Issue #35: Barbara Maisonet, She Made it Possible

Everyone knows I'm on this Client Attraction kick more now a days due to the increase of online entrepreneurs as a result of the world-wide pandemic. And I also know you might get tired of hearing me express the importance of client attraction during this time...

This is why I'm super stoked to introduce you to Barbara Maisonet who has a passion for partnerships that pursue growth, awareness and transformation… which made choosing to become a Life & Business Coach a natural fit!

Her coaching clients for the past 12 years have included doctors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and CEO’s… all of whom committed to Barbara’s coaching process of taking a look at “what wasn’t working” in order to make a powerful and impactful shift towards re-creating their professional environment and career.

I know it all sounds unbelievably awesome, this is why I want you to learn more about this awesome lady, her upcoming guest speak, business and why she's one of the few women I'm proud to share inside our Impossible to Possible Women sistahood.

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When: June 11, 2020/1130 AM CST

Where: Impossible to Possible Women Private Portal [Watch LIVE for FREE] 

Topic: How Becoming an Everyday Hero (while speaking on "stages") Will Land you your Next Ideal Client

What Will Be Discussed:

  • Assessing one's business, on a scale of 1-10 in how things are currently.
  • Introducing the concept of Speaking On Stages and educating them on how this falls under a "Lead Generation System"...
  • Allowing the audience to think of all the types of "traditional" stages out there
  • Guiding them on the purpose of what a stage serves their audience- aka it's a great way for ideal clients to experience YOU, the biz owner first before making a decision to work with you
  • Educating them on all the other "non-traditional" stages there are- within your community, neighborhoods, groups, etc...
  • How can you "be on stage" without literally being on stage?
  • Out-of-the-box strategic thinking about ways for their ideal clients to experience them...
  • Encourage them to design Action Steps that they'd be willing to get started on right away

Speaker Special Offer: [Click Here] Barbara will offer a $97 gift (1-hr coaching strategy session)  where you can pick one particular area in your life or biz (or both) that's not at a place you want it to be... Together you two will create new awareness', design tangible action steps and strategize.

Graduating cum laude from Biola University with a degree in Communications she went on to graduate from Accomplishment Coaching, an intensive coaches training program designed to produce top-performing life & business coaches.

As a result, she specializes in asking the kinds of questions that create profound awareness and insight into her client’s lives as well as creating powerful and necessary action steps that will ONLY keep her clients moving forward. She incorporates leadership development, building effective communication skills, conquering confronting conflict, product & service pricing, time management, goal setting and more into her powerful coaching sessions, leaving each client with tangible steps to take until their next session.

Barbara feels truly blessed to be able to partner with already amazing individuals and business owners who are committed to making their businesses even more amazing. She will guide, mentor, teach and cheer on each client who comes to the table ready and willing to put the work in for profound and impactful change.

She has partnered with many business owners over her years of coaching and will bring insight, commitment and an unfaltering dedication to each client she has the honor to work with… Let’s get to work on becoming the business owner you desire to be!

Where did the idea for your business come from?

To be honest, a friend of mine told me about a new profession that was popping up on the horizon (this was almost 14yr ago now!) where you could get paid to ask questions! I said..."sign me up!". I have always been a "no fluff... let's go deep" kinda person so when I learned about the new, emerging profession where "going deep" was the core principle, I knew it was my next life choice.

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

My typical day consists of quite a few things... as a single mama who homeschools AND runs two businesses, each day is a new adventure! Often times, I have early coaching sessions with my clients before my son even wakes up. Once he is awake, our ritual is for me to make him breakfast and for us to then get started on schoolwork. I have coaching calls sprinkled throughout the day.

While I'm on those, my son is doing his schoolwork independently or is reading (he is an avid reader!). We cook together. We hike together. We travel together. And when we are in town, I often go to networking events or am a speaker at an event or networking meeting. I make it productive by being intentional... each choice I make serves a purpose whether it's to support my clients or spend time with my son.

How do you come up with your business concepts (ideas, offers)?

I went thru an extensive coach's training program when I first began my coaching journey so alot of those concepts are used in my coaching sessions. I also listen, alot... and then critically think about what I hear... I'm a very logical and practical thinker so I apply this thinking in how I coach my clients... I feel there's alot that can be accomplished when common sense is applied as well as outside-the-box, get- creative thinking... I listen to podcasts. I read. I observe. I critically think.

