Issue #29: When I Made Millions, I Should Have Asked These 3 Questions

Female entrepreneurs are known for being careful mama bears in the home and also in business (but some times we're sexy risk takers) and that's what helps us with the sneak attack to dominate and make the impossible -possible.
Let me use my life as an example. Before I started my first biz back in 2010; I didn't know fear (which is what I lovingly named biz obstacles) or should I say; I didn't recognize what fear really was. And that was because I was so nieve to business, I thought the only fears I had were related to the domestic violence and sexual assault I was secretly keeping hidden in my 9 to 5 job.
So, I jumped weave first, into starting my business using the government contracting bidding system and I dominated like a BOSS BABE!! I was won a $5M contract on top of smaller contracts and was making $1M in revenue like it was nothing (Not bad for a country girl from NC uh?) I believe the main reason (other than God- whom I give honor for all my success) I was able to be so successful in my first business was simply due to faith...
I believed I could Make the Impossible -Possible.
I continue to make the impossible - possible in my current business today, by using an improved level of faith that I get to share with my clients. I absolutely love empowering struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs to Kickass past their fears (biz obstacles) to become self-confident and financially independent. And I'm taking them on this journey as I reverse engineer the process of how I made that first million and sharing it to help them believe ALL things are Possible for Impossible to Possible Women.
The cornerstone of my current business success is attributed to ME Time, solid business strategies, supportive sistahood, and implementing a solid spiritual foundation which includes (believing the promise, praying, praise and patience) and I love sharing these principles with my Impossible to Possible Women.
Here's an example of how this worked in my business this morning. I used my spiritual source (God) and implemented the Face the Fear Together strategy (ME Time, Business, Sistahood) before following up on my weekly goals. Later that morning, I received a request to guest speak out of town and before the payment was discussed the client confirmed they would comp my airfare and hotel accommodations...and thing you know, I'm confirming the guest speak #INDEMANDSISTA #GODISAWESOME
But I always wondered the billion dollar question,  What If?
With all the success I have today, I still wonder what if back then... before I closed my first biz...what if I had the depth of knowledge and understanding I have today of how to Face the Fear Together combined with my spiritual foundation...where could that first business have been today?
But, before I chat another sentence further about what ifs...let me address the inevitable big butt elephant in the room, "If you were making millions; why are you still working Or Why don't you just do what you did before and make more millions?" I'm going to try and give you a short mathematical version to answer that [read the about me page for the full story]...
"Girl met boy + Girl fell in love with Boy + Girl started Biz + Boy didn't work + Girl supported Boy + Boy abused Girl + Girl Left Boy + Girl goes thru healing/recovery + Girl experience stalking/harassment + Girl goes thru jacked court system + Girl hated the work she once loved + Girl succumbed to imposter syndrome= Girl dissolves business for sanity + peace of mind"....And there you have it

Making the impossible- POSSIBLE.

I don't care who I've had the pleasure of meeting Or where I've had the awesome adventure to travel...the entrepreneurial journey for females is always seeming to battle the same 7 dang biz obstacles (fears): Money, Mindset, Sales, System, Support, Visibility, and Lifestyle.

I mean seriously, think about it! Regardless if the lady was a millionaire or a dollarnaire- they both have to deal with these same fears; just in different least that holds true for this sista in my journey and other ladies I've chatted with.

No matter how awesome we are at reaching a goal, there's always the next ugly butt fear trying to creep in like an old cheating boyfriend that ghosted on you and popped back up with a dozen roses. And I'm not even talking about the outside know what I'm talking about- the conversations in our head:

"I'm not good enough, I can't raise my rates or I'll loose my clients, People will feel I'm too pushy if I sell, I don't know how to use social media, If I put myself out there- the trolls will snatch me, If I can't convince my husband why bother, If I work less I'll make less money, I want to hire a team member but I don't know how, or I should be able to (or I want to) do everything myself"

And what ends up happening is "Us" ladies (my hands up too), we try to blame everybody but the right body for our fears crushing our dreams...that's just coo-coo for cocopuffs sista. 

I further validate this craziness by referring to a recent article I read posted by, Kajabi, my platform host where they wrote about the Imposter Syndrome titled, "How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome as a Mompreneur".  

