Issue #37: 5 Ways to Crush Sales Objections

Before you became the awesome Boss Babe that you are today, can you recall ever listening to a bad sales call?
You know what I'm talking about...that call where no matter what you said to the person, it seemed as if they just talked over you, bullied you, sounded scripted when you tried to share why you didn't/couldn't move forward with the offer and basically they made you feel like, "just another sales call" and when it finally ended you felt as if you'd just chatted with an icky weirdo from the Twilight Zone?
Eewww, right?!
Trust me sista, it happens to everybody and yes, it was icky and weird.
And sadly, some female entrepreneurs relate that personal experience to what they believe sales calls should look like....and this is how they end up sucking at them, hating them and loosing potential leads (money.)
Don't stress out to much sista, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to hate sales calls! I want to show you how to LOVE sales objections.
I know what you're thinking; how can you love sales objections? The answer is simple, I address most of my clients sales objections waaay before we actually meet...let me elaborate.
I absolutely love nurturing my potential clients and by the time I get to meet with them in person; I've already given so much value that most people are sitting at least at a 98% close rate- even before the sales conversation takes place.  So when I actually get to chat with them in person (that's if I meet..sometimes, I don't) -I can almost guarantee I will get paid at the end of the conversation.
I get really lit up seeing my calendar fully booked, because I know that means I get to have a sales call where I address all of my potential clients fears (objections), give them solutions, confidently address ever objection they have and I want you to feel the same.
But the first step to become super confident with sales objections is by going back to the icky weirdo experience you had and understanding how not to be that guy.  I want better for you, this is why today I'm giving you these free tips I learned from the absolute worst sales call run I'd ever had in my life 🥺
I had literally bombed 15 sales calls back to back in a span of about 2 weeks. I heard the same sales objections over and over gain and a few I never heard of before...I freak-n cried so hard at the end of this one call that it was that really super ugly cry where you can't breath and snot runs out your nose- embarrassing!
Do you know how a "NO, NOT RIGHT NOW" makes to a Boss Babe's crushes you!
I felt defeated, like a failure and my self-esteem went down the tubes. The coach I had at the time bless his heart; tried everything from meditation, coaching, supporting, scripts , praying and everything in between to help me. But, I  just couldn't get over the sales slump.
Well, not until I finally figured out what had to be done differently.
When I figured this out, I vowed to share what I learned with as many female entrepreneurs as I could.
Here's what I realized. If I start my sales conversation in the marketing- prior to the phone call or face-to-face...the closing rate was higher. So, I started to incorporate 5 simple strategies not just on my sales calls but everywhere like my website, social media, emails, etc. and guess what...Ba Bam🥳It worked!! After I implemented the tips below I was able to bring private clients paying me $1800-2500/Month for private coaching.
These are what I believe were the 5 reasons why I bombed on those 15 sales calls back in the day,  what you can learn from those experiences and how to apply these lessons immediately to crush sales objections you're dealing with right now.
  1. Story: “Well, here we go." I didn't believe in the story I was selling. The words were coming out of my mouth, but the passion wasn't in my heart. You have to have a fully committed mindset you will succeed; not weighed down with reasons why it needs to work. So when someone hit me with a sales objections; I was too focused on my script and doubt about selling the offer - which transposed into doubt about my abilities, being able to pay bills, paying my coach, pleasing the client, etc. what I recommend for you to do is to "Not" focus on your personal shortcomings; but instead focus on just telling (not selling) the story. You do this by connecting your personal story to the offers' outcome. Learn to tell your story in a way that shows the lead how the offer helps others to live their best life. #totalgamechanger #itsoktotellmystory
  2. Money: “I can’t afford to buy that right now.” This is probably the #1 sales objections ladies hear the most; especially now during the pandemic. Instead of focusing on the offer price and the features in your sales conversations; put more attention on the benefits of your offer and the value it will provide your clients. That's how you turn your lead into a paid customer.
  3. Quality: “So-n-So sells the same thing; what makes you different.” If quality is the issue, you can crush this sales objection by including some of your favorite testimonials on your website or sales page so they can see someone other than you saying your offer is the best thing since sliced bread. Also in this area, I'd recommend crushing this sales objection by doing what I do...describe your client transformation journey in a casual way #fasttrackclientbuyin

  4. Trust: “I don't know you, how can I trust you this will work?” If people have issues trusting your brand, you could showcase your experience and expertise on your website, in emails, blogs, etc. And if you're like me and have a ton of awards and recognitions (not boasting- just facts lol) you could link back to your social media profiles which will also increase your subscriber and follower counts.

