Issue #21: 5 Ways to Find Content to Share in Your Videos


Half the battle of using video successfully as a female entrepreneur in your business is to know what to say. I absolutely love doing Livestreams, but I have to remember not everyone feels the same. Even if you’re a natural talker, planning your content in advance allows you to coordinate your video with your email campaign and your sales offers.

Planning your content strategy also alleviates the fear of waking up, knowing it’s your day to hold a livestream, but have no idea what to talk about. With a plan, you’ll know well in advance what the topic is and you’ll have plenty of time to plan your talking points – or to do research on the topic.

Here's my Biz Tip on where to start with your subject matter?

  1. Your own business. Take a look at the material closest to you. Introduce yourself. Talk about your industry. Answer the most frequently asked questions you receive. Tell your audience WHY you started your business. Tell them what has inspired you. Showcase your products, programs, or courses. Promote affiliate or Joint Venture offers. Explain HOW you can help your audience solve a problem.
  2. Your industry. Stay up to date on your particular industry and share news. Explain any controversial or complicated subjects into easy-to-understand language for laypersons. Talk about any conferences or live events you’re attending. Explain HOW this live training will benefit your audience and clients. Interview other movers and shakers in your industry.
  3. Your social media following. Pay attention to what your followers say and do online. Address any questions or comments you receive on your social pages. Set a specific day/time for Q&A sessions or just general info sessions about your specialty. If you’re a health coach, for example, showcase a particular yoga position or exercise to help a particular problem. If you’re a business coach, highlight the easiest ways to get your tax information in order. Your followers will tell you what they need and want; you just have to be on the lookout for those conversations.
  4. Your blog posts. Whatever you’ve written about on your blog is fodder for video. Plus you’ll reach two different parts of your audience with one topic. Some people prefer to read while others prefer to watch video. Keep the blog post on your website but tackle that same subject matter in a video to reach those video lovers. Using old blog posts for inspiration also gives you the opportunity to update the information or to add more detail.
  5. Dig down into narrower topics. If you’ve already discussed broad topics on your videos, take some time to dig down toward a narrower topic for your next video. For instance, our health coach can talk about general nutrition guidelines but can also dig deeper to explore all the different eating programs (in their own separate videos) and the pros/cons to each. Or a business coach can make different videos about the differences between setting up a Corporation versus an LLC. Just know that you don’t have to stick with the broad, general subject. Narrow it down and become a trusted resource to your audience.

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