Issue #23: Supportive Girl Gangs Create + Post Epic Facebook Content

Join a Supportive Girl Gang to Help You Learn How to Create + Post Epic Facebook Content

Hands up if creating Facebook content has been pretty suckie lately #guiltybizchic (me too, I slacked off a bit due to getting married, surgery, moving, etc. = working around regular life stuff).

Life happens, even to our role models....even my 8 figure biz coaches have jacked up days, weeks or months- just like you and I! But how we bounce back is key...we get back on track is by making the impossible-possible and using our supportive sistahood communities.

Let's use Facebook for example, have you noticed that all social media is super addictive, like walking into a candy store and wanting to taste it all? But there's something extra about FB that makes it so tantalizing. You can easily get sidetracked scanning your friends feed laughing at that cute puppy pic, finding out how sad they are for their kid's 1st day of school, or commenting in your fav FB group, even when you've told yourself, "I'm just gonna schedule some posts-that's all"🤣

Solution: Find a supportive sistahood to show you how to create + post your Facebook content.

As in most cases with joining a female community, you get out what you put into it. Memberships will provide you with the overall steps to take, but it'll be up to you to implement the strategies. And I know this to be true chica, joining the right female membership community will help you with not just receiving the strategies, but also the continual support, additional resources and leads to help you scale your biz (make money) and find more free time to spend with your family, go on vacay and just enjoy being a biz owner.

Intrigued but wondering how to find the perfect female membership club for your Facebook needs?

Read on beautiful, I've got alot of tips for ya chica 🥳


Listen lady, pretty much everyone knows something about Facebook i.e. livestreams, emojis, etc. But you need a membership community that will not just share the basics with you; but get intensive and help you become an Impossible to Possible Woman by using what you NEED.  Which is what I refer to as "kindergarten Steps" (literally, strategic step-by-step) AND give you want you WANT- the support to understand what you're implementing.

Look for a female membership community that is willing to teach you how to utilize not just Facebook for business (pages and groups), but how to use your personal page as well to boost client attraction, even if you already belong to a membership club right now-it's OK to branch out to others to receive the support you need and want. Because various memberships use different Facebook support and initiatives; it's OK to join 1 or 2 (don't go to help you clarify which one is best suited to your wants and needs.

Join a membership community that will take the time to share with you various resources to make your life easier. Even if you don’t know what all is out there- your membership community should! For instance, they should be able to provide you with a list of scheduling apps available to take advantage i.e. whether to utilize Buffer or HootSuite.

This is super imperative to your biz if you're like me and have various team members like a Virtual Assistant (VA), Event Management, Media Production, etc. that will need to utilize the same systems.

Lastly, a supportive female membership group will be able to provide you with templates (free and/or paid) to help you scale your biz to the next level. If you have seemingly Impossible Facebook goals that you want to see skyrocket, you need a community that will not just show you a bunch of training videos and send you off into the darkness; but a sistahood that will help make your goals Possible by chatting with you and sharing templates to help speed up your social media success like our...


Empowers female entrepreneurs to transform from Impossible to Possible Women and Kickass Past Their Fears (biz obstacles) using easy-to-digest detailed strategies- so they can create quick, but impressive online presences, become more self-confident and financial independent

Inside our Membership Community, we support our sistas to Kickass Past Facebook Fears using Masterclass Bundles such as this one:

Exceptional Facebook Content Plan

  • Masterclass #1: Facebook Strategy Research + Prep
    • Step 1: Soul Tribe Research
    • Step 2: Choosing Content that Attracts High-level Clients
  • Masterclass #2: Facebook Content Plan
    • Step 3: Create a High-impact, High-profit Content Delivery Schedule
    • Step 4: Identifying Hot Topics or Themes for Content
    • Step 5: Strategic Content Organization
  • Masterclass #3: Facebook Content Post-processing
    • Step 6: Monthly Review
    • Step 7: Leveraging Long Content Posts
  • Bonus Bundle: ($197 Value) Available to Annual Members ONLY
    • Evergreen Topics List
    • Facebook Content Idea Bank Worksheet 
    • Facebook CTA Worksheet
    • Facebook Curated Content List
    • Facebook Group Topics List
    • Facebook Launch Posts Template
    • Facebook Questions Worksheet
    • Facebook Repurposing Template
    • Facebook Soul Tribe Client Avatar Worksheet 
    • Facebook Business Page Checklist
    • Facebook Post Type Checklist

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Sound like a no-brainer I know?

You’d be surprised by how many female membership communities are in-person meetups and a Facebook Group only!

Because you want your content shared beyond one Wednesday of the month at your local Stonewerks restaurant... join a female community that is comfortable with sharing content not just in person, but LIVE in virtual class settings presented by the community founder and guest experts. If you score a membership that has a private portal (like ours) that stocks all of the past trainings +resources you may have missed (that's a keeper!)

Your membership should include as a minimum, a mix of content to accommodate visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic learners. Why? I teach my Wilder Tribe to, "Learn the Art of Colorfully Surviving Entrepreneurship". In other words, we all see and do things differently- which means your community should try new and innovative ways to Make the Impossible-Possible! Your membership community should not just focus on learning 24/7.  But also host cool events, holiday specials, bonus bundles or anything else that coincides with appropriateness to motivate, inspire and make the community fun.

Let me show you, using Our Impossible to Possible Women community as a Benchmark 

We are setting the bar high up in here. We offer monthly challenges, masterclasses, live expert sessions, guest expert resources, private online communities, membership boxes, celebrations and you can Click Here to Learn More about What we offer.

