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It's time to start loving your life and plan your best blessed year yet!  It's time to get help planning, starting and scaling your biz. Every year, many female entrepreneurs sit down to plan out their goals, services, offers and marketing for the next year (but struggle and fail.) These planners are the perfect tools to help you understand not only where to begin but, how. Our planners include access to additional coaching and resources as bonus support so you can gain clarity around what worked well this year and what to implement for next. Using these planners, you can confidently walk through the process of planning your best blessed year yet. 

Our planners are only available inside our private members club [Impossible to Possible Women] if you need any assistance; post directly inside the module of training or (tag me) and we'll set you see "Something Good IS Coming From This!"

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Welcome Beautiful. Please take a few minutes to complete this quick quiz to help you plan your best blessed year yet. 


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Let's get to work sista. Each one of these comments falls under one of our Top 7 Main Fears we face as female entrepreneurs: Money, Mindset, Sales, Systems, Support, Visibility and Lifestyle. Identify as close as you can or comment below if you don't see a similar biz fear.


Take a look at the list of obstacles below and select the "ONE" that "BEST" describes your current biz fear. [I only let you select one, because it's best to focus on one obstacle at a time] 


I'll send you an email with some ready to rock strategies and access to planners and strategy videos you can use to finally tell this fear to Kick Rocks!


I need help with showing my spouse that my business can and will become successful so I can get back to helping my clients.


I need help with how to handle sales objections- what to say when someone says "No" so I can feel more prepared.


I need help with getting past procrastination so I can be more organized and meet my goals.


I need help with hiring a Virtual Assistant so I want feel nervous about hiring someone and sharing my knowledge.


I need help with feeling afraid of becoming successful so I'll know how to handle it; because I'm growing fast.


I need help with dealing with the fear of failing so I can understand what's keeping me afraid and how to move past it.


I need help with understanding how to write my brand story and different ways so I can attract more people to my business.


I need help with learning how to write about my client's obstacle and saying why my offer is their solution.


I need help with learning to write social media posts so I can reach a wider audience.


I need help with finding a way to reach my audience so I can introduce them to my offers.


I need help with creating a Facebook group so I can learn how to support my members and sell without feeling sleezy or pushy.


I need help with getting people to trust buying from me and look past the face that I'm new and don't have many clients so they can see my offer can help them.


I need help with posting on Facebook specifically so I can know when to post, how to use metrics, create irresistible offer and more.


I need help with understanding how to build a website so I can have one location to sell from as my home base.


I need help with changing my mindset and moving past my money blocks so I'm not so sad about my low sales and instead I'm living with an abundance mindset (and know how to spend it better in business)


I need help with creating an offer from scratch so I can make sure it does what I want and what my client wants and needs


I need help with getting a lot of leads so I can later convert them onto my email list


I need help with creating Facebook Lives so I can attract more of my potential audience.

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I need a planner for something not listed (please elaborate and tell me what you need support with. We publish new planners weekly)

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If you need help with something not listed...I'm probably already working on a planner for that.


Do you want me to notify you as soon as I publish a planner you're looking for.


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