  5. Flyers: “I’ll try this freebie, that freebie and maybe that freebie and then I'll buy it.” These are your time wasters, can be the most challenging to convert and thus, you have to learn when to say enough is enough. This is when I would recommend for you to create a sales funnel process that allows your potential client to get a snack bite taste of your offer before trying, nurtures them and gently allows them to move along to finally buy an offer or kick rocks (the reality is know your worth!! You don't need to beg for a sale; there's 8 billion people on the planet someone will buy from you.) #byefelicia

If you've been following me for any length of time, you know I'm the queen of value (free content) to help a lady Boss Up quickly.

That's why I created such a unique discovery session process for my leads. I allow all female entrepreneurs that are ready to overcome their biz obstacles to join my FREE Facebook Group Impossible to Possible Women and try awesome FREE Coaching like my "Face the Fear Together 3 Day Challenge" so they can share their #1 Fear (biz obstacle) and receive a quick step-by-step strategy on how to kickass past the fear.

I love my discovery session process as it allows me to pre-quality people, retarget my ads, encourage email sign-ups and build that heavily sought after Know, Like and Trust that helps speed up lead conversations for those that are not ready to buy. 

Does any of this make sense what I'm saying; not to difficult right?!

Here's another really super juicy carrot to remember- it's all in their minds.

Believe it or note, most leads already had a 15 min prep talk with themselves prior to meeting with you- just to practice saying NO to you. So, if you want to break through those sales objections, it’s vital that you know your clients #1 sales objection and how to address it in your marketing sales conversations BEFORE you ever actually meet them.

The tips I'm sharing with you are just skimming the top of how to crush sales objections. 

I wish I could share more, but this is just a blog article 🤣

If you're ready to know what the Top 35 sales objections are that I see most female entrepreneurs facing and more importantly; what are my Top 10 ways to strategically overcome those objections...check out this planner so we can Face the Fear Together. 

Inside our elite annual membership club, I try to understand who you are, learn about your biz, ideal clients, biz branding, etc. that will help me understand the fastest way to personalize your experience- because I don't do cookie cutter when it comes to private strategies.

Nope, not my style.

But don't get it twisted, I'm going to give you some step-by-step proven strategies...

I'll be with you every step of the way meeting weekly, giving you resources, modules of training and more as you learn how to have a sales conversation that help you crush your sales objections. I'll share with you my:

  • 21 ideas and tips for increasing your chances of closing the sale with a commitment.

  • Ultimate Crush Your Sales Objections Checklist to help you ensure you're saying all the right things to have the sales (written/verbal) conversation that gets you paid
  • 8 Strategic steps to help you commit to transforming your life into the dream version you've always thought unattainable by helping you pinpoint your biggest block and fear, and give you the confidence to say “Yaas Sista, I got this"!

Helping you understand your client journey and outlining a tailored business strategy is what really get's me excited. I love watching my clients realize how much easier my signature process helps them to feature what's important to their clients like money, time, etc.

The secret sauce to crushing sales objections is to know your client better; which includes their goals and pain points. You can then use this information to better address their sales objections.

Let me clue you in on another neat little secret before I head out.

The key to successfully overcome sales objections is to date your potential clients.

Sounds crazy I know; but here me out.

What I mean is building trust and rapport with your leads way before you meet them. Inside our private strategy session, I'll help you understand how to close the sales conversation gap and focus your marketing efforts on answering your client's sales objections ahead of time to make closing the sale easier.

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