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Hi I'm Gwendolen.

I'm a Christian, Mom, Published Author, Certified Business Strategist, Consultant, Peace Expert & I'm an honorably Retired United States Air Force Veteran. At the time I'm writing this bio in 2020, I've had the pleasure to have over 36 years of hands-on experience in Education and Training, Conflict Resolution, Business Management, Social Services, Behavioral Management, Equal Employment, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. 

I'm the blessed founder of the, "It's OK to Tell My Story" Movement and the international community for Impossible to Possible Women and Wilder Women Paint + Pray we're all about empowering female entrepreneurs to balance their peace and purpose using spiritual foundations, business strategies and supportive sistahoods (getting past biz fears=peace stealers) using easy-to-digest detailed strategies based on the 7 main fears female entrepreneurs typically face during the entrepreneurial journey (money, mindset, sales, systems, support, visibility and lifestyle) so they can create a quick, but impressive online presence, become more self-confident, financially independent and best of all build a spiritual foundation with God- AND now we're here to help you too!

I use my signature coaching programs, membership clubs and spiritual foundations to help my clients go from struggling, overwhelmed, in-debt, fear, shame, guilt, low self-esteem, low productivity, decreased self-confidence, existing in negative workplace environments and everything in between to becoming Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneurs that are self-confident, assertive, financially independent and creating healthier workplaces.

People come to me with such passions as…

  • Starting a spiritual peace journey to build a relationship with God
  • Learning how to paint using acrylic paint
  • Telling the story of abuse for inner forgiveness and healing
  • Crafting the story to attract ideal clients and readers
  • Writing a book that changes peoples lives
  • Starting a business to gain government contracts
  • Getting interviewed by local media to increase visibility
  • Giving informative Guest Speaks...in front of hundreds
  • Scaling business growth for visibility and credibility
  • Creating courses that leads to high-paying clients
  • Collaborating with key influencers within their city, state, country and internationally
  • Educating employees on positive corporate behaviors to increase productivity and profits
  • and more!

Based on my own personal experiences dealing with spiritual growth, entrepreneurship, writing and trauma... I love helping people like you that are willing to learn- exactly how to overcome any obstacle and turn it into a profitable opportunity so you can, "Live Your Best Blessed Life!"

The process I use as foundation for all of my programs is signature to my brand and very simple to implement, work for all entrepreneurs/authors regardless of what stage you are in and all it takes to Kickass is passion! My signature Success Strategies are here to help change your life!

I'll show you how to "Turn Your Hot Ass Mess into Wilder Success!" by identifying your #1 obstacle, root causes, reusable value and solutions so you can Attain Your Wilder Success and help your community thrive beyond your wildest imagination.

I'm here to help you learn, "You Can Make ALL Things Possible and Something Good IS Coming From This!"

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Are These Your Dreams, too?

I'm here as an example to show that you can Attain Wilder Success. I'm a witness that passions like those do come true.

And, I show my clients exactly how to attain the same results. All I ask for them to do is , "Tell Your Story" and "Properly Position for Success" by working with me so I help them Build a Business Based on Passion so they can meet the needs of their ideal clients/readers and achieve that financial freedom they desire.

You know you've always been meant to do something bigger and bolder, too.

Perhaps your a Kickass Survivor of abuse or retired from a career you loved; and now your passion is helping others do the same.

Or maybe you're the kind of person that lives through words and finds joy writing; and you're ready to take your story further than just your nightstand journal.

Maybe you're the human relations director in a huge corporation and need a fresh new way to administer compliance with workplace violence; but you just can't think of any other way to keep the masses interested.

For you, it's not about making a ton of money or checking another box...it's about the value you give, the lives you impact, the wisdom you share. Telling your story through a product, program or service is what motivates you everyday. So much so for you entrepreneurs and authors, you feel as if it's an inner devine calling and you can't rest until it's done. 

