Issue #42: Do Something Dumb for Your Biz

As female entrepreneurs, we have to make the decision EVERYDAY to become Impossible to Possible Women.

  • When to do this or that,
  • How to do this or that,
  • Who will do this or that...

But, if you make this ONE decision that some people would consider dumb; you will attract abundance to your brand!


This is the thing that some people think is really dumb to do. But that's because they don't have the confidence and strategy to do it. Decide to kickass past this biz fear by telling your story about your failures; even though you don't know what the outcome will be.

I want to share with you the #1 marketing secret you MUST be using in 2021 so you can start attracting more clients to your brand!

This is EXACTLY what I used to go from 0 Facebook Live Views to hosting a 45 Min Live that resulted in 1.4K views + New Group Members + Paid ClientsšŸŽ¤

And all I did was share my story ($0 Adspend!) >>click here>>

I believe that each of us has a unique God given talent (in the biz world we refer to it as our Unique Selling Position "USP"). I don't believe he would give us the joy, passion and skills and not want us to use them to help others.

I also believe God choose each of us independently for our specific purposes because he knew- we'd be able to to withstand the tough struggles and understand how to kickass past the feelings of being overwhelmed...

But more importantly, he knew we as female entrepreneurs would know how to bring up other ladies to Face the Fear Together by sharing our stories of failure and how we overcame it.

How Do You Make Your Failure Story Relevant?

I share with ladies inside our Impossible to Possible Women membership how to keep your story fresh and authentic across radically different platforms and audiences, 4 different platforms – and how to tell your story for maximum effectiveness on each, why you need to start your story at different points on each specific platform type – and why doing this really works, how to have confidence in your story – no matter where or how you tell it and how to make your story vibrant and meaningful to yourself when you feel like you’ve told it a thousand times.

Use Your Story to Attract Clients (and get paid)

People ask me all the time...

"OK gurl, how do you do it? How do you tell your story that's so traumatic- so well in a way that attracts people to you, but also gets them to buy from you?"

And I tell them, sharing any part of my story is not easy for me. But I pray for wisdom from God on what to create, tell and sell. After I pray I use these steps, which is what I share in greater detail with the ladies inside our FREE 3 Day Challenge where I chat about why I always say, "It's OK to Tell My Story!"

Once you know the story you need to tell, then focus intently on connecting the story to the following: (this is how you get people to signup for offers)

  1. Identify who you are as a female entrepreneur (purpose, goals, etc.)
  2. Know who your clients are (know your client language)
  3. Be consistent (refresh your content to attract more peeps)
  4. Be authentically you (share your failures, embrace transparency)
  5. Use wilder images (plan how you will use images to boost your brand)

Why is this the #1 Marketing Secret?

If you don't remember anything else from this article remember this: It's OK to Tell My Story! Some people in the world may view it as being too transparent (needy) to share portions of your life. I'm a living walking successful testimony of how telling your story can and WILL lead to abundance as a female entrepreneur. 

I had no idea back in 2008 when I decided to share the struggles of how I wanted to start a business to fund a my son's birthday trip to Disney World would lead to multitudes of success ranging from being awarded a $5M joint venture contract, $1M in annual revenue my first year in business, hiring 180+ staff, publishing a book, co-authoring a best seller, getting paid $12K from guest speaks, $10K from private clients, building a home, buying cars, traveling and bunch of other neat stuff.

Obviously, over the course of growth as a Badass Boss Babe; I've perfected the art of telling my story...but more over, I perfected the WHY I must tell my story to attract more of my ideal clients. Inside our FREE 3 DAY CHALLENGE I chat with the ladies about HOW to figure out why you do what you do – and why getting this right is vital to your story and why your real story will rivet your ideal client when it feels so personal to you. I do this because I want female entrepreneurs to know there is a crazy absurdly easy way to identify your real “why” – and how to make it relate, determining your “story question” – and purpose (and getting this right) and the simple secret to creating an instant, trust-cementing bond with your ideal client.

But Why Share Failures and Not Wins?

When you use our Wilder Storytelling method, you are sharing wins as a subset to sharing your failures. The key to sharing your failure in a story as your marketing strategy is simple.... You must share it WITHOUT thinking about what naysayers (haters) will think.

Also, ensure when you share your story that it has a purpose and know when to add a sell to the story. After all, we are in the business of building our banks/ doesn't make sense to share your story unless it will be lucrative. [And note, you can make money from sharing your story for free].

How Storytelling Builds Your Bank

Whenever I share my story, I ensure it meets one of following four intentional purposes. But, I don't sell with each of these stories (I only sell on 3 of these stories). I explain more about why and when to sell with your story inside our Wilder Storytelling Mastermind:

  • Awareness (Education about domestic violence and entrepreneurship)
  • Prevention (How to avoid mishaps as a survivor or female entrepreneur)
  • Intervention (What steps to take to kickass past a fear)
  • Motivation (Inspiration to empower them to keep going "like this blog")

 Be Confident Telling Your Story Sista!

Remember, God choose you for your purpose because he knew you'd do something crazy in your life like take a chance to become an entrepreneur, ask for forgiveness during the days you felt like giving up, grow from the days you pushed through and help others learn from the mistakes you experienced.

You Can Do This Sista!

And that's why inside our FREE 3 DAY CHALLENGE, I empower you to remember "You Got This Sista!" when I share HOW you can learn the 3 simple but powerful strategies for connecting with your ideal client right from the start, the magic ingredient you need to have in order for your story to resonate, the one extra ingredient you HAVE to include if you want people to step up and a buy and your marketing plan, with a finished story in your hand that reaches your ideal client.

This is Your Purpose!

Do you know why telling your story as a marketing tool is so effective? It allows you to reach a wider audience because it doesn't feel like typical selling; it's more like a chat between friends.

I try my best inside our FREE 3 DAY CHALLENGE to show ladies HOW to pull your story out of yourself, when you don’t know which parts are important, which “why” is the one to choose, when you find yourself with several answers, 6 questions to ask yourself and why answering them is so important, your own deepest “why” – the pivotal moment or choice that shaped the most authentic you – and why it matters and which parts to leave out and which to include.

But no matter what, I always fall back on my original foundations for telling my story ...that I used way back when in 2008:

  1. Tell YOUR Story Authentically. Don't try to tell your story in a way that someone else tells their story! You can use similar strategies, but it must be your story - your way.
  2. Tell the Right Story. Know when to tell what portion of your story to what audience. Break it down into 3 manageable ready to tell (sell) versions you keep on the ready. You can't share the same story to different audiences and expect it to sell-not gonna happen.
  3. Believe in Your Story. Believe that if God brought you through it he will use it to help you live your best blessed life!
  4. Make Your declaration today.... "It's OK to Tell My Story!" 

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