was guess what...Judges 6 and her title was, "I Don't Think I'm Ready for This". So, I was like OK God message received.
It was powerful and gave me direction as to what I needed to do next to empower the ladies inside my community (plus inspired me to kickass past my own fears!) So, it was settled! I knew the purpose of what I learned, what I needed to share and how to share it with my dedicated struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs.

Get Comfy, This is Gonna Be a Long Article 

It's absolutely normal and expected to feel like a failure (say hello to imposter syndrome) as you're facing something new. You know, that feeling of I don't know what or how to do something, I'm too embarrassed to ask for help because I don't want to hear, or when you hear someone tell you "I told you not to waste your time and money into that crazy idea".

Quick Answer to Overcome Fear of Failing

Understand the fear will come; no way around it girlfriend sorry. Years ago, I took a long look at my success and reversed engineered the success I experienced in both businesses, from my clients and mentors. And what I realized is that no matter how successful we are; ALL female entrepreneurs at sometime during our entrepreneurial journey face one or more of these 7 main fears (sometimes at the same time): Money, Mindset, Sales, Systems, Support, Visibility or Lifestyle. 

5 Ways to Tell Your Biz Fear KICK ROCKS!!

  • Recognize You're Experiencing Failure 
  • Identify the Fear Category
  • Identify Wilder Success Strategy to kickass past fear
  • Know It's OK to Tell Your Story
  • Turn Your Fear into a Positive Profitable Biz Opportunity 

It's OK to Cry Sista 

Sometimes we just gotta put on those comfy PJs, grab that cozy blanket, put on those uber soft socks, light a candle, pour that BIG glass of wine and just do that ugly cry when we aren't winning like we thought we would (I know it's not just me).
After I do that ugly cry, I remind myself that God hears my cries. But more importantly, he'd want me to take action to get out of this negative mindset "FAST". And I have a little weird but, totally works way to make this happen. This may sound coo-coo for coco puffs but, I like to think of Imposter Syndrome (IS) as a real person. "IS" would be her legal name, "Failure" would be her street and her "Visits" I see as individual issues i.e. doubt, rejection, etc.
IS and I, we've had this crazy friendship for many years; you know the kind of relationship when you can't remember when you first met; it's just been there for as long as you can remember. But you know when you think of her, she's that one girlfriend that you rarely see and pops up at the most inopportune time ready to hang out....especially, when you're ready to start your "Girls Trip to Success".

When I See This Crazy Gurl Pop-up I Do This...

...with her bag packed full of worry, doubt, low self-confidence, embarrassment and everything else....

I open my bag of Impossible to Possible Women principles to help me kickass past the fears:
  • #1: Spiritual Foundation (Trust a strong source)
  • #2: Business Strategies (Rely on solid practices)
  • #3: Supportive Sistahood (Surround myself)

Let's Start Our Girls Trip to Success Sista 🤩

Principle #1: Spiritual Foundation

It is imperative to have something bigger than you to believe in when those around you don't i.e. God, Universe, etc. I'm a proud Christian and I believe that God has given each of us a skill or talent that is unique to just each of us to fulfill a purpose; that only we can do.
Think about it, there's 8 billion business coaches out there...but, why do I have such success as a business coach? It's because I'm humbly working in my aligned purpose to fulfill God's greater purpose. I don't believe that we wake up every day to do nothing; I found out last year that even being retired had a purpose. I don't know about you, but I get so freak-n excited everyday I realize I'm living another day and can't way to fulfill my purpose!!
How do I use this principle to feel like a success?
Anytime I feel like a failure, I remind myself of this short buy powerful gratitude prayer I learned from Pastor Holly: "Thank you God for giving me the strength to do the things you called me to do!"
I also listen to what I refer to as my "Entrepreneur Theme Song" Gurl don't tell me you don't have one. Every sassy Boss Babe needs a song that sparks that inner smile and creativity. For me it's, "Blessings on Blessings (The B.O.B. Bounce) Remix. Listening to that song "immediately" propels me to succeed more. I listen to it everyday and if I ever start to have that creepy crazy failure chic pop her head up, I repeat this part of the song (it works for me!!):
"...Look out there's grace and mercy, and it's chasing me, It's so crazy how blessed I am, it makes want to drop a tear, there's only one way to explain it, God wanted me here! All my blessings they come from you, all these blessings they come from you, all my blessings they come from you, I give praises where praise is due, it's so crazy how blessed I am, it's so crazy how blessed I am, it's so crazy how blessed I am, I give praises where praises are due..."
This is my ultimate mindset hack. Sometimes to make it fun, I replace grace and mercy with what I'm expecting to succeed with in my business i.e. "Look out there's paid clients and media opportunities and they're chasing me" 🤣