And for those surviving abuse, I totally understand the yearning desire to Tell Your Story not for anyone else, but for yourself and your peace of mind to start the road to inner forgiveness.

That was my passion, too…

I Suffered from Low Self-Confidence and Financial Struggles After My Abuse...

But, I didn't let that stop me from being Kickass and Building a Business Based on My Passion, Giving Value and Collaborating with some of the worlds Top Industry Leaders.

In my mid-30s, I was living my dream (retired from the military after 21 years and being awarded a $5M Joint Venture Government Contract), had a luxury Audi vehicle, took international vacations, held parties almost every weekend, lived in beautiful 3,000 square foot home, 187+ employees working for me and had a beautiful office "floor" overlooking the gorgeous San Antonio TX Riverwalk.

So, why was I so unhappy? I was living in an abusive household and workplace at the hands of my ex-partner. I was successful in my professional brand, but drowning in my personal brand.

I always knew I experienced abuse for a reason. But, I didn’t believe I was supposed to be living in fear, shame, guilt or poverty as a result of the abuse I experienced both on my job, in my home and I knew the bullying, name calling, sexual abuse, isolation, etc. would not lead to any type of happiness.

And, if you’re reading this right now; maybe you can resonate with what I’m saying. I can remember the day I thought my life literally was coming to an end at the hands of my abuser and I thought to myself; this is it? This is how it’s going to end?

I knew I was a good person and my life was meant for more, because I wanted more. And I remember praying to God if he could just help me to escape my negative situations I’d do my best to use my experiences to help others leave their traumatic, negative environments whether it was a result of work or home matters.

So, I decided to give it all up for my sanity, peace and safety. I dissolved the business, went to domestic violence therapy with the Family Violence Prevention Services Program, used online resources from the national non-profit Break the Silence, connected with business specialists and mentors...all who helped me to find my true identify, awareness, control and passion. They taught me to live in the moment, dream for the future and enjoy the present by relying on my strengths; telling my story, self-management and business acumen.

Using my new three tier approach, I learned to properly position myself to not only create a new and better life for myself, but for my family and community.

And I realized, I had a unique gift to help others leave abusive relationships, develop positive corporate behaviors, find their passion, tell their story and build a better life for themselves doing what they love.

It was like hitting the jackpot.

So, started to put in the work and attended every webinar, masterclass, program, conference, etc. I could to become more proficient in my skill to better help my clients.

When I connected with my mentors initially, they had no clue who I was or what I'd been through with healing and recover from dealing with my past domestic violence and sexual assault. But, I decided I wasn't going to be just another class attendee; I was going to be their number one learner...absorbing as much as I could.

And before I knew it, they later became my besties, close friends, collaborators and  referral resource. I love supporting business owners (even gurus) that are aligned with my passion.

There's no greater high for me than giving value (directly or indirectly ) and watching my client's transformation...freak-n awesome!

And before I knew what happened, I became a trusted agent in their inner circle...so neat.

And today, I love saying these amazing people are not just my business associates, but are my true friends.

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Honoring Mothers Luncheon

Honored guest speaker at this luncheon benefiting Battered Women and Children's Shelter for an annual fundraising event hosted by the Family Violence Prevention Services.

SA STRONG: Survivor of abuse, entrepreneur launches business to empower women

She's a veteran, entrepreneur and a survivor of abuse. Gwen Wilder turned her story of trauma into a business to empower other women.

Women of Power

Gwendolen was spotlighted in 2018 as 1 of 8 San Antonio Women of Influence. The article highlights how she has used her power to help female entrepreneurs and women of abuse to live their best life.

Loving My God Given Gift...

After the process of self-healing and recovery, I realized I had a story to tell and impact to make.

I was still learning to live my new life as a Kickass Survivor of Abuse, when I realized I could combine my God given gifts of talking and writing to Bridge the Gap Between Abuse and Business using Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement. I discovered a way to connect my gifts, passion and skills in Conflict Resolution, Business Management, Social Services, Behavioral Management and Educational Training.