I came across the article because they posted a question on Instagram, "Is this something you've dealt with?" It's a great read where they share concern about this epidemic, clear understanding of what it's about, different types, why does it affect mompreneurs, steps to deal with it and how Kajabi as an e-Commerce Knowledge platform can help with one of the main culprits technology.

My question to you is this- what would be possible if you Become an Impossible to Possible Woman?

I know for a fact-if you made the impossible-Possible because you Faced the Fear Together (Spiritual Foundation + Business +ME Time +Supportive Sistahood) you will able to achieve a new level of success you couldn't even imagine. Think of the massive difference you could impart on your family and community (and oh yea, your bank account)....Working together not sounding too crazy right about now uh?

Listen chica, I believe God gives each of us a very unique gift and talent to fulfill designated purposes for our time on this big blue beautiful planet. Mine has always been the gift of communication (verbal and written)...go Just imagine what it would feel like to live in purpose (live your best life), do the thing you were created to do (what you love).

I promise you, there's nothing I teach my ladies that I don't know about first hand. And what I realized is this, there's no way success will come or last without having a strong spiritual foundation and inspired action plan. Here's another huge nugget I picked up along the way that I now share with my clients that are making the impossible- must understand how valuable failure and being laser focused are to the final steps of achieving success. 

Here's another sidebar nugget for ya, don't be afraid to make the impossible - possible. Sometimes as female entrepreneurs, we come to a crossroads where we realize how valuable we are to other people (literally changing the trajectory of their lives, but not our own) and that frightens the goodness out of us.

What I'll say to you ladies is this, instead of thinking negative- think positive of how much more awesome the world will be because you activated your faith and faced your fear to make the impossible - possible. Just think, you could be key to someone's success, happiness or peace.

This possible thing still sound like something to ignore?

Here are the 3 Questions, I wished I would've asked myself before I closed my million dollar business (and these are good questions you can ask yourself right now to make the impossible-possible):

QUESTION #1: Why am I allowing fear to hold me back?

Remember how I said fears are like the crazy boyfriend that ghosted us- they just keep finding a way back into our lives. And these fears can be so severe they can ruin businesses or lives. Ask yourself, what do you need in order to Kickass past this fear. What you'll realize is you'll typically need faith of course, but also to inspired action to Kickass past it. Then ask yourself, what past situations same or similar to this was you able to move past and how did you do it...that's identifying your impossible. To make it possible, you simply have to active Faith + Inspired Action (ME Time +Business Strategy + Sistahood).

QUESTION #2: What does facing the fear look like for me?

I'm telling you sista- don't let this fear thing freak you out. It's waay easier if you do it with someone i.e. God + Family + Sistahood. But before you use any of those support systems, you must first be able to identify what the heck your fear is (Money, Mindset, Sales, Systems, Support, Visibility, Lifestyle) and the only way to do that is start describing the ramifications of fear i.e. no sales, low self-confidence, etc.

QUESTION #3: What happens when I know what my fear is?

When you finally are able to verbalize what you fear is i.e. low self-confidence falls under Mindset, Being afraid of success falls under Lifestyle, etc. It can feel like giving birth; joyous and a heavy load you don't have to carry anymore. But then what's next? Now you know  it's Mindset or Lifestyle; what do you do with that information? What I recommend to my clients is first of all celebrate your WIN of being able to, "Call a Thing a Thing" as Iyanla Vanzant would say lol. Next, get the support you need like from our amazing sistahood inside the Impossible to Possible Women members club so you can not only become aware of the actions steps to take, but have the support and resources you need and want each step of the way. You can make ALL things possible and we can help you make it happen! 

These steps are just the beginning of your business building. If you want to avoid your business being consumed by the Imposter Syndrome AKA Fear AKA Biz Obstacle... take a look at my newest experience, “Impossible to Possible Women” Membership Club. We help you get focused and make the Impossible -Possible in 30 days-Yes 30 is a quick turnaround to build a business. But if you make time to focus on the lessons and exercises, it’s doable.

This is a supportive sistahood full of Masterclasses, Private Coaching, Live Q&As, Templates, etc. that you complete at your own leisure, when your schedule permits. You’ll get each lesson plus a workbook with easy-to-digest goals that keep you on track. Just think…in 30 days you could give your notice and be your own boss! Here’s the link… [LINK HERE]


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