In the meantime, here's just a small taste of what we offer inside of our awesome community, how we incorporate Facebook into the mix and as a minimum what the community you're thinking of joining should do to help you achieve Wilder Success on Facebook and Beyond:


Masterclasses are are how-to’s and tutorials that walk members through a process. Trainings can be live or pre-recorded and should be made available at least weekly or monthly (we release new pre-recorded bundles monthly). Additionally, membership sites should offer some type of Bonus resource to further the members' success. We use templates to help expedite the success journey i.e. workbooks, calendars, emails, posts, etc.

I2PW Facebook Example: Private membership access granted the 1st week of the month to access Facebook Content Plan Masterclass Bundle which includes: Masterclass overview, 3 Video Lessons (30 Mins), 9 Kickass Goals and the Bonus Bundle (11 template resources). Members have lifetime access as long as the membership is active.


These are homework assignments or fun activities to help members realize small steps to success. Ours include biz checklist steps, ways to support other sistas, self-awareness activities, nudges toward community service, etc.

I2PW Facebook Example: Private membership to access Facebook Content Plan Kickass goals which will include as a minimum 3 easy to implement goals per video lesson. As members complete the goals; they will unlock rewards i.e. bonus videos, cash prizes, certificates, free coaching, and more.


Live Q&A sessions held weekly or monthly to afford members the opportunity to ask questions about the training and resources. We chat monthly with the Masterclass trainer about the training they provided that month. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, share your journey and receive additional free guest expert bonuses and special offers.

I2PW Facebook Example: Private membership to access Live Q&A session to chat with the Facebook Content Plan Masterclass Trainer and receive freebies/special offers. 


There should be some type of discounts/special offer on products/services provided from the community founder and guest experts which led monthly trainings. These should be timed to coordinate with specific masterclasses to help boost member success. Our guest expert portal houses each Masterclass trainer and additional experts. Here is also where you can download the experts freebies or take advantage of additional offers they provide.

I2PW Facebook Example: Private membership to access Kickass LEADS guest expert portal to receive the Masterclass trainer goodies i.e. social media expert free consultation of your Facebook Page for those that attend LIVE, group entry, and bonus video.


This is where your community should highlight serious ladies putting in the work. We recognize top members that take inspired action and receive Wilder Success. We Blog about the members obstacles, journey, success and showcase business links to boost their biz attraction. This type of support builds connections for joint ventures, and also shows the members that the community is interested in helping them and not only focused on membership numbers or subscription dollars.

I2PW Facebook Example: Public acknowledgment on Wilder Success the Blog. The top member of the month which completed the Masterclass Bundle + Kickass Goals and attended the Sista Chat will receive a blog article dedicated to their success and results achieved. 


Communities should encourage healthy and motivating sista games/contests. We use competition to insight ladies to complete their Kickass Goals,  support their sistas and promote self-awareness.

I2PW Facebook Example: Private membership access inside the portal and group that might include “caption this photo” game, contests, challenges, etc. 


The place you're considering should always share tips to your community relevant to the masterclasses and resources. We share biz tips or hacks the community leader and/or guest experts utilize to achieve Wilder Success. 

I2PW Facebook Example: Private membership access inside our Facebook Group to view posts that share short actions steps on how to boost client attraction on Facebook productivity, tech, how to use apps, etc.


Communities should share content designed to inspire and motivate members daily to keep trucking until they reach success.

I2PW Facebook Example: Private membership access in group to written-out quotes or graphics with quotes focused on not giving up until success is attained.


Membership sites have to keep members abreast of new things happening by using announcements. This is where we share announcements as needed such as launches, membership news where we welcome new sistas. Also includes upcoming events, new swag, new masterclass bundle release, collaborations, blog articles, etc. 

I2PW Facebook Example: Facebook post + link shared inside our private community to attend a pop-up livestream on "4 Ways to Share Content on Facebook"  


By now you know that membership sites are great for stockpiling a ton of content for you to use on Facebook.

Ideally, you want to join a membership site like ours that not only provides the training, resources, templates, etc. but a community that can help you create your best Facebook content...

We achieve this by connecting you in a private coaching session with a business coach who can give you a detailed review of your Facebook page, posts, and provide strategic recommendations to help revitalize your profile and reintroduce you to your audience of followers.  

This means seeking a membership community who has a passion for not just training but encouragement, support and success and can help you access your steps to success.


Try to join a community that understands effective communication and is receptive to feedback (because it's only helping them to make your experience better-which should be their goal after

With that being said, don't gripe just to complain because you're not putting in the work and not seeing results.

Find a community that allows you to discuss your goals and your desire to see you reach success- by engaging in effective communication with you.

Let's say that you thought there should've been 8 instead of 4 templates inside the Masterclass Bonus Bundle. Make sure first, YOU use effective communication to get your post across and then wait to see if they receive it,  they do something with your recommendation (if reasonable and feasible) and they reply back to you.

You want to join a community that is tech savvy, engaged and has a supportive team that is ready to help you skyrocket in your business.

Before you join any membership community, be clear on your goals of where you are right now and where you want to go on your journey. For instance with Facebook, a goal might be realize that not having a page is leaving money on the table to create a Facebook Biz page, profile and 5 posts would increase audience reach and lead to possible sales.

You want a membership community that not only gives you the knowledge of what and how to do something like understanding and using Facebook, but is supportive and engaged enough to help you create the content, understand the stats, your target market audience and beyond.

And obviously, you want a community that will help you to become more self-confident, financially independent and love using what you learn and how to enjoy Living Your Best Life!

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