I'd found my Niche!

When I decided to become a Certified Business Strategist helping struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs Tell Their Story, Corporate Key Decision Makers develop Positive Corporate Behaviors in the workplace, and Guiding Writers on the processes to become a successful Authors; I had the tremendous support and backing of my powerful Kickass Wilder Tribe of friends, family and new industry leaders...gotta love Joint Ventures...lol.

My clients generally kickass past their industry competitors with more in-depth knowledge and foundations to counteract obstacles faster.

My Signature Coaching Programs consist of (Click one to learn more):

  • FREE Facebook Group: Wilder Women Paint + Pray Sistahood (Facebook Group/Paint Parties focused on Paint, Pray, Peace and Purpose)
  • Signature Coaching Strategies inside Impossible. to Possible Women  Members Club to Get your #1 peace and purpose questions answered

How Do I Make it Happen?

My philosophy is founded upon building strong community relationships using my signature W.I.L.D.E.R. Success Strategy™ which is founded upon my business principles of strong spiritual foundation, solid business strategies and a supportive sistahood.

And one year later,  I’ve become a successful in demand Published Author, Sought After Guest Speaker and Admired Business Coach that helps corporate leaders, experts, coaches, authors and abuse survivors become more self-confident, assertive, develop positive corporate behaviors and successful in both their personal and professional brands.

Some of my Superstar Clients and Joint Venture Besties include...

  • Guillermo Miller, a client in my Kickass Discovery Session says, "Phenomenal coach and mentor, my performance in business has seen a great increase."
  • Andrella Pusha, a client in my Consulting Coach Program says, "Thank you for showing me the sheer possibility of what I can achieve! The structure and layout of the course has been amazing and I look forward to moving into the next session. Thanks for being you and sharing your creative visions.
  • Linda Marie Canizales, Director of External Relations at Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc. says, "Thanks for being an incredible ambassador to Family Violence Prevention Services! We are reaching more victims and changing lives because of you."
  • Kimberly Ann, a member of my Private Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneurs Facebook Group says, "Gwendolen is a servant leader who is personally invested in the success of her community. No support is too big or too small. She took time out of her busy schedule to provide a solution to a tiny problem. Now, that's real leadership!!"
  • Livestream Media Network, as a guest speaker for a networking event, I shared my signature W.I.L.D.E.R. 6 Point Success Strategy and discussed how it leads to gaining readers, finding clients, collaborative joint ventures and increased business growth.
  • Bank of America, during annual senior leadership training- I shared my personal testimony with key corporate leaders to inspire them to look at domestic violence thru the eyes of a victim so they can increase workplace awareness.
  • Liftfund, Women Veteran Entrepreneurship Program, as a guest speaker during a women's veteran webinar conference, I educated attendees on Transitioning from Military to Civilian Mindset.
  • SCORE, as a guest speaker during the 2017 San Antonio TX Small Business Week, I shared my strategies on why veterans have an advantage over other entrepreneurs
  • Traits of a Child, as a guest speaker at the 2017 and 2918 Annual Out of the Box Teacher Conferences- I trained educational professionals such as teachers, superintendents, counselors, etc. on  domestic violence awareness, prevention and intervention strategies as well as how to develop positive corporate behaviors.
  • Family Violence Prevention Services Program San Antonio TX, as a Survivor Ambassador and Survivors Speaker Bureau Chair, I represent the organization and guest speak sharing my story in media interviews, public forums, educational institutions, etc. in efforts to stop domestic violence.
  • Joint Base McQuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ, as a key note speaker during a book signing/speaking event, I provided education on how to turn domestic violence into an opportunity.
  • Seymour Johnson AFB, NC, as an author I provided the Family Violence Advocacy Program Director my book as a resource to bridge the gap between abuse, awareness and business.
  • District Attorney (DA) Candidate Action Forum, as a guest speaker, I asked DA Candidates tough  questions submitted by my followers regarding hot button domestic violence issues.