What's one business trend that really excites you?

Right now, the biggest business trend is bringing your biz online- I really enjoy when people get creative with their offers and then how they market it, non-traditionally, excites me... Be creative business owners! There's alot you can do without an extensive marketing budget. I also get really really excited talking about speaking... I think it's a crucial piece of business's marketing (especially service-based businesses) and the most efficient way for your potential client to fall in love with you/experience you... this is a trend I work on alot with my clients- different kinds of "stages" they can use to market themselves.

What's your secret ME Time routine (gratitude practice) that makes you more productive?

Constantly thinking and praying thankfulness... no matter what obstacle is on my path. I also practice generosity, which in turn, makes me more productive... which, in turn, turns up my thankfulness... I believe generosity and thankfulness go hand-in-hand. I am very intentional each day to say out loud (or in my head) what exactly I am thankful... it keeps me grounded and focused.

What advice would you give your younger entrepreneur self?

Have boundaries you are prepared to adhere by... or don't have them at all. You have to decide what message you want to send when you honor boundaries vs not honoring the boundaries you set up. Your clients/customers will form an opinion of you as a business owner based on how you honor the parameters and boundaries you set up; you get to help guide them in forming that opinion.

Also, really kind but "no bs" customer service is key- there is a way to have excellent customer service without saying "yes" to all of their demands... because oftentimes, you'll become a mat for them to walk all over... learning how to be firm but kind will also send a powerful message to how you run your business AND will attract more of your ideal clients/customers.

What's your #1 biz fear that you deal with and how do you kickass past it?

Not scaling fast enough. I'm currently rebranding my website which will include the option for biz owners to buy my online team building course. I needed a product to sell so I made an online course. Continuing to brainstorm other ways to scale is probably what takes up most of my mind- space...

If you have a spiritual source you use as foundation to support your entrepreneurial journey let us know how.

I believe in God and it's thru His strength, I make my decisions and continue pushing thru- purposefully.

What is one strategy that has helped you to scale your business? 

Investing. There comes a point in the scaling process where investing is unavoidable and necessary... whether it's coaching (which I've done), upgrading your website (doing so currently), getting additional photos (waiting for the proofs of my recent photo shoot as we speak), hiring a video-grapher (did so when filming my online course), etc... business owners must see the value in investing in order to scale.

Upgrading your look and customer experience is essential in scaling and spending your own time doing so when you could be hiring out, is a waste of your time- where you shine at your specific skill-set... spending time on what you are good at and hiring out for the rest is one strategy that has worked for me in scaling my business.

What's one valuable business tip/advice from "your" business that will help our readers.

Asking yourself "Is this choice in front of me, IN or OUT of alignment with my Vision Statement?" And then using the 3-Choice Rule to make that decision: Choose to make an Empowering, Dis-empowering or No-Choice at all Choice. Make the Choice. Own the consequences (good and bad) that comes from making that choice. Repeat all over the place!

What did you purchase (product, program or service) recently to support your business?

A video-grapher to film my online course A 2-day coaching workshop to help me get on bigger stages A branding photo package Upgrading my email CRM system

What's your go to system that you use to help your business grow?

Speaking! It's the best way for me to grow my business... whether it's on a tangible stage or an interview or a podcast... my ideal clients get to experience me- my vibe, my professionalism, my knowledge from the comfort of their seats before deciding if they'd want to hire me...

What's your favorite book and why?

I love love love the 4-hour workweek! It was such an eye-opener for me... really allowed me to step back and think about what's possible and what's not the norm... I really enjoyed this book!

What is your favorite quote and why?

Awareness + Action + Accountability = Transformational Change. I believe this sums up a mantra for anyone looking for growth and change. Often times people have the first two but fail to intentionally invest in accountability... which prevents them from having the kind of growth they dream for...

The most valuable information readers will learn from the Guest Speak.

Ask yourself these questions, and if you say need to be in this seat listening to this amazing knowledgeable lady...

Would it be valuable to know how YOU could give your ideal clients ways to first experience you before they buy?

Where within your community can you offer value while allowing others to experience your professionalism, knowledge and services? Being "on stage" is one of the most impactful ways business owners can grow their business... Why?

Because it allows others to FIRST fall in love with you BEFORE they decide to purchase. What kinds of "stages" out there have audiences full of your ideal client?

What ways do you offer your ideal clients opportunities to experience YOU- your vibe, your professionalism and your knowledge?

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