Issue #32: Juju Rafii, She Made it Possible

What can I say about my amazingly blessed sista, Juju Rafii except #loveyachica. When we first met, I knew instantaneously we were long lost sistas and from that day forward we became super close and we continued to work together over coffee and the occasional tasty adult beverage to look for fresh new ways to empower women in our community...all while holding each other accountable.

So when it came to announcing who'd be the first LIVE guest speaker to help me launch my new platform, "She Made it Possible" Juju was a no brainer because of efforts as an Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker CEO & Founder, Empowered Boss Babes and how she's reaching across continental and international waters to create local sources for empowering women.

I know when you read this article, you're going to fall in love immediately with Juju's spirit and zest for life just as I did when we first met. This is why I'm giving you another opportunity to meet with her LIVE during an upcoming Guest Speak because trust me ladies-she's got way more goodness to share:

When: March 26, 2020/4PM CST

Where: Impossible to Possible Women Private Portal [click here] 

Topic: How to Raise Your Vibe & How to Get What You Want

What Will Be Discussed:

  • What is a vibe and how do you raise it?
  • How to stay positive during major life changes 
  • Using the Law of Attraction to call into your life what you truly want

Speaker Special Offer: Only available inside our community. Your choice of either a $50 off a 1-hour coaching session or $100 off 1-month of coaching More details provided during the guest speak. 

Gwendolen Special Offers:

I know it all sounds unbelievably awesome, but for now enjoy learning a little bit more about this speaker, the upcoming guest speak, their business and why she's one of the few women I'm proud to call my super close girlfriend and biz bestie.

Juju Rafii, is a Mindset Coach and Personal Development Speaker, who is on a mission! As a coach, she works with 35-45 y/o women who feel "stuck" to define and align with their purpose. As a speaker, she motivates and inspires women to live a high-vibe lifestyle, so they can live their lives to the fullest. Juju is the founder of Empowered Boss Babes, an organization that serves as the local source for empowering female entrepreneurs, business owners and professional women in communities across the US. Personal and professional growth is achieved through monthly training and networking events. Juju is also a 2-time published author, mom, and loves to travel. 

Where did the idea for your business come from?

After leaving a 20-year military career, I decided to become an entrepreneur and start my own business. I knew that one of the keys to success was to surround myself with other women who were also interested in being successful and supporting one another.

Thus, Empowered Boss Babes was born - an organization that supports local female entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals through personal and professional development. The idea for my business came from my passion to help others excel and up-level their lives. I decided to take what I was truly passionate about, what lights me up, and monetize it in order to increase my impact and my income. My business allows me to serve others through coaching in one-on-one and group settings, as well as inspire and motivate through writing, speaking and leading.

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

My typical day starts with gratitude before I even get out of bed. The first hour of my day, after breakfast, is spent on personal development and motivation (i.e. podcasts, video, reading, etc.) Feeling inspired, I make the rest of my day productive by making a list of all I need to do, then prioritizing that list. I highlight the top 3 important tasks and tackle those first. I like to get to work as soon as possible to feel super productive. In my day, I also include exercise and time with family and/or friends. I believe balance is the key to a productive and successful day!

How do you come up with your business concepts (ideas, offers)?

I brainstorm on ways my ideas or offers can best serve others. I look at what my ideal clients need and want. Then, I base my business concepts around that. I discover this through speaking directly with my clients, having valuable conversations with potential clients, and bouncing ideas off of those I have beneficial relationships with (other coaches, influencers, mentors).

Creativity is the most fun and authentic way that I come up with my business concepts. I use what I have learned, combined with trends, to design programs and offers my target audience will love. This creates a win-win for my clients and I because they get what they need, while I get to make a positive & effective impact. My business thrives on the success of others, as they utilize my coaching concepts and guidance.

What's one business trend that really excites you?

The fact that everyone needs support at every level! No matter if you are just starting, transitioning into another career, or looking to start a side hustle in addition to your other source(s) of income - rising up in your area/field is always trending. I am excited to serve as a mentor and coach to the women entering the business world - a rising trend!

What's your secret ME Time routine (gratitude practice) that makes you more productive?

Yoga and meditation. Feeling centered and grounded makes me more productive.

What advice would you give your younger entrepreneur self?

Life happens, let nothing slow you down or get in your way. Utilize resources and be willing to accept help when it's offered - you can't do it all by yourself!

What's your #1 biz fear that you deal with and how do you kickass past it?

My #1 biz fear is not knowing how to best get all the information out of my head and out to the people that need it! I have so much to share and there are so many platforms, so it can be intimidating on which is the most effective route.

I kickass past it by collaborating with other coaches, spears and influencers, following trends, and connecting with my own mentor or coach from time to time.

What spiritual source do you use as foundation to support your entrepreneurial journey?

Source, Divine Spirit, the Universe, and all it's abundance is the absolute foundation of my entrepreneurial journey!! I am also a Law of Attraction thought leader and a pro at manifesting.

What is one strategy that has helped you to scale your business? 

Scaling my biz is something I am constantly working on, especially with shifting trends. Planning is one strategy that has helped scale my business. Failing to plan is planning to fail, right? So planning ahead and setting goals for the year, for example, enables and supports growth in my business. Delivering value, and connecting with influencers are two other strategies I use.

What's one valuable business tip/advice from "your" business that will help our readers.

You are your business. You are essentially selling yourself. Therefore, your actions and behavior attract everything to your business - good and bad. It's not about being the best or the highest paid, it's about making a real impact and giving value every single day. My biz tip/advice: the key to be truly successful is to do what your heart feels called to do, and do it for the right reasons. If you are doing that, you cannot fail.

What did you purchase (product, program or service) recently to support your business?

Hired a business coach! I have worked off and on with different coaches.

Share at least one thing you've learned from being inside the Impossible to Possible Women Members Club and how has this helped your business

Community is where it's at! Surrounding yourself with like-minded women who are supportive helps us individually and in our businesses, through collaboration and shared value.

What's your go to system that you use to help your business grow?

Working on improving my systems but in the past I have ensured all the parts of my business are working towards the same outcome and goal. Synchronicity throughout my business is a system that promotes flow.

What's your favorite book and why?

TOO MANY!! I love all personal development books!! An old but goodie is As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. There are so many deep motivational quotes and thoughts in there that I have used for years.

What is your favorite quote and why?

"There's nothing you cant do." - Alicia Keys Because it's true. It motivates me in all areas of my life: business and personal.

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