They bring the passion.

I help individuals, small business and corporate discover their value and how to tell their story so they can positively impact the world

And I can help you Attain Wilder Success, too.

I lead entrepreneurs and writers just like you everyday, how to turn an "Hot Ass Mess" into profitable opportunity, connect their passion, value and story in a way that leads to readers, clients, joint ventures, and brand visibility they dream of.

I challenge key corporate decision makers in your position everyday to be open to new perspectives on how to stop workplace violence, build loyalty with their employees, connect with the local community, decrease claims in a way to that leads to higher compliance, awareness, prevention, intervention and increased profits.

I’m proud to have worked with thousands of amazing clients, readers and joint venture besties doing exactly what I love...giving value to help others tell their story.

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Are you the Wilder Superstar in your industry?

Connect with Gwendolen to find out how she became a community influencer and you can too! In this picture, Gwendolen just finished guest speaking with the Family Violence Prevention Services and Bexar County District Attorney for a Bank of America Corporate Training Day focused on Stopping Domestic Violence.

Gwendolen's Bio

Gwendolen Wilder is an international Certified Business Strategist and Published Author who has been featured by International 8 Figure Business Industry Moguls as a new up and coming industry influencer the world should watch due to her natural abilities in networking, collaboration and community activism.

Gwendolen guest speaks in front of crowds as large as 600+ discussing topics ranging from entrepreneurship, writing, self-awareness and abuse. has been featured in various magazines, newspapers, websites and in TV interviews such as San Antonio Living, News 4, Fox 29, KSAT 12, Focus on South Texas, University of Texas Health Institute, Texas Veterans Commission, National Workplace Bullying Coalition, Influence Magazine, Female Entrepreneur Association, La Prensa, LA Wave Newspaper, Memoirs of a Good Thing, and she has been a guest on countless national and international podcasts like It Girl Radio with Jessica Nazarali, Novel with Jake Nicolle, Publish a Book Podcast, Info Track and more.

in 2019 she restructured her brand to not only help struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs, authors and abuse survivors learn to be wilder, successful and non-negotiable so they can gain self-confidence, assertiveness and financial independence. In 2022, she took a major stand to seek out spiritual female entrepreneurs. Many of Gwendolen's clients have become a faithful fan, started businesses, writing books, gaining their own loyal tribes and more.

Her signature coaching is built upon the foundation of "Success Begins with ME" knowing "It's OK to Tell My Story" to "Build a Business Based on My Passion!" Gwendolen started her business after experiencing years of childhood molestation, 20+ years of domestic violence, a workplace sexual assault, and dissolving a previous successful business where she was awarded a $5M Joint Venture Contract. After escaping her domestic violence abuser, as a divorced mother of a son and dog; Gwendolen was left to support her family with only $100 in her bank account, a half of tank of gas, no food in the fridge and a simple passion to help others learn from her experiences. So, she set out to teach her others how to "Turn a Hot Ass Mess Crisis into a Profitable Opportunity!"

One year after starting her journey, she published her 1st book, "It's OK to Tell My Story, Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence" and Co-authored a best seller with the National Workplace Bullying Coalition which was featured on CNN, "Stand Up and Speak Out Against Workplace Bullying" , she became a Syracuse University Business Management Graduate Program Mentor, is requested to guest speak with the San Antonio Mayor and Bexar County District Attorney as an domestic violence advocate, and other amazing accomplishments to include clients requesting bulk orders for my book i.e. 50, 100, 340, etc.

Currently, Gwendolen is living in San Antonio Texas, happily single, and a proud mother of her son. Before closing her biz temporarily in 2019, Gwendolen has a fun spirited Kickass Wilder Tribe of 35,000 Facebook followers between her Fan Page and Facebook Groups, 1K+ LinkedIn Network and 2K+ Email List that watch to her posts and messages to find out how she will inspire, motivate and encourage them to Kickass Past Fear.

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