Issue #34: Get Cozy Making Money During Quarantine

Hi ya sista, did you know there's literally hundreds of people out there who are just waiting for you to sell your products, program and services to them. They only need to hear from you on the right platform and in the right way, to make them re-adjust their face masks and start googling your website. And you know what else? They totally want to spend money right now believe it or not (if it will help them create a better life.)

Let's get cozy sista and chat about this...

Did you know that selling your biz on Facebook is about giving value? You're a smart lady, I'm sure you did 😀So, I bet you probably already know in your soul that you’re meant to give value doing what you love to help others (You just don't know how to make it happen on Facebook.) Well now's the time to GO BIG OR GO HOME as we say here in Texas and discover how to turn your biz story into Facebook content and completely kickass with client attraction process.

Listen lady if I, a country girl from the dirt roads of North Carolina can market, tell and sell my story of Childhood Abandonment, Molestation, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault turn that into landing a $5M client in my first business, attracting clients that pay me $1800/month for private coaching, and attract companies that pay me $1500/hour for guest speaks or $1900/day to conduct totally can too sista!

Gurl... it's your time RIGHT NOW to go from nobody following you on social media (because you’re not confident in how to attract your peeps on Facebook or not understanding who you want to attract ) to strategically and proudly posting and attracting new lead after new lead.

Check it....I made $500 with my first private client as a new online entrepreneur without Facebook which was pretty cool— and then I was introduced to Facebook. By the time I set up Facebook, I made my first $1000 with online coaching that I didn't even create yet. By the time I learned to do livestreams, I landed two $5,000 clients (within two weeks of each other) that paid me a one-time payment for private coaching...and I did it all on Facebook sharing my story without sounding icky or like a car salesman.

Now, in our I Always Bring My Facebook Slay Game™ 7 Day Facebook Client Attraction Challenge, I’m teaching you my client attraction secrets for marketing, telling and selling content on Facebook based on your story; while at the same time still being able to give massive value for FREE to your followers. Because gaining followers is great, but creating lasting friendships that turn into paying customers is better. That's why I want to help you and share the....

Here's a juicy bit of what you're about to learn inside:

🌟Know Your Client Like the Back of Your Face Mask (AKA The #1 Thing You Need to Know Before Creating a Facebook Client Attraction Strategy)

🌟Establish Your Make-Or-Break Metrics (Your business is vastly different from those of the gurus, even those of your peers. And with good reason! You are unique and will attract a unique blend of people in your ideal client pool.)

🌟The Easiest Way to Create Irresistible (And Engaging)  Facebook Content for Your Client (How to make sure your content is engaging and not boring)

🌟How to (Ethically) Lovingly Stalk Your Competitor to Create Killer Content For Your Own Biz (check out what others in your niche are already posting about–and seeing great engagement from)

🌟The Secrets to Creating Super Hot Wilder Facebook Content (Again and Again)  – Revealed! (uniquely and memorably deliver that content)

🌟The “Perfect Time” to Post For Maximum Exposure And Engagement (perfect time to post for maximum exposure.)

🌟Create the Perfect (And Foolproof) Posting Plan – And Set Yourself Up For Ongoing Facebook Success! (create your content plan complete with an editorial calendar)

Girlfriend, I'm pretty sure you've been told at one time or another that the secret to making money online is to use Facebook Ads....but it's not! 🤓It's in your ability to use your God Given Talent (Unique Selling Position) of translating your story into valuable content that attracts your ideal audience -not just a bunch of followers that never buy anything from you...’s time to market, tell and sell your story sista! 😘

"I Always Bring My Facebook Slay Game" 7 Day Facebook Client Attraction Challenge.
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