Issue #40: 3 Ways to Attract Clients (Just like 6 Figure Boss Babes)

How can the 6 Figure Boss Babe effect help you attract more clients and get you more money in your bank account?

Let me explain.

At the beginning of December last year, I started looking to see if Marie Forleo, and Rachel Rodgers had started their 2021 brand awareness efforts. At the time, those were a few of the 6-figure Boss Babes I followed (I switched that up for 2022- tell you about my Intuitive Marketing Coach laterπŸ˜‰). But, I digress. Even though I hadn't done much biz marketing in 2021 (took time off due to health and relationship challenges); I'd always wonder what those lovelies were up to.

Marie and Rachel as you can imagine, have a superstar team of copywriters, ad experts, affiliate coaches, publicity experts, lawyers, etc. that probably started working on their brands way back in February in 2020. I could almost imagine seeing each collective huddled together around a super cozy fire place with a nice glass of vino and white boards chatting about exactly how they can tap into the right pain point of their target audience to attract their ideal clients (that's how it went in my mind 🀣)

What I want to do right now sista is chat about how you can do the same without blowing out your Christmas gift card cash or your tucked away $600 stimulus check on ads or hiring private coaches. 


One of the first things they do to attract clients is take a look at their pre-existing sales pages and Clarify Their Offers.

For instance, when you sit back and hit preview on your sale page:

  • Does it make sense when you read it from a total stranger's point of view?
  • Is there so much information on your sales page they miss the most important benefit of your product?

Attracting clients this way is about taking a deep look at our sales pages (I'm doing it tooπŸ€›πŸ½) and seeing where we can increase conversions. 


The reason sales pages are so powerful is because we can present an offer that is clear, strong and uncluttered. I have 7 tips about sales pages I share inside my members club but, I'm trying to keep this blog article short. So, here are two ways for now I think are pretty neat on how to present an offer:


Don’t just do this blindly, without a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish, however: Do this to address most-commonly-asked questions about the offer that you’ve been contacted about in the past.

Questions to consider addressing: How it's delivered, your refund policy, licensing terms, and anything specific that your customer will want to know or has emailed you about in the past before making the decision to purchase. (The question to ask yourself is, “Will knowing the answer to this make my visitor more confident in purchasing my offer?”)

I could go on all day talking about this. The key takeaway is, answering questions upfront teases our human senses and makes us what to know more.


You may think your particular visitor is only interested in features and facts. “Mine isn’t a touchy-feely business,” you may even say.

But remember, even when a customer is purchasing something as feature-driven as electronics or cars, it’s the emotion that all good advertisers tap into.

These sales ads address questions like:

  • What does this car represent?
  • How does it make her feel?

And electronic ads reflect similar questions and answers:

  • The age of the purchaser
  • Her passions

These questions often have simple, one-word answers, so it is that one all-important word your sales page should address.


The most common answer to, “What does this car represent?” is often “Freedom” or “Adventure.” (Watch the next dozen car ads or so on television and see if you can identify to what emotional stance they are pitching.)

Pick the emotion you think your ideal visitor is operating from and focus your entire message on that feeling.

Why is that?

If your electronic questions generate the answer, “Parties,” that’s what your sales page should promise.

So, make sure you identify the right emotion so you can use this knowledge to tap into in your sales copy, bullet points, images, and especially your headline.

So, to sum up #1, they're using sales pages and offers.


I recall this awesome "Keep it real" conversation from 2019 I had with my biz bestie Juju Raffii, CEO/Founder Empowered Boss Babes. We've been accountability partners since 2019 and out of that blossomed a true genuine friendship full of support, love and correction when needed. The thing I love about Juju is she literally tells me like it is about my biz and I LUV HER for that!, In that convo we had, I tossed a new idea I was playing around with to see what she thought and she promptly proceeded to tell me (using her -You know I love you sista gurl neck roll)

"Uh gurl, you need to stay in your lane. You know I love you, and I know what the intention is, but it'll be too much for you to take on and it might confuse people about your mission...".