Principle #2 Business Strategies

Also, when that skanky failure chic pops her weird butt up unannounced; Remember you have control over this crazy friendship and those unexpected visits. Treat each visit of rejection, marketing, lack of knowledge, not making enough, no time, I can't do this or whatever she packed - as a separate visit. Get strategic. You can only focus on one issue at a time; so prioritize and choose the one that you feel most comfortable to deal with in this moment. And let me clue you in on a little SECRET: you'll never be ready to unpack this crap at the right time...but you can do this sista!!
4 ways I tell my biz fear to KICK ROCKS- Strategically:
  1.  Don't Hide From Your Fear! I refer you back to Principle #1 Spiritual Foundation; you have a talent and purpose. When you fail at something, I don't see it as a total fail but, more another step to success we have to take. I want you to let go of any negative fears (scarcity mindset) and replace it with a positive abundance mindset. Remember, failure has one of three reasons to exist; to teach you, others or both. Take Confident Action! Use the "4 Ways to Kickass Past Fear" mentioned earlier. [BIZ BESTIE TIP: Learn How to Tell Your Story Confidently]
  2. Use the OverFlow! I refer you back to Principle #2 Business Strategies; you must prepare to face each failure differently. Failure is not one giant fear that has one GIANT remedy. Remember I told you there's 7 Top fears we face as female entrepreneurs; so thus, there will be different business strategies each including various systems and processes to kickass past each fear category. Stop Making Excuses! You have the professional, personal experience and blessed called purpose to do what you do- SO JUST DO IT! Use your Impossible to Possible Woman attitude of abundance! Set, prioritize and use SMART Goals to help you take small steps to success. Have faith the strategies will work, stay focused on your purpose (mission/vision) and remind yourself of how far you've come.
  3. Be Patient with Yourself! Be kind, but be 100% honest with yourself as well. Embrace what is happening to you, your biz and how it affects your working, living and social environments. Tackling any type of fear takes courage, strength and confidence (which you have sista)'s just you're a bit low on right now. So Reach Out! Get into a supportive sistahood, find a biz bestie for accountability and definitely hire a business coach who cares about you, your success and not just making money. [Check out Sista Chat Livestream where I shared some tips on how to Get Past the Fear of Failure]
  4. Celebrate Your Wins! Take a look back at how far you've come sista. Seriously, get that journal and list them out. YOU ARE WINNING!! Every time you tell your biz fear to KICK ROCKS you are succeeding in this biz game. Share Your Wins with your family, friends, clients and all over social media. That does three things... first, it boost your confidence when others celebrate with you, Second, it helps to build you credibility and Third, it helps to attract more clients to your brand. 

Incase You Skipped to the Bottom First for the Cliff Notes 

I just finished sharing two of our Impossible to Possible Women founding principles- which I use and encourage my ladies to use to tell your biz fear of failure- KICK ROCKS. So, here's the final principle:

Principle #3: Supportive Sistahood

Facing the fear of failure is scary as heck! But you have exactly everything you need to kickass past the fear. You won't be able to do it alone sista and you'll need help from someone that's already moved past the fear you face. 

Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs (especially women groups) that are doing what you're doing (but better, more successfully) so you can learn more and constantly be empowered to move forward.

Sista, you have a powerful purpose in this life and amazing talents to create awesome products, programs and services. The problem is simple, you just can't see the forest for the fears right now-that's all.

No matter what your purpose is; business coach, nail tech, meal prep chef, fitness expert, pizzeria owner or whatever it is that you do- believe in yourself and know you have an awesome offer! An irresistible offer that people want and need.

But the catch to this is, you gotta figure out how to identify your fears, kickass past your biz fears and Face the Fear Together so you can attract your ideal client to your brand.

That's why it's time to take a GIRLS TRIP TO SUCCESS - a combination of storytelling, abundance shift and proven business strategies to remind you of the Impossible to Possible Woman you are so you can create, tell and sell your offers with confidence. No limit on what you can make possible.

In other words, you need to Turn Your Fear into a Positive Profitable Opportunity.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a bit more...

And don't you worry sis, I'll be with you EVERY step of the way! I'll show you exactly how to tell your biz fear of failing to KICK ROCKS in our FREE Masterclass: "Girls Trip to Success"

Hope to see ya soon sis,

💞 💞 💞

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