And of course she was right. This is why accountability partners and sistahoods are sooo vital to biz success; so you don't stray out of your lane.

Have you noticed that Marie or Rachel's sales pages never focused on their offers? It's never about, "buy this latest group or mastermind." It's all about creating a laser focus on that one thing that they are really great at.

What they are very clearly doing is getting you to associate that business concept with their names.

I talk about this a lot when it comes to your brand and kicking ass past your fear (Biz Obstacles) - being known for one thing and owning that.

For me, I want to become synonymous with Tell Your Biz Fear KICK ROCKS, Kickass Past Fear, Face the Fear Together, Success Begins with ME and It's OK to Tell My Story...

I Want to "OWN" Fear!

So when you feel overwhelmed or struggling, you think of Gwendolen Wilder. And when you see me, you think tell fear- KICK ROCKS!!

I have a quick side note time as I say. I published my first book, "It's OK to Tell My Story..." about 4 years ago now. It's a fictional book based upon my personal story of how I survived Domestic Violence and turned it into a positive opportunity to help myself, my family and community. It's very resourceful, full of action plans, checklists, etc. to help victims, survivors, family, friends and agencies to face the fear together.

But every October, which is international Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I still want people to wonder on a subconscious level- what is Gwendolen Wilder up to... because they associate my name with Face the Fear Together, It's Ok to Tell My Story and Kickass Past Fear. 


First, check your stats to see where people leave your website or your sales process. Then test your funnels out in person to uncover the reason your funnel leaks. Create a new email address and go through the purchase process yourself, right from your ad or landing page or email.

Look for text or graphic messages that generate confusion. Try to look at your sales page content with fresh eyes.  Be on the alert for:

  • Text that is ambiguous or non-specific
  • Anything that distracts you away from the sales page
  • Whether or not your “Buy” button is in the right place psychologically – is your customer ready to hit “Buy?” or are you rushing her? Missing a concluding paragraph or even a CTA (call-to-action) in your message?
  • Whether or not your “Buy” button is easy to see.
  • Whether or not your “Buy” button has the best CTA within its borders.
  • How they can pay and what the terms are.
  • Unclear payment options (like where to add the coupon or discount code, or if they can pay with PayPal or credit card only?)

So, when it comes to your brand, think about how you can:

  • use stories to evoke emotion

  • create archetypes or personalities your customer can readily identify with

  • become synonymous with the one thing you want to be known for

Let's remember the ultimate goal is you want people to feel safe enough to open their wallets.

One effective way to do this: Display your terms and payment methods up front, right on the sales page. (This also helps end payment confusion.)


But when I talk of testing your sales funnel, literally do so. Go through your sales process and test every link to catch glitches that spit you out or links that don’t work.

In addition, read every piece of text to make sure that confusion or boredom don’t drive people away.


There are three things you can do to trigger these client attraction effects on your website just like Rachel or Marie can, but for your own brand and cheaper:

  1. Clarify Your Offer
  2. Stay in Your Lane
  3. Test Your Sales Funnels (ensure people don't feel bored or confused, but instead they feel safe enough to open their purses)

None of these take hiring a private coach for thousands of dollars. So now is the time to get really serious about these three things. They don't rely on you paying a social media expert or anything like's all FREE sista.

All you need to do is set aside one day a week o use your amazing mind. These are things that can make a huge difference in your biz.

So the next time you write a sales page - it makes a positive impact because it has triggered the right emotions in your ideal customer to make them want to:

πŸ’— Connect with you

πŸ’— Buy from you

πŸ’— Share your business


I want to help you become [Impossible to Possible Women] that Tell Biz Fear to KICK ROCKS with easy-to-digest detailed strategies based on a strong spiritual foundation, solid business strategies and a supportive sistahood.

Simply fill in the blanks below and post. #bizfearkickrocks

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and our sistahood a bit more.

Take the fear out of building your biz and scaling your brand [with just one click] so you can create a quick, but impressive online presence, become more self-confident and financially independent.

Hope to see ya soon sis,

πŸ’ž πŸ’ž πŸ